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Three gorges museum

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Three gorges museum

Introduction: IntroductionThe Museum is situated opposite the Chongqing People's Hall. It is not o­..

Tickets:Three gorges museum ticket and opening hourTicket : it has been free since Mar. 26 th. 2008...

Travel Tips:Tips1.The elevation in the plateau area of the northwest of Sichuan is high, so the temperatu..

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Three gorges museum Introduction

The Museum is situated opposite the Chongqing People's Hall. It is not o­nly the largest monographic museum, but is also a public undertaking for the preservation, education, scientific research in respect of cultural relics and the natural environment of Chongqing and the Three Gorges area.
The exterior of the museum has cambered walls and vitreous dome, representing the historical culture of Three Gorges project and its origins. In addition, there are large-scale reliefs, bronze sculptures and an 'Ecological Corridor' that is o­ne kilometer in length (about 1,094 yards).
The museum occupies a whole area of 42,497 square meters (about 50,828 square yards). The exhibition hall covers 23,225 square meters (about 27,778 square yards), and houses:
Chongqing has little frost and snow, much cloud and mist and abundant rainfall, especially in transition between summer and autumn. Its annual average temperature is about 18℃ with early spring, hot summer, short autumn and warm winter. The best traveling time is spring and winter.

Three gorges museum Features

Originally called the Chongqing Municipal Museum, this museum moved to its more modern and spacious location mid-2005. While still lacking a certain charisma, several items in this museum make the trip worthwhile. First is its lovely collection of Tang and Song heads carved out of stone. Most are of Buddha, Guanyin, and various bodhisattvas, but what distinguishes them are their human rather than heavenly miens. A fine collection of terra-cotta sculptures from an Eastern Han tomb is also o­n the display. Discovered in Chongqing north of the Yangzi, they are small, whimsical figurines of musicians, dancers, singers, and storytellers -- a lively group to spend eternity with. The museum also boasts collections that go back in time as far as the Shang dynasty (ca. 1600-1045 B.C.). Of particular interest are the paulownia-wood "boat coffins" of the ancient Ba culture.
Four Basic Displays:
Glorious Three Gorges which reflects the cultural and historical spirits of Three Gorges.
Ancient Ba-Yu which introduces the origin and development of Chongqing history.
Chongqing: the City Road which describes the changes of Chongqing City in the 20th century.
The Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945) which records the wartime ordeals of the people in Chongqing.
Six Themed Displays:
Paintings and calligraphies through the ages
Porcelains of various dynasties
Coins of various dynasties
Sculptures of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220)
Folk customs of the people of southwest China
Cultural relics donated by Li Chuli
Sculptures of the Han Dynasty
Another important exhibit is a 180 panorama of war torn Chongqing depicting the city, when as the provisional capital of China, it was subjected to substantial bombardment by the Japanese over several decades. There is also a 360cinema of Three Gorges that mainly shows the natural and social sceneries of Three Gorges prior to the construction of the dam project.

Three gorges museum Tickets

Three gorges museum ticket and opening hour
Ticket : it has been free since Mar. 26 th. 2008. but the tourists also need to receive tickets to visit the museum, the population of the tourists every day is controlled at less than 3000 . the free exhibition halls are Ancient Bayu, the money of previous dynasties, glorious three gorges etc.
Opening hour: unknown.

Three gorges museum Transporation

You can go there by bus 103,104,105,111,112,215, 181,503.

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