Qingchui Mountain

Qingchui Mountain

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Qingchui Mountain

Introduction: IntroductionQingchui Mountain National Forest Garden is situated at Chengde, covering an area o..

Tickets:Qingchui mountain fee and opening hoursAdmission Ticket:¥25, Ropeway: ¥30/40Opening hours

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubbis..

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Qingchui Mountain Introduction

Qingchui Mountain National Forest Garden is situated at Chengde, covering an area of 4020 hectares, and was built in 1993. There are 142 kinds of trees and plants, and over 100 species of animals. Qingchui Peak was formed around 3 million years ago. It is high and steep, piercing the sky like a wooden club, so it is also called “Baochui Mountain” (wooden club mountain). Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty appreciated the mountain very much, and bestowed it a name, Bichui Mountain. When constructing Chengteh Summer Resort, a special Bichui Luozhao Pavillion was built to view Bichui Peak. And emperor Kangsi often did so. Many emperors such as Yongzheng, Qianlong, Xianfeng and scholars wrote poems to praise Qingchui Peak, and many folk myths were popular among local people.
The whole year round is suitable to travel in Chengteh. However, considering the beautiful natural scenery, from April to October is the best time for traveling in Chengteh.

Qingchui Mountain Features

Qingchui Mountain is 596.29 meters in elevation. There is an old morus mongolica in the hill which is still high and thick. There is also a huge boulder in Qingchui Peak 500 meters above sea level, called Hama Stone (toad stone), as it looks like a toad. There is a cave under the stone, inside which is cool. Because of all these features, Hama Stone is called “Peerless Strange Boulder”.There is a Baoguang Temple 200m north of Qingchui Peak. The temple was built in late Qing dynasty. It offers Banchan, Dalai, etc in worship. The petroglyph there is very vivid and exquisite, called the treasure of the temple. 100m southeast of Baoshan temple is the grave of famous monk Maxiang. 1000m southwest of Qingchui peak is a natural cave, Tiger Cave, it is said that tigers used to lurk there.

Qingchui Mountain Tickets

Qingchui mountain fee and opening hours
Admission Ticket:¥25, Ropeway: ¥30/40
Opening hours 8:00-17:00

Qingchui Mountain Transporation

Take bus 10 to get to the urban area directly.

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Qingchui Mountain Hotels

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