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Guangji Temple

Introduction: IntroductionGuangji temple was originally built in the Jin dynasty (280-316AD), but was c..

Tickets:Guangji Temple fee and opening hoursAdmission:FreeOpening hours 8:00-16:30

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please respect the habitude when visiting the temple. Respect bonze in the temple.2.Do n..

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Guangji Temple Introduction

Guangji temple was originally built in the Jin dynasty (280-316AD), but was completely destroyed during the chaos of the Jin and Yuan dynasties. During the reign of Emperor Shunzhi (the second emperor in the Qing Dynasty), more buildings were added and Buddhist schools were established in the temple, which had more than 100 followers. The temple was again destroyed by fire in 1934. Countless scrolls of calligraphy and paintings and valuable jade and porcelain pieces were destroyed in the fire. After China's liberation in 1972 and 1976, two innovations brought the temple the current layout. Since 1953, the temple has been the headquarters of the Chinese Buddhist Association and a center for Buddhist learning. Like most Buddhist temples in China, main buildings are placed o­n the north-south axis: Mountain Gate Hall, Devajara Hall (Hall of the Heavenly Kings), Mahavira Hall (Daxiongbaodian), Treasure Hall and other side halls.

Guangji Temple Features

A two-meter high bronze Ding (a kind of bronze vessel usually found in front of a hall in Buddhist temples) o­n a granite foundation inside the Mahavira Hall is known for exquisitely-carved designs of Wheel, Conch Shell, Umbrella, Gan, Flower, Vase, Fish and Knot of Eternity. They are eight sacred symbols in Buddhist.On the back wall In the northwestern end of the temple is a terrace where Buddhist dignitaries give lectures. The terrace and a hall beside it are the o­nly two original buildings in the temple.

Guangji Temple Tickets

Guangji Temple fee and opening hours
Opening hours 8:00-16:30

Guangji Temple Transporation

How to get there: Bus No.13, 101, 102, 105, 823, 812, 814 to Xisi

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