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Taoranting Park

Introduction: IntroductionTaoranting Park, situated in the southwest, derives its name from the Joyous Pavil..

Tickets:Taoran park fee and opening hoursAdmission 2yuanOpening hours 6:00-22:00(summer), 6:30-21:

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Taoranting Park Introduction

Taoranting Park, situated in the southwest, derives its name from the Joyous Pavilion that o­nce stood o­n the grounds of the Temple of Mercy (Cibeiyuan).Jiang Zao, a secretary in the Ministry of Works, built the pavilion in 1695 during the reign of Emperor Kangxi. So it was also known as Jiang Pavilion. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, a brick kiln was built in the neighborhood of the Temple of Mercy at what is now the Kiln Terrace. Jiang served as a director in the kiln and came to enjoy the grounds to have a pavilion built there. The original wooden inscription still hangs inside the gate of the Temple of Mercy. The characters inscribed o­n it, "Taoran" (Joy), in Jiang' s own calligraphy, are drawn from the lines of a famous poem by the Tang poet Bai Juyi: "Let us wait until the chrysanthemums are golden and our home-brewed wine matured, then with us all shall be intoxication and joy." The original pavilion, which was built o­n a hill, stood higher than the city battlements. For this reason, it was a favorite destination for Beijing residents o­n the Double Ninth Festival (9th day if the 9th lunar month), when tradition prescribed that o­ne should "ascend to a high place."

Taoranting Park Features

During the Jin Dynasty the Taoranting Park lay in the suburbs of the capital. o­n the southwestern side of the Central Island in the lake was a small hillock o­n which stood the ruins of the Temple of Mercy of the Liao Dynasty. Today Liao and Jin dynasty stone pillars inscribed with Buddhist scriptures can still be found here.In the past, scholars from all over China wrote poems and essays in praise of Taoranting, though in imperial times, the scenery was not particularly attractive. To the north of the pavilion was a residential district of single-story dwellings and to the east a group of desolate tombs. To the south stood the bare city walls and to the west a stretch of shallow water filled with reeds. Houses of ordinary citizens were not permitted to stand at an elevation higher than the emperor' s palace, and apart from the hillock o­n the Central Island, all the highest points in the city were occupied by the imperial family. This was therefore the o­nly place where the common people could come for a view of the city. As visitors increased, the original small pavilion was demolished to make way for a large building, which in turn was augmented by three buildings still found today inside the Temple of Mercy.
In the past century several famous revolutionaries were closely associated with the Taoranting Pavilion. At the end of the Qing Dynasty Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao and Tan Sitong came here to plan the Reform Movement of 1898. Zhang Taiyan was imprisoned in the nearby Dragon Spring Temple for his opposition to the usurpation of state power by Yuan Shikai. In the early years of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen attended political meetings in the pavilion, and o­n several occasions Li Dazhao organized secret revolutionary activities in the most westerly of the three rooms in the northern courtyard of the Zhunti (Cundi) Hall. o­n the afternoon of August 6, 1920, five progressive societies from Beijing and Tianjin held a joint meeting in the pavilion which was attended by Zhou Enlai and Li Dazhao. The tombs of the revolutionaries Gao Junyu and Shi Pingmei are o­n the northern side of the Central Island.

Taoranting Park Tickets

Taoran park fee and opening hours
Admission 2yuan
Opening hours 6:00-22:00(summer), 6:30-21:00(winter)

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East gate 40、724、14、102、106、613、66、343、20、381、5、854、101、North gate 59、40、724、854、613、819, south gate800、122、721、741、3、958、939、744、943 102、202

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