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Zhang's Mansion

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Zhang's Mansion

Introduction: Introduction:“Zhang’s Mansion Museum”, ex “Zhang Xueliang’s Old Residence Exhibition Hall..

Tickets:Zhang’s Mansion Fees and Opening Hours:Admission Fee: 28¥/per (old habitation of Zhang Yidi ..

Travel Tips:Tips:1.Please hold your respect to the life and custom of local ethnic minorities, avoid colli..

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Zhang's Mansion Introduction

“Zhang’s Mansion Museum”, ex “Zhang Xueliang’s Old Residence Exhibition Hall”, lies in national key culture relic preservation unit—Zhang Xueliang’s old habitation. The museum has a total area of 36,000 square meters, with a 27,600 square meters floorage and the 1600 square meters showing ground.
Zhang’s old habitation, which has gone through 88 years, is Gerneral Zhang Xueliang and his father Zhang Zuolin’s both official and private residence, and is called “Zhang’s Masion”, “General’s Mansion” by folks of Shenyang. The architectural complex comprises a compound surrounded by big blue bricked wall and some several buildings outside it. It’s built up by Zhang Zuolin in 1914. They moved in in year 1916, then step by step developed it into a structure consists of East Yard, Mid Yard, West Yard and other buildings outside yards. There are a variety of architectural styles among them, such as chinese traditional style, chinese-western mixed style, roman style, nordic style and japanese style. “Zhang’s Mansion” was considered o­ne of the national excellent morden buildings by state authority in the late 20th.
Shenyang, same with rest areas of Northeast China, contains short spring and autumn, an average temperature of 24 in summer, 3 to 5 degrees' cooler comparing to South, and chilly dry winter which may require you to bring with your down jacket. Rain season usually comes during the transition of spring, summer and autumn. Apr to Oct is the golden season for touring.

Zhang's Mansion Features

“Zhang’s Masion Museum” holds all kind of exhibitation aimed at patriotism education to nationals. There has been basic presentation like "Achievements of Outstanding General Zhang Xuiliang","Events of Zhang Zuolin and Feng Warlord" , "Accomplishments of Zhang Xuesi ,"Chief of Staff of People's Navy ", "Cerebrities visit Zhang's Masion"and so o­n since built. The museum also carried out many special exhibitions and bringed in AV materials about Gen. Zhang Xueliang. Great academic composing like , and published have maden an impact in and outside China.

Zhang's Mansion Tickets

Zhang’s Mansion Fees and Opening Hours:
Admission Fee: 28¥/per (old habitation of Zhang Yidi contained)
Opening Hours: 8:30-17:00

Zhang's Mansion Transporation

Bus: No.105, 113, 117 ,133, 134, 213, 219, 222, 228, 237, 250, 257, 273, 287, 290, 294, etc
Route (to south gate): No.105 from stop north; No.237 from stop Shenyang; No.237 from Malu Bay;
To North Mausoleum Park: the through No. 290 bus

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