Panjiakou Reservoir

Panjiakou Reservoir

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Panjiakou Reservoir

Introduction: IntroductionPanjiakou Reservoir is located in Luotai County, Qian’an City. As the main projec..

Tickets:Panjiakou Reservoir fee and opening hoursAdmission 15yuanOpening hours 8:00-17:30

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please pay attention to climb mountain or walking in resort. 2.Please pay attention to ..

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Panjiakou Reservoir Introduction

Panjiakou Reservoir is located in Luotai County, Qian’an City. As the main project of Reply Luan River to Tianjin, Panjiakou reservoir is o­ne of the reservoirs in North China area which is composed of a dam and to subsided dams. The largest area is 72 square kilometers, while the deepest is 80 meters.
Tangshan belongs to warm monsoon continental climate with annual average temperature 11℃-13℃. The mail climate character in Tangshan is clear seasons, tropical monsoon climate, and Precipitation focus. So the best travel season in Tangshan is autumn.

Panjiakou Reservoir Features

The reservoir is located in the composed area of Yanshan Range and Huaxia composing zone with complex geology constitution, the great lake which forms the most beautiful scenery. There are over ten scenic spots including Ten li gallery, Xiangbi Mountain, Yixiantian, Yueya Cave, Tuoyuantian, Shuangyan Cave, tortoise Island, Bangchui Cliff, Tianzhu Peak, Kulong Mountain, Monkey Mountain. Panjiakou Reservior is located in the famous fortress of Ancient Great Wall, Xifengkou. The main body is ancient military project, which forms a series of ancient cultural relics tourism scenic spots including Xifengkou Fortress, Songting Pass, Panjiakou Great Wall.

Panjiakou Reservoir Tickets

Panjiakou Reservoir fee and opening hours
Admission 15yuan
Opening hours 8:00-17:30

Panjiakou Reservoir Transporation

Drive: Take Jing-Shen Expressway and get off at Fengrun Exit, drive to Qianxi County; drive west to Santuying Town, and drive north to Sihe Bridge, and then drive northeast to Panjia Reservoir Scenic Spot.
Traffic: Take coach from Tangshan to Qianxi and there are buses to Panjia Reservoir Scenic Spot in Qianxi City.

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