Liu Haisu Art Museum

Liu Haisu Art Museum

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Liu Haisu Art Museum

Introduction: IntroductionLiu Haisu Art Museum is a new national art museum in Shanghai. Locating at the wes..

Tickets:Liu Haisu Art Museum Fee and Opening HoursTicket: RMB 5/10/15/20Opening hours: 9:00(am)-4:0..

Travel Tips:TipsHu Opera is the o­nly native operatic genre of Shanghai (Hu being its another mame ),..

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Liu Haisu Art Museum Introduction

Liu Haisu Art Museum is a new national art museum in Shanghai. Locating at the west part of Hongqiao Development Zone, it enjoys beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The museum is named after Mr. Liu Haisu, o­ne of the founders of China New Art Movement, and in scribed by the nation's President, Jiang Zemin. The museum had its grand opening o­n Marvj 16, 1995. It combines the functions of art museum, small-scale museum, and individual memorial hall as a whole. The museum aims to improve the art undertakings in our country by popularizing the art education, organizing academic research, and promoting national and international cultural exchange. Providing high-standard exhibitions and high-quality service for the art experts and lovers worldwide are always the ultimate goals for Liu Haisu Art Museum.
Liu Haisu Art Museum boasts an excellent professional service system. The museum Consists of a research department, an exhibition department, an administrative office, and a complete security system. The building, Covering the floorage of 5,000 m 2 , is very modern with complete functions and advanced equipments. There are five well-equipped exhibition halls, an international conference hall with audio-visual and simultaneous with constant temperature and humidity, a book archive, a public reading room, a painting room, a Meeting room, a painting gallery and a Haisu Bookstore.

Liu Haisu Art Museum Features

Most of the collections in Liu Haisu Art Museum are art works donated by Mr. Liu Haisu, which include his lifetime collection of ancient masters' paintings and calligraphies and his most representative oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, and calligraphies curiosities in his life. Among those ancient paintings, there are quite a few rare precious works like Guan Tong's Living in Seclusion amid Mountains and Rivers(scroll) in the Five Dynasties, Ju Ran's Dense Woods o­n Rising Layers of Mountain(scroll) in the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Zao's A Military Review(roll) in the Jin Dynasty, Qiu Ying's An Autumn Hunting Expedition(scroll), Ba Da Shan Ren's Peacocks Perching o­n Rocks (scroll), Shi Tao Zhang Er Pi's Pictures of Huangshan Mountains(scroll), and some masterpieces albums of Dong Qichang and Shen Zhou. The representative works from Mr. Liu Haisu are the traditional Chinese painting Amazing 'Yixiantian' Peak (Huangshan), the oil painting Notre Dame de Paris, and Snow Scene of Taihu Workers' Sanatorium etc. In recent years the museum has also collected o­n schedule many excellent works from modern artists.

Liu Haisu Art Museum Tickets

Liu Haisu Art Museum Fee and Opening Hours
Ticket: RMB 5/10/15/20
Opening hours: 9:00(am)-4:00(pm) (closed in Monday)

Liu Haisu Art Museum Transporation

bus routes: 48/57/806/845/911/936/925/938/941

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