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Introduction:The City of Chenzhou in Hunan province has a long history and splendid culture. Chenzhou introduced The Chenzhou history is glorious, well-established. "郴" the character most early sees ..

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Chenzhou Introduction

The City of Chenzhou in Hunan province has a long history and splendid culture. Chenzhou introduced The Chenzhou history is glorious, well-established. "郴" the character most early sees Yu Qindai in the ancient book, the meaningis the Lin Zhongdi cities and towns. When Han Dynasty, great-greatgrandfather Liu Nation sets at the Guiyang county, the county governs inChenzhou south, from this time o­n, Chenzhou then becomes the strategicplace, south Hunan the economy, politics, the cultural center.Chenzhou because its is important The geographical position, was since old times the militarycommander land that must fight for: The history book record, item offeather Zeng Tuyi the emperor to 郴, Zhao Zilong o­nce fought theGuiyang county, Hong Xiuchuan o­nce stores Soldier Chenzhou. At the same time, Chenzhou also wins thewriter literati's favour, Tang Song writer Wang Changling, Du Fu, HanYu, Liu Yuxi, Qin Shaoyou and so o­n, in this Leaves behind prose which enjoys great popularity.Chenzhou city is rich in natural resources. So it is called as “The Hometown of Colored Metal in China”, “The Key Forest in South China”, and “The Energy Base of Hunan Province”.
In Song Dynasty, there was a poet named Qinguan was relegated to the south of Hunan, and he lived there isolated. He made a poem .Although it is blue, it draws the beautiful view in Hunan. After that, Chenzhou becomes famous.
Its forest coverage accounts for 59.1%, so it is the natural treasure area in South China. There are 100,000 mu virgin forest in Manshan, Yizhang County where the animals from north and south gather, which bring a prestige as “The Second Xishuangbanna”. Now it is a national forest park. Chenzhou is rich in tourism resources. The scenic spots, made up of Mountains, water, caves holes,  are beautiful, rare, quiet and attractive to those interested in adventure. Its scenic spots include Suxian Mountain which is listed as o­ne of the eighteen places of good fortune, Wanhua Cliff which is called The Cave of Wonder in the World, Dongjiang Lake which stores 8.2 billion stere water and is called “Dongting Lake in South China”, and Dongjiang Driftage called the first driftage of ecology tourism in China.

Chenzhou Traffic

Chenzhou Branch of China Southern
Address: No.8 Lijiawan, Suxian Bei Road, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province.
Tel: 0735-2884865
Long-distance Bus Station

Chenzhou General Bus Station
Site: No.1 Tongxin Road, Beihu District, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province
Tel: 0735-2340125

 At present, Jiangguang Double-track Line connecting south and north, Chensan Line and Chenjia Line connecting west and east are running through Chenzhou City.
Beijing to Chenzhou(T 97 )
Departue time 9:12   arival time : 5:06
Shanghai to Chenzhou(K99)
Departue time 9:40   arival time : 4:40
Guangzhou TO Chenzhou(1420)
Departue time 23:32  arival time : 4:40
It is convient from Changsha and Hengyang to Chenzhou.
Chenzhou railway station Tel :0735-7527222
complaints Telephone :0735-7527652, 7527252

Chenzhou Festivals

Panwang Festival
Panwang Festival is a celebrating traditional festival for Yao people to memorize their ancestors. Before the establishment of new China, Yao people living in different districts celebrated Panwang Festival at different times. It is usually held during the slack season of farming after the harvest time in autumn to next Spring Festival. This festival is celebrated both during scheduled and unscheduled times. The scheduled celebration is annually held o­n Oct 16th of the Lunar calendar, and the unscheduled celebration is held o­n the selected lucky day in every other three or five or ten or even twelve years. The longer the interval is, the more celebrating the festival would have. The duration of the Panwang Festival varies. Usually small families celebrate for o­ne day and two nights, and in big families  may celebrate for three days and three nights, even up to seven days and seven nights.
Qichunse: it is a festival of Yao people to memory the spring ploughing. o­n lunar March 11 of every year, people will take the green leaves , gathere at the Panwang temple. There they hold the worship of spring to pray foison.
Ganfenshe : The grand fete ceremony in memory of Yandi is the theme of Zhuzhou yandi festival established in song dynasty.

Chenzhou Service Telephones

Chenzhou City tourist complaints Tel :0735-2223441
Hunan Tourism complaints Tel :0731-4717614
National Tourism complaints Tel:-65275315
Hunan Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management:
Complaints Tel: (0731) 4717614
Fax: (0731) 4720348
Address:Tuanjie Road, Wulipai, Changsha ,Hunan
Zip Code: 410001


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