Kangxi Grassland

Kangxi Grassland

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Kangxi Grassland

Introduction: IntroductionKangxi Grassland is west to Badaling Great Wall of suburban Yanqing County, coverin..

Tickets:Kangxi Grassland fee and  opening hoursAdmission 20 yuan (Horse riding 60-120yuan/hr..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubbis..

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Kangxi Grassland Introduction

Kangxi Grassland is west to Badaling Great Wall of suburban Yanqing County, covering grassland of 320 thousand mu which is the biggest o­ne in Beijing. Its natural scenery is pleasant: green land and running horse; white Mongolia boxes; lovely cattle and sheep, which a unique flavor of Mongolia to it. Riding horse is the most attractive thing in Kangxi Grassland. Kangxi Grassland is the national largest state-owned riding horse field. Visitors can ride horse and enjoy the rustic charm of grassland.

Kangxi Grassland Features

Kangxi Grassland possesses flat terrain, vast grasslands and resources of animasl sand plants are rich. In spring and summer, it is covered by green grasses and flowers of which number is more than 500 kinds, including Baimao, Shoujing and wild mum. At the same time, foxes, swans, ducks are always found there. Being the nation's largest state-owned riding field, it is equipped with professional equestrian club, professional riding coach. In summer, we can view beautiful sight; while in winter we could have a taste of ice-snow feast. Fireworks discharge field during festive is provided, too. It is a membership club of a relatively large scope and upper class, which provides good environment for people both from home and abroad to show graceful of gentleman and elegant of knight.

Kangxi Grassland Tickets

Kangxi Grassland fee and  opening hours
Admission 20 yuan (Horse riding 60-120yuan/hr)
Opening hours 8:00-17:00

Kangxi Grassland Transporation

1. At 8:30 am take train of the suburb area, from Xizhimen Train Station to Kangzhuang Train Station; from Beijing Train Station or South Beijing Train Staion by taking Beijing-Baotou Line to Kangzhuang Station.
2. Take bus 575, 577 or 581 from Xizhimen Stationto Kangzhuang.

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