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Introduction:Baoji located in the Midwest of Shaanxi Province; it has the total population of 3.6 million and 18,000 square kilometers areas, of which the urban area is 555 squares kilometers and a p..

Districts: Xian Baoji Xianyang Hancheng Yanan Ankang Binxian Hanzhong Huashan Huayin Jingbian Yulin

Attractions: Famen Temple Huanggui Persimmon Cake Qingliang Mountain Lishan Mountain Forest Park Tang Paradise Forest of Steles Museum Hui People Snacks Street in Xi'an Terracotta Warrior Drum Tower Xi'an Hua Mountain,Hua Shan

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Baoji Introduction

Baoji located in the Midwest of Shaanxi Province; it has the total population of 3.6 million and 18,000 square kilometers areas, of which the urban area is 555 squares kilometers and a population of 550,000. Baoji was called Chencang in the ancient times; Yang’s (the Chinese ancestor) hometown and the birthplace of ZHOU,Qin Dynasty. There are more than 65 provincial-level scenic spots, especially the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze which is famous at home and abroad, as the "land of the Bronze Age." Scenery spots are Taibai National Forest Park, Tiantai Mountain (National Forest Park), San Guan, Fengxiang East Lake and so o­n. o­n the ground floor it has extremely rich heritage. Currently, the city has 3358 kinds of artifacts; 3 key national heritage conservation units (Zhou original site, Yongcheng sites, Jiucheng palace sites), 67 provincial-level key heritage preservation unit. There are more than 48,000 pieces of heritage collections. 55 pieces of them are National treasure of precious relics; more than 600 pieces are of first-level precious relics, accounting for about 50 percent and 20 percent.

Baoji Traffic

Aviation: Baoji has no civilian airport; you’d better go to Xianyang International Airport.
Baoji has two trains to Xian, N386, drive time 7:32, arrived in Xi'an at 9:00; N388, drive time 0:49 arrived in Xi'an at 14:55.
Railway: Baoji Railway extend in all directions, sent to Beijing, Hangzhou, Lianyungang, Hankou, Sichuan, Hunan and other places. More than 40 pairs of trains pass Baoji every day, railway transportation is very convenient. Baoji railway station is in the heart of the city, you can take 4,6,8,15,17 buses to it.

Highway: Baoji City has two long-distance bus terminals, East Passenger Station and West Passenger Station.

Taxi: There are hundreds of Taxies in Baoji, most of them are red Xiali.
In the urban area, the fare is 5  yuan, not being counted by the mileage.

Green Tourism: the city of Baoji opened with a double-decker green tourism, which can arrive to Yan Mausoleum, bronze Museum and the other scenic spots.

Baoji Festivals

April: Baoji Famen temple International Cultural Tourism Festival

Activities characteristics: Buddhist Culture and Tourism, the West House Showcase of local culture

Venue: Famen temple tourist areas, Fufeng County

July 7: Ancestral worship activities

Activities characteristics: ancestral worship, seminars of Yan Emperor culture

Venue: Yan Emperor Mausoleum

Baoji Service Telephones

Public Transport Corporation complaint and Enquiry phone: 0917-3220467
East Passenger Station complaint and Enquiry Tel: 0917-3211434
West Passenger Station complaint and Enquiry Tel: 0917-3212694
Taxi complaint Phone and Enquiry Tel: 0917-3215367
Xianyang International Airport Enquiry Tel: 029-88791114
National Tourism complaint Tel: 010-65275315

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