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Introduction:Being the capital of the P. R. China, Beijing is the heart of politics, economy, transportation, culture and art of this great country. As a most ancient municipality o­n this plan..

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SurroundingArea Introduction

Being the capital of the P. R. China, Beijing is the heart of politics, economy, transportation, culture and art of this great country. As a most ancient municipality o­n this planet, Beijing is also home to a large number of natural wonders, manmade miracles and cultural heritage, which not o­nly belongs to China, but also to the whole world. Beijing has abundant tourist resources, with more than 200 scenic spots open to visitors throughout the world; good examples are the Forbidden City – the largest royal palace in the world; the Temple of Heaven where the emperors paid their devotional admiration to the Heaven hundreds of years ago; the imperial garden – Beihai park; the important holiday resort of the royal family – Summer Palace; the most magnificent defense project o­n this globe – the Great Wall as well as the Mansion of Prince Gong – the largest Siheyuan (the compound with houses around courtyard). Beijing has 7, 309 listed historical sites of varying importance, among which, 42 are at the national level, 222 are at the municipal level. At present Beijing boasts 456 star rated hotels with a total of about 84, 000 guest rooms. The 456 travel services in Beijing have more than 5,000 professional tourist guides who speak 21 languages and serve visitors from every corner of the world.

SurroundingArea Traffic

There are currently 3 or 4 subway lines in Beijing depending o­n how you count. In every subway station there is a ticket office with real people in it. Subway tickets cost between2 and 5 Yuan depending o­n where you go.

Beijing Capital International Airport is the main international airport that serves the capital city of Beijing, People's Republic of China. The IATA Airport Code is PEK, reflecting Beijing's former Romanization Peking. The code BJS is also frequently used, reflecting the current pinyin spelling of Beijing and including all airports in the Beijing metropolitan area; currently, Beijing Capital (PEK) is the o­nly civil aviation airport that falls under BJS.

There are nine toll Beijing expressways that connects the city with other major parts of the country. These expressways of Beijing include Badaling Expressway, Jingcheng Expressway, Airport Expressway, Jingtong Expressway, Jingha Expressway, Jingjintang Expressway, Jingkai Expressway and Jingshi Expressway. Travel to Beijing through these toll expressways.

Taking taxi is a convenient choice. Taxi brands in Beijing are mostly Xiali and CIORTEN ZX. Fees are charged according to driving mileage. Taxi-takers will be charged 1.20 Yuan per kilometer by taking Xiali and new China Sub-warhead. Basic charge 10 Yuan shall be charged by supposing to drive 4 kilometers. Taking Santana and CIORTEN ZX charge 1.60 to 2.00 Yuan pr kilometer and the basic charge is 10 to 12 Yuan. The indication of price charging for per kilometer is usually indicated in taxi windows. Taxi fee will be added appropriately in case of waiting, driving at night and mileage for driving without passenger. Please form the habit of asking for bill when getting off the taxi. Such information as car number, company name to which belonged and complaint telephone etc. are listed in the bill. If you lost something in the taxi or you were charged too much, you could check out the car by telephone quickly. It is recommended to look at the map before getting o­n the taxi and get a rough comprehension about the direction and driving route in case of delaying time for traveling.

SurroundingArea Festivals

Beijing Temple Fair is a tradition to go to temple fairs during the Chinese Spring Festival or Chinese New Year celebrations. Beijing, as the culture capital of China, has a large number of temples. Temple fairs used to be an event of worship, in which people might pray for happiness, peace and luck. The modern temple fair has a wider variety of activities like worship, commercial trade, and recreation.

SurroundingArea Service Telephones

Travel Advisory: 81191011
Tourist Complaints: 81191168
Folk Hotline: 8119688381194274
Price Complaints: 12,358
Taxi Dispatch Center Tel: 68373399
Civil Aviation Information: 2580
Civil Aviation Reservation: 2581
Beijing Railway Station Inquiries: 51019999
Beijing West Railway Station Inquiries: 51826273
Beijing South Railway Station Inquiries: 51837262
Beijing North Station Inquiries: 51866223
Railway Information: 2585
Train ticket booking hotline: 2586
Beijing Fire Protection Hotline: 62228119
Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Complaints Tel: 65275315

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  • Minfu Hotel

    Minfu Hotel

    Two-star or Less Beijing DongCheng Price:-

    The Minfu Hotel (Minfu Binguan) is located close to such top Beijing attractions as Tiantan Park and the Lama Temple (Yonghe Gong) and is also within easy reach of Metro Lines 2, 5 and..

  • Hanting Express (Beijing Hangtian Bridge)

    Hanting Express (Beijing Hangtian Bridge)

    Two-star or Less Beijing HaiDianArea Price:-

    The Hanting Express (Hangtian Bridge) (Hanting Kuaijie Jiudian Beijing Hangtianqiao Dian) is located about a ten-minute walk from the Air Force General Hospital PLA. Rooms in this Beiji..

  • Mercure Beijing Downtown

    Mercure Beijing Downtown

    Two-star or Less Beijing ChaoYang Price:-

    The Mercure Beijing Downtown (Beijing Huatengmeiju Jiudian) is a garden style hotel located in Beijing's central business district and is close to some shopping centers.Various rooms w..

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