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Wahuang Palace

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Wahuang Palace

Introduction: IntroductionWahuang (Nvwa) Palace is located o­n the Tangwangjiao Mountain, a branch of th..

Tickets:Wahuang palace fee and opening hoursAdmission 50yuan, 48yuan/memberOpening hours 8:00-17

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please respect the habitude when visiting the temple. Respect bonze in the temple.2.Do n..

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Wahuang Palace Introduction

Wahuang (Nvwa) Palace is located o­n the Tangwangjiao Mountain, a branch of the Taihang Mountains, with a range of scenic and forested mountains in the west of Handan. Built in the Northern Qi Dynasty, it is the largest temple in China to commemorate the ancient Creator-goddess (Nuwa). It is said that in the primeval ages, no living things existed. The Creator-goddess " created humans with clay, and melt stones to mend the sky ". Thus all living things o­n the earth were made. In honor of the great mother, Wahuang Palace was built here. It consists of two parts. Down the hill there are Chaoyuan Palace, Tingcan Palace and Guangsheng Palace. Climbing up the mountain, you can get to Wahuang Temple. It was skillfully built o­n a semi-circular stone pit by the dangerously steep precipice, and so were some other temples and pavilions.

Wahuang Palace Features

Wahuang  Palace is also called Grandma Top, whose roof is made of glazed tile in Xieshan style. The four-storied building is 23 meters in height. The back wall is joined to the rocks by eight iron chains. Whenever tourists gather here, the iron chains stretch tightly like bowstrings, so it is also called " Suspension Temple, or " Moving Pavilion ". It has consummate craftsmanship and wonderful workman-ship in combining nature and building o­n the cliff outside Wahuang Temple were inscribed six sections of Precipice Buddhist Scripture with more than 130,000 characters. They are known as " No.1 Cliff Scripture Group Under Heaven " and are invaluable in Buddhist books and records in China.

Wahuang Palace Tickets

Wahuang palace fee and opening hours
Admission 50yuan, 48yuan/member
Opening hours 8:00-17:00

Wahuang Palace Transporation

Car from Jingshen highway to road309 to She town and turn northwest
Bus from Handan to She town

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