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Introduction:Chenghai or Tenghai is a district of the city of Shantou, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. It is the birthplace of Qin Mu, and Hai-Hong, the father of Taksin who was..

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Chenghai Introduction

Chenghai or Tenghai is a district of the city of Shantou, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. It is the birthplace of Qin Mu, and Hai-Hong, the father of Taksin who was a Thai king.

It locates in the Southeast part of Guangdong province. Before 1994, Chenghai was a town belonging to Shantou city. After 1994, Chenghai was established as a town-level city and was administrated by provincial government directly. While in 2005, Chenghai was recruited as a district by Shantou city when it had already become a world-class known toy manufacturing zone. The main coperative strategies were OEM and subcontract production.

Because it is o­n the subtropical zone and belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, there are seldom very hot or frostbitten days during o­ne year. Landform of Chenghai is basically plain which altitude is lower than 10 metre. This type of plain occupy 81.9% of the proportion, o­n the opposite massif and mesa which altitude is more than 10 metre o­nly occupy 8.5% and water area 9.6%. Population of Chenghai is 710,000 persons. In Guangdong Province, it is not o­nly a beautiful place with abundant river but also o­ne of the famous hometowns of overseas Chinese, which is the hometown for the Red-head Ship too. People here are honest, hardworking and sureness that are good at starting and developing industry business.

Chenghai Traffic

The density of the highway in Chenghai is 92 km/100 sq. km which could let you go to anywhere very easily. There are 324 national highway, Jinhong highway, Shenshan superhighway and Shanfen superhighway across the town, together with Shantou International Airport and Laiwu Container Quay which structure the three-dimensional sea-land-air transportation network of Chenghai.

Taxi: the basic charge is 7/8/9 yuan within 3 km according to the types of taxi.

Chenghai Festivals

Spring festival: the first day of lunar new year." open the door" with firecrackers at dawn, men prepare sugar soup and changshou noodles for women. In the past time the portrait of ancestor would be hung up in the major room and the householder worship the ancestor, the younger generation hand in eggs and tea respectfully to the superior. There is also the custom in Fenshui area to invite relatives to feast. The floor are not to be swept and no knife or needles or something else with a sharp blade to be used. And then pay a New Year call the next day.

Dragon boat festival: also called "Duanwu festival". In the past days people decorate the door with herbal leaves, and smoke inside the house by burning herbs. Spread limes along side the wall and sometimes hung portrait of "zhongkui” to scare ghosts away, or stick charms o­n the door. o­n the day with no exception people eat rice dumpling and "five Guan"(yellow-fin tuna, yellow eel, vitellin, cucumber and king’s yellow liquor), in addition they boil meat with garlic. Children wear aroma bag, eat king’s yellow horse bean and smear king’s yellow o­n their foreheads. Doctors collect herbs for standby o­n the day. Before the day of the festival, grandmothers give their grandsons fans, bellybands, aroma bags and tiger headed shoes etc.

Chenghai Service Telephones

Chenghai City Tourism Bureau Complaints Tel: 0754-5861480 Fax: 0754-5850350
Chenghai Executive complaints Tel: 0754-5874728
Chenghai Community Service Office Tel: 0754-5887332
Chenghai Dongli Town Complaints Tel: 0754-5751654
Chenghai Lianghua Town Complaints Tel: 0754-5323538
Chenghai Liangshang Town Complaints Tel: 0754-5742052
Chenghai Yanhong Town Complaints Tel: 0754-5779088
Chenghai Xinan Town Complaints Tel: 0754-5316004
Chenghai Liangxia Town Complaints Tel: 0754-5161038
Chenghai Shanghua Town Complaints Tel: 0754-5709001
Chenghai Fengxiang streets complaints Tel: 0754-5721022
Chenghai Guangyi streets complaint Tel: 0754-5896748

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