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Introduction:Conghua County with a history of 514 years was established in the 2nd year of Minghongzhi (A.D. 1489), subordinate to the Panyu Prefecture. In March, 1994, it was changed from a county..

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Conghua Introduction

Conghua County with a history of 514 years was established in the 2nd year of Minghongzhi (A.D. 1489), subordinate to the Panyu Prefecture. In March, 1994, it was changed from a county to a municipality of 15 towns, 1 subdistrict office and 223 administrative villages, with its capital at Jiekou Town. Conghua City covers a total area of 2009 km2, owns a permanent population 520,900 and a floating population of about 100,000.
Located in the middle part of Guangdong Province and in the northeast part of Guangzhou, Conghua neighbors Longmen County and Zengcheng City o­n the east, Baiyun District o­n the south, Huadou District and Qingyuan City o­n the west, Fogang County and Xinfeng County o­n the north. It is inside the large Pearl River Delta economic circle and an important integral part of Guangzhou’s “optimization in the north” development strategy. Conghua is a vital passage of the Pearl River Delta to the north Guangdong and Middle China and East China. Taiping Town in the south of Conghua was listed a trial town of the State for small town comprehensive reform and as well as a central town of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou to be developed in priority.
Since the reform and opening-up, governments of Conghua at all levels have taken the development as the first priority, and quick and strong economic development as the goal; strived to increase economic returns and financial revenue, make farmers to increase their income, enhance its strength for future development. Conghua’s economy and society develop very rapidly. The average annual growth rate of GDP is 15.5%. At present, there are more than 600 foreign enterprises operating in Conghua, mainly involving in production of diamond ornament, cosmetics, arts and grafts, plastic products, lamps, medicine, textiles and leather shoes. Foreign funds are mainly from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions, and Japan, South Korea, U.S.A., Britain and Singapore. The main indicators of the national economy rank front among 50 mountainous counties (cities) of Guangdong Province and the integral competitiveness enters the rank of China’s top 100 counties (cities).

Conghua Traffic

Accessible traffic network. Total mileage is over 1000km. No.105 and 106 State highways pass through the whole territory. Jing-Zhu Highway has entrance and exit at Conghua. Jiebei Highway to Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou’s Beier Ring Road are proposed to be built. All countryside roads have been renovated with hardened bed, thus forming a quite accessible road network. It o­nly takes 30 minutes drive to get the airport, and 40~60 minutes to get the railway station and the harbor, which demonstrates the advantage of “haft-hour economic circle” in Guangzhou.

Conghua Festivals

Spring festival: the first day of lunar new year." open the door" with firecrackers at dawn, men prepare sugar soup and changshou noodles for women. In the past time the portrait of ancestor would be hung up in the major room and the householder worship the ancestor, the younger generation hand in eggs and tea respectfully to the superior. There is also the custom in Fenshui area to invite relatives to feast. The floor are not to be swept and no knife or needles or something else with a sharp blade to be used. And then pay a New Year call the next day.

Conghua Service Telephones

Conghua City taxi complaints Tel: 12358/020-87930111
Conghua City Triumph Palace taxi call :020-87980666
Conghua City Jinhui taxi call :020-87922229
Conghua City automobile tansportation company Tel :020-87978169
Conghua City coach station Tel :020-87922200
Conghua City Tourism Bureau Tel 020-87922116/87926819
Conghua City Tourist Inquiry Tel :020-87938196 Office Tel :020-87920150
Conghua City Tourism Industry management Tel :020-87926150
Conghua City Tourism Quality Supervision by telephone :020-87922116
City Investment Service Center complaints Tel :020-87956111

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