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Introduction:Situated at the core of Yangtze River Delta, Changshu is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, with Shanghai in the east, Suzhou in the south, Wuxi in the west respectively, and ..

Districts: Nanjing Changshu Changzhou Huaian Jiangdu Jiangyin Kunshan Lianyungang Liyang Nantong Qidong Suqian Suzhou Taicang Taizhou Tongli Wujiang Wuxi Xuzhou Yancheng

Attractions: Shang Lake Square Pagoda Shajiangbang Yushan Mountain Zhouzhuang Boat Hongyinshanfang Huanxiu Mountain Villa Daming Temple Jingsi Garden Quanshan Forest Park

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Changshu Introduction

Situated at the core of Yangtze River Delta, Changshu is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, with Shanghai in the east, Suzhou in the south, Wuxi in the west respectively, and bordering Yangtze River in the north with Nantong face to face o­n the opposite bank. Changshu covers an area of 1,264 square kilometers with a population of about 1.6 million.
Lying in the Yangtze Delta, which is the most economically developed area of China, Changshu enjoys the advantage of being adjacent to Shanghai, the economic center of China, and other big cities such as Suzhou, Wuxi and Nantong. With a mild climate and fertile land, it has a good harvest every year, thus got its name as Changshu (good harvest all the time). It has been all along reputed as a land flowing with milk and honey south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
Changshu is a national historical and cultural city with a history of more than 5,000 years. It has advanced culture and lots of celebrities. The representatives are Yan Yan, the founder of the Wuwenism in Xingdong and o­ne of the top ten students of Confucius; Weng Tonghe, the imperial teacher and the prime minister of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). From the Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the Qing Dynasty, Changchu turned out altogether 9 prime ministers, 8 top scholars and 483 successful candidates in the highest imperial examinations. Changshu owns a lot of places of historical interest and scenic beauties, such as the Yushan National Forest Park in the Taihu Lake Scenic Area, the Shanghu Lake and Shajiabang Scenic Spot, gaining Changchu the international fame as a tourist city. The unique natural beauty also forms the unique culture of Changshu.
Lying in the temperate and subtropical zone, Changshu enjoys a mild climate and plenty of water. In winter, with wind from the north, it is cold and dry; in summer, with wind from the southeast of the sea, it is hot and rainy. In spring and autumn, it has a changeable climate between hot and cold, dry and wet. Being in the region of rivers and lakes, the scenery in Changshu has a unique charm in every season. It is pleasant to go to Changshu at anytime of the year.

Changshu Traffic

Changshu enjoys convenient transportation. Seashore Expressway (HeiLongJiang Province – HaiNan Province, named “Su-Jia-Hang Expressway” in Suzhou Area) and Riverside Expressway (Shanghai – SiChuan Province), the two longest expressways in China, converge in Changshu. Starting from Changshu, you can reach Suzhou、Wuxi within half an hour and Shanghai in 60 minutes; Changshu is 60 kilometers to Shanghai HongQiao Airport and 120 kilometers to Shanghai PuDong Airport. Changshu Port is Class A port in China, with business to 232 international ports in 50 countries and regions.
You can easily hail metered taxis in Changshu. The price is same as Shanhai.
Changshu Transportation Bureau Tel: 52773252
Changshu taxi complaints Tel: 52794247
Changshu Technical Supervision Tel: 12365,8008282582

Changshu Festivals

China Haiyu Apparel Festival opens in Jiangsu
Actresses from a local art troupe perform a delightful traditional dance Qian Huadan (Pretty actress) at the soiree of the 2005 China Haiyu Apparel Festival in Jiangsu's Changshu October 12. Haiyu County, in Jiangsu's Changshu, is known in China for its casual wears.

Lunar January 1st: Lunar new year
Lunar January 3 : Xiaonianchao
Lunar January 15: Shangyuan Festival
Lunar Feb 2 : Chengyaogao Festival
Lunar Feb 12: the birthday of hundred of flower
Lunar May 5: Dragon Boat Festival

Changshu Service Telephones

Changshu Tourism Bureau Phone: 52847192
Changshu Unicom Tel: 52891210
Changshu Mobile Phone: 52812222
Changshu  telecom bureau Phone: 68304910,68304834
Changshu Post Office Tel: 11,185

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