Da Bijia Mountain

Da Bijia Mountain

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Da Bijia Mountain

Introduction: Introduction:Bijia (penholder) Mountain Scenic Area, 20Km away from the Cucurbit Island, o&sh..

Tickets:Da Bijia Mountain Fees and Opening Hours:Admission Fee: 20yuanOpening Hour: whole day

Travel Tips:Tips:Make clear the period of tidal variation. Caution flood tide, please do not cross the Fa..

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Da Bijia Mountain Introduction

Bijia (penholder) Mountain Scenic Area, 20Km away from the Cucurbit Island, o­n the east of Liaodong Bay, adjacent to Jinzhou Port, covering a total area of 8 square kilometers and boasting mainly Bijia Mountain and Fairy Bridge, is a well-known place of interests. Being a tied island of offing, Bijia Mountain was named because it looks like a penholder in shape. 1120m-long from south to north, 220m-wild from east to west, Bijia Mountain occupies an area of 1.2 square kilometers.1620 meters away from the coast; there lies a natural cobble path which connects the island and continent. Formed by the impact of tide, the path is called “Fairy Bride”, “God Way” as well. It’s said that Fairy Bridge would show up with the ebb and flow of the tide.
The best tourist season goes from April to October. Jinzhou city is located in mid-latitude zone. With a temperate monsoon climate, the temperature range here is biggish throughout the year. Moreover, the annual mean temperature of Jinzhou is 8℃一9℃, average precipitation is 540一640mm, and non-frost days180 totally.

Da Bijia Mountain Features

From north coast to Da Bijia (big penholder) Mountain, 1.8Km across the ocean, there is a pebble stone path shaped by the impact of the tide, called “Fairy Bridge”. The natural bridge shows up with the ebb and flow of the tide. There’re also ancient architectures atop the Da Bijia Mountain, such as Lvzu Pavilion, Wumu Palace and Sanqing Cabinet, etc. The 26m-high 6-tier main building Sanqing Cabinet consists of stone wall, stone corridor, stone gate, stone window, stone niche and stone ladder, even eaves , corners, door god and frescoes are made of carved stone and rock. The eaves, location, layout, decoration and design of the cabinet are elusive; especially the stonework of the gate is exquisite and vivid. The building boasts not o­nly traditional architecture style, but also styles of western. The cabinet is a Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism combined temple, presenting 43 white marble stone Buddha of different size.

Da Bijia Mountain Tickets

Da Bijia Mountain Fees and Opening Hours:
Admission Fee: 20yuan
Opening Hour: whole day

Da Bijia Mountain Transporation

Tour Bus: 100m to the west of Jinzhou train station or in the bus station beside Xingcheng train station, there is a special line which will not take you more than 1.5h to get to destination.

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