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Shaanxi History Museum

Introduction: IntroductionShaanxi History Museum, which located in the northwest of the Dayan Pagoda of anci..

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Shaanxi History Museum Introduction

Shaanxi History Museum, which located in the northwest of the Dayan Pagoda of ancient city Xi'an, is the first huge state museum with modern facilities in China, and given the reputation of "bright pearl of ancient city, treasure house of China."
Conformed to last wish of former Primer Minister Zhou Enlai, Shaanxi History Museum was built from 1983, and was finished o¬n June 20th, 1991 and open to the public. The museum has an area of 65,000 square meters, building place 55,600 square meters, cultural relics storerooms of 8,000 square meters, exhibition halls of 11,000 square meters with a collection of 370000 pieces of relics. The museum is an architecture of Tang style, "Hall in center, storied buildings in corners", elegant and dignified, magnificent scale, combination of traditional architecture and modern science, which completely embodied folk tradition, local feature, and epoch spirit.
Shaanxi is the imperial capital since ancient times, and more than 13 feudal dynasties built their capitals there in history including Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang. The province is rich in cultural relics. With the completion of Shaanxi History Museum, it collected over 370,000 precious relics which were unearthed in Shaanxi Province, large quantities, full categories, high grade. The bronze wares, pottery figures, and mural paintings in Tang tombs and so o¬n, are all wonderful artistic treasures.
Xi'an's special location make it to be a attractive place for travel. Except the cold winter, every seasons are the best time to be here.

Shaanxi History Museum Features

Shaanxi History Museum is a comprehensive museum, which has 375,600 cultural relics, large quantities, full categories, high grade, in excellent order. These all provide precious materials for scientific research systematically and completely. All these relics are mainly excavations, secondly works handed from ancient times, and can be divided into stoneware, bone ware, bronze ware, pottery warrior, pottery ware, Tang tri-colored pottery, jade article, copper mirror, brick tile, other building material, gold & silver ware, mural painting, royal seal, calligraphy & painting, paper money and others. Among them, first class are 762 articles, second class are2,242 articles, third class are 4,205 articles. Time span of historical relics is over 1,000,000 years, from Lantian Apeman of 1,000,000 years ago to the Opium War of 1840. There are also large quantities of modern relics, folk relics. These all reflected lives of different ages and people of different classes from the degrees of culture, art, science and so o¬n, and are the significant base for research of ancient history, art development, scientific development of China.
The relics of Shaanxi History Museum are best characterized and representative in Shang & Zhou bronze wares, pottery warriors of past dynasties, Tang gold & silver wares, mural paintings in Tang tombs, which reflected the prosperity and development of Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang dynasties and are well-known all over the world.

Shaanxi History Museum Tickets

Shaanxi History Museum Fee and Opening Hour
Admission Fee: Free (Everyday,it has 4000pieces of admission tickets;2500 pieces are for the time before 14:00, and the 1500 pieces are for the afternoon. )The temporary display for marketing, the speak, the audio tour rental, vehicle parking, souvenirs and the books-sell, caterings, all these are for profits.and you have to pay for them accordingly.

Free Time: From Tuesday to Sunday everyweek. Monday is closed for recheck, except national legal day.

Opeing Hour: 9:00----17:30( From 15th/Nov to 15th/Mar )in the winter; (from16:00,it is not allowed to enter)8:30 ----18:00 ( From 16th/Mar to 14th/Nov )in the summer. (from16:30,it is not allowed to enter)

Shaanxi History Museum Transporation

You can take bus 5、19、24、26、27、30、34、401、521、527、610、701、710, or bus 6 and 8,which are special for travelling, to the station of Shaanxi History Mesume o­n the Cuihua Road.

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