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Introduction: IntroductionXifengkou located in Qianxi County, Hebei province, the Xifengkou Gateway was an im..

Tickets:Xifengkou fee and opening hoursAdmission 25yuan, 20yuan in low seasonOpening hours 8:00-1

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubbis..

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Xifengkou Introduction

Xifengkou located in Qianxi County, Hebei province, the Xifengkou Gateway was an important stronghold west of Shanhaiguan pass. It is o­ne of the 32 passes built during 1368-1398 under the supervision of General Xu Da. The successive emperors of the Ming dynasty continued the construction and reinforcement of this spot and in 1452, a 13-meter tower named "Zhenyuan Lou" (Pacify the Border Tower) was set up o­n the pass.The present name, which means "Peak of happiness," has developed from an earlier o­ne which means "Site for a Happy Reunion". Legend has it that a young man yearned to see his father, who had gone to build the Great Wall. He traveled a long distance and finally found his father working at this site. Overjoyed after a separation of years, both father and son died o­n the spot.
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It lies 50 kilometers to the northwest of Qianxi County, Hebei Province, o­ne of the 32 key passes built by great general, Xu Da, in the beginning years of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty o­n the Yan ridges. Later, every Emperor of the Ming Dynasty continued to repair the defense work at Xifengkou. In July of the third year of Jingtai (1452), a 13-meter high Zhenyuan Tower was built o­n top of the pass gate.Owing to its position at the joint place of Nuan River valley and the Great Wall, Xifengkou Gateway, surrounded by mountains o­n both sides was since ancient times the key spot for all strategists. It has a unique structure which includes three gateways connected by walls. Southeast of Xifengkou Gateway, a 20-meter stone-built Xifeng City was installed with a gate respectively o­n west and south directions.

Xifengkou Tickets

Xifengkou fee and opening hours
Admission 25yuan, 20yuan in low season
Opening hours 8:00-17:30

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Car from Beijing to Xinglong 2hrs, road112 to Banbishan town, Sandao river to Xihe bridgeto Xifengkou

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