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Introduction: Introduction:Located in a suburb of Shanghai city, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town well-kn..

Tickets:Zhujiajiao fee and opening hours:Tickets: 60RMB(including 10 tickets).Opening hours: 9:0

Travel Tips:Tips:Rich and colorful local culture, you had better come to the local street to see how do l..

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Zhujiajiao Introduction

Located in a suburb of Shanghai city, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town well-known throughout the country, with a history of more than 1700 years. Covering an area of 47 square kilometers, the little fan-shaped town glimmers like a bright pearl in the landscape of lakes and mountains.
Endowed with another elegant name - 'Pearl Stream' - the little town is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in Shanghai. Unique old bridges across bubbling streams, small rivers shaded by willow trees, and houses with courtyards attached all transport people who have been living amidst the bustle and hustle of the modern big city to a brand-new world full of antiquity, leisure and tranquillity.

Zhujiajiao Features

Fangsheng Bridge (Setting-fish-free Bridge) is the longest, largest and tallest stone bridge, with five openings both in Zhujiajiao and in the Shanghai region. This bridge was built in 1571. o­n the bridge stands a stone tablet named Dragon Gate Stone, which is engraved with 8 coiling dragons encircling a shining pearl. O­n top of the bridge are 4 lifelike stone lions. In the town, there is an ancient street filled with representative ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, attracting great numbers of domestic and foreign tourists. That is North Street, which is the best preserved ancient street in this suburb of Shanghai. o­nly o­ne kilometer long, the whole street is at o­nce primitively simple, yet very elegant. Strolling o­n this ancient thoroughfare and appreciating the historic buildings, long-established stores, and old bridges as well as the many narrow lanes is another enjoyment.

Zhujiajiao Tickets

Zhujiajiao fee and opening hours:
Tickets: 60RMB(including 10 tickets).
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Zhujiajiao Transporation

From Shanghai sport center line4.
Renmin square(Chengdu north road) Huzhu line (6:30-19:00) arrive Zhujiajiao directly.

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