Pingjin Battle Memorial

Pingjin Battle Memorial

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Pingjin Battle Memorial

Introduction: Introduction:Pingjin Battle Memorial is situated at No. 8 Pingjin Road, Hongqiao District, an..

Tickets:Pingjin Battle Memorial Fee and Opening Hours:Admission Fee: RMB 25 yuan for two halls, RMB 1..

Travel Tips:Tips:At the center of the commemoration square in the Pingjin Battle Memorial stands a 60-odd-..

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Pingjin Battle Memorial Introduction

Pingjin Battle Memorial is situated at No. 8 Pingjin Road, Hongqiao District, and consists of the hallway, multi-dimensional demonstration hall, battle history hall, special subject hall, commenoration square, victory garden, battle headquarters, implementation hall, hall displaying people's support for the front, great victory hall, and hall showing intrepid acts of martyrs. By means of high technologies such as acoustic and electro-optical equipments, the multi-dimensional demonstration hall reproduces the magnificence of the Pingjin Battle lively. In addition, at the center of the commemoration square stands a 60-odd-meter triumph memorial monument with a stainless steal bayonet of three edges piercing into the sky.
Tianjin falls within the temperate zone, and, being a port city in northern China, it is frequently affected by tidal air currents. The annual average temperature in Tianjin is about 13 degrees C. July is the hottest month, with the temperature above 26 degrees C., while January is the coldest, when below freezing temperatures can be expected. The annual precipitation of the city is not much, although occasionally plagued by monsoon weather in summer time. Despite the fact that there are cloudless skies almost two-fifths of the year, it is suggested that travelers visit Tianjin in autumn, when it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Pingjin Battle Memorial Features

The Beiping-Tianjin Campaign was a large-scale, strategically decisive battle which, under the guidance of the Chinese Communist Party, was fought by the Northeast Field Army and the North China Field Army of the PLA, over a million strong, against the Kuomintang forces in North China between November 29, 1948 and January 31, 1949,  over a battle front of 500 kilometres, from Tangshan in the east to Zhangjiakou in the west. Victory in the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign and in the Liaoxi-Shenyang and Huaihai campaigns ensured victory in the War of Liberation in the whole of China.


Pingjin Battle Memorial Tickets

Pingjin Battle Memorial Fee and Opening Hours:
Admission Fee: RMB 25 yuan for two halls, RMB 10 yuan for o­nly exhibithion hall
Opening Hours: 9:00 am-16:30 pm (closed o­n Monday)

Pingjin Battle Memorial Transporation

Many buses can take you to the Pingjin Battle Memorial:
1. Take Sightseeing bus
2. Take Nos. 637, 634 and get off at Flag Subway Station
3. Take Nos. 638, 860 and get off at Hongwei Bridge Station

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