Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou

Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou

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Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou

Introduction: IntroductionQinhuangqiuxian ruhaikou is the place that Emperor Qin Shi Huang ask eternity. It ..

Tickets:Qinhuangqiuxian ruhaikou fee and opening hoursAdmission 30yuan, 15yuan/changshou mountain, 20yu..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please pay attention to climb mountain or walking in resort. 2.Please pay attention to ..

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Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou Introduction

Qinhuangqiuxian ruhaikou is the place that Emperor Qin Shi Huang ask eternity. It is 6km from Qinhuangdao, there are highway bus from Beijing,Tianjin, Shijiazhuang,Zhenzhou,Shenyang. 215BC, Emperor Qin Shi Huang asked his followings threw five hundred girls and boys into the sea to ask eternity. Qinhuangiuxian ruhaikou was rebuild in 1991 and opened in 1992.
Qinhuangdao is an ideal summer resort. It is situated in the temperate monsoon zone with mild climate, appropriate dampness, warm winter and cool summer. The average yearly temperature is about 10℃, the best traveling time is from May to October.

Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou Features

In 218BC the emperor searched for the Xian (Chinese "Immortals", who attained their immortal status by favor with the gods and possessed magical skills), is also a famous attraction in Qinhuangdao. It is recorded in 215 BC, during an imperial visit to Jieshi, both to the city proper and Changli County, that Qin Shi Huang made a grand obeisance to the sea. After that he sent two groups of people into the sea to look for the "Immortals" and beg for certain elixirs. It covered 19gongqin, there are gardens, forest and other beautiful sea side view.

Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou Tickets

Qinhuangqiuxian ruhaikou fee and opening hours
Admission 30yuan, 15yuan/changshou mountain, 20yuan/Zushan, 28yuan/yingshi city
Opening hours 7:30-18:00

Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou Transporation

Bus7,8 from Qinhuangdao train station
Car from Jingqin highway to Shunhaiyang road, Wenhuanan road to Nanshan street

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