North Mausoleum Garden

North Mausoleum Garden

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North Mausoleum Garden

Introduction: Introduction:North Mausoleum Garden lies in north suburban district of Shenyang, with a total ..

Tickets:North Mausoleum Garden Fees & Opening time:Admission Fee: Main Gate 6¥, Zhao Mausoleum ..

Travel Tips:Tips:It would take half a day to do all sightseeing in North Mausoleum Garden. This place is ..

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North Mausoleum Garden Introduction

North Mausoleum Garden lies in north suburban district of Shenyang, with a total area of 330 hectares. Inside the park there are ancient buildings with the main body of Zhao Mausoleum, a wild lake and a forest of pines, which comprise of the consistent Chinese garden scene with mountains, waters, houses and trees.
Year 1927, Gov. of Fengtian province developed Zhao Mausoleum and its neighbouring area into North Mausoleum Garden. Zhao Mausoleum dates back to 1643 (8th year of Emperor ChongDe, Qing dynasty) and was completed in 1651, undergoing more the 300years history. With Zhao Mausoleum and GodWay as a vertical axis crossed the south and north. To the west side there is FriendShip Park symbolized the China-Japan friendship and other smart parks like FangXiu Garden, Cuckoo Park and so o­n. And to the east side, boats wandering o­n the willows surrounded wild lake, still quiet QinFang pavilion and “Children’s Playground”for kids. The whole Garden was embraced by old tall pines. In winter, filled snow makes the beautiful garden a pure white girl. But most times of the year, the place is warm with weeping willows and gorgeous ancient buildings. North Mausoleum Park’s a place of interest famous for its perfect combination of culture relic and garden scenery.
Shenyang, same with rest areas of Northeast China, contains short spring and autumn, an average temperature of 24 in summer, 3 to 5 degrees' cooler comparing to South, and chilly dry winter which may require you to bring with your down jacket. Rain season usually comes during the transition of spring, summer and autumn. Apr to Oct is the golden season for touring.

North Mausoleum Garden Features

North Mausoleum, with another name of Zhao Mausoleum, is the tomb for Emperor Taizong and Queen Xiaoduanwen of Qing dynasty. It has a area of 160,000 square meters and is the largest and most epic o­ne among “Trinary Mausoleum of Northeast China”of early Qing. It’s also the most complete ancient emperor mausoleum buildings left now.

North Mausoleum Garden Tickets

North Mausoleum Garden Fees & Opening time:
Admission Fee: Main Gate 6¥, Zhao Mausoleum 30¥, Yearly ticket 360¥, Insurance 1¥(depend o­n you)
Opening Time: Garden 06:00-18:00, Zhao Mausoleum 07:00-18:00.

North Mausoleum Garden Transporation

Bus NO. 136, 205, 210, 213, 217, 220 ,227,etc.

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