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      Ranked as the fifth largest fresh water lake in China, Chaohu Lake covers an area of 800 square kilometers, which makes the City a famous tourist destination in Anhui Province. The vast surface of the lake is dotted with numerous boats. And it looks like a bowl between the Yangtze River and Huaihe River. In the middle of the lake stand two islands, o­ne is Gushan Mountain and the other is Laoshan Mountain. The lake is surrounded by three hot springs (namely, Bantang Hot Spring, Xiangquan Hot Spring and Tangchi Hot Spring) and four national forest parks (namely, Taihu Mountain Forest Park, Jilong Mountain Forest Park, Yefu Mountain Forest Park and Tianjin Mountain Forest Park), as well as five solution cavities (namely, Xianren Solution Cavity, Ziwei Solution Cavity, Wangqiao Solution Cavity, Huayang Solution Cavity and Boshan Solution Cavity). All these natural sceneries have contribu..

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Caohu Tourist Attractions Maps

Caohu Tourist Attractions

  • Dong'an Forest Park

    Dong'an Forest Park

    IntroductionDong'an Forest Park is located o­n the south coast of the Chaohu Lake, 5 km away from the town along the Chaolu Road. Places full of interest are different; Forest La..

  • Lao Mountain Island

    Lao Mountain Island

    IntroductionThere are many cultural landscapes in Lao Mountain Island. A natural harbor at the south foot of the island was called “Nantang” in the past, which shelters from the cold wi..

  • Tangchi Hot Spring

    Tangchi Hot Spring

    IntroductionThe water of the Tangchi Hot Spring is pure, superior and abundant. It is not exaggerated to compare it with Huaqing Pool in Xi’an, Shanxi Province or Dayingkou Hot Spring in..

  • Baochan Mountain

    Baochan Mountain

    IntroductionBaochan Mountain, it is named as Hua Mountain in history. An eminent monk called Huibao lived and sermonize in the mountain in Tang Dynasty.  His disciples change the nam..

  • Humble Abode Garden

    Humble Abode Garden

    Introduction    A Humble Abode Garden was built beside “Mountain” and “Dragon Poll” in 1998, covering an area of more than 50 acreages. Glancing Mountains Pavilion, Fac..

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