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Beijing Planetarium

Introduction: IntroductionBeijing Planetarium is a national leader in public astronomy, a beloved civic visit..

Tickets:Beijing Planetarium fee and opening hoursAdmission:Building Adult Groups, students, Student gro..

Travel Tips:TipsThe planetarium has 600 seats and a celestial body showing system which is makes up of a l..

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Beijing Planetarium Introduction

Beijing Planetarium is a national leader in public astronomy, a beloved civic visiting place, and o­ne of Beijing’s most popular attractions. It contains two parts: Beijing Planetarium and Beijing Ancient Observatory. Beijing Planetarium consists of new building and the old Planetarium. The new facility has several exciting parts: Digital space theater, 3D theater, 4D theater, exhibition hall, two observatories. After 50 years of public use by roughly 18 million visitors, it’s under rebuilding and will be reopened in March 2008. There are a planetarium and two exhibition galleries in old Planetarium. Beijing Planetarium is o­ne of the powerful planetariums in the world. It has made great contributions to popularize astronomy.

Beijing Planetarium Features

Beijing Ancient Observatory was first built in 1442 in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), and was the national observatory in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is about 14 meters high with 8 astronomical instruments made in Qing Dynasty. It has an observation history of nearly 500 years from Ming Dynasty to 1929 AD, which was a very long time in the world. It is also famous for its intact and integrated instruments. The 8 instruments were equipped with western technology and Chinese local art design, and they can show us the exchange between the western and eastern and the magnificent western design. After 1949, Beijing Ancient Observatory became a part of Beijing Planetarium. It is the key national relic’s protection unit now.

Beijing Planetarium Tickets

Beijing Planetarium fee and opening hours
Building Adult Groups, students, Student groups
(above 50 persons) Group(above 50 persons)
special groups
New building exhibition hall ¥10 ¥5 ¥2
Space theater ¥45 ¥35 ¥25
3D theater ¥30 ¥20(student /special) No group tickets
No group tickets
4D theater ¥30 ¥20 ¥15

1. Special groups are who own Old-age card, Military officer certificate, Soldier's certificate, Disable and sick certificate (Not include Adult education, Continue to educate, Graduate student).
2. The total number of the people who want to buy group tickets must be above fifty. Group tickets aren't sold o­n weekends and holidays. The telephone number to book group tickets is 88361004
3. Above all are the prices during the running-in.
4. Group (above fifty persons)
Opening hours:
Exhibition hall: 10:00-16:00
Space theater: 10:00 11:00 13:30 14:30 15:30 (Wednesday to Friday)
10:00,10:50,11:40,12:30,13:20,14:10,15:00,15:50 (Saturday and Sunday)
Play time: 22 minutes
4D theater: 10:00,11:00,13:30,14:30,15:30 (Wednesday to Friday) play time: 15 minutes
10:00,10:40,11:20,12:00,12:40,13:20,14:00,14:40,15:20,16:00 (Saturday and Sunday)
3D theater: 5 minutes preview, 5 minutes play
10:00,10:30,11:00,13:00,14:00,15:00,15:30 (Wednesday to Friday)
10:00,10:30,11:00,11:30,12:00,12:30,13:00,13:30,14:00,14:30,15:00,15:30,16:00 (Saturday and Sunday)
PS: Contact call: 010-68352453
It is closed o­n Monday and Tuesday to exam instruments.

Beijing Planetarium Transporation

Traffic in city: take No. 7, 15, 19, 27, 45, 332, 334, 347, 380, 102, 103, 105, 111, 812, 808, special line 4 and get off at Zoo’s bus stop.

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