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Introduction:      Datong City, located in the north of Shanxi Province, is o­ne of the famous historic and cultural cities in China. In the ancient times, Datong was a..

Districts: Taiyuan Datong Jinzhong Pingyao Jincheng Changzhi Gujiao Jiexiu Lishi Linfen Pu Shuozhou Wutaishan Wu Xiaoyi Xinzhou Yangquan Yongji Yuncheng

Attractions: Balefire Stages The Five Dragon Screen in Shanhua Temple Huayan Temple The Visit under the Coal Mine Chongfu Temple Jueshan Temple Ciyun Temple Pit of Ten of Thousands of Corpses Fahua Tower Wenying Lake

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Datong Introduction

      Datong City, located in the north of Shanxi Province, is o­ne of the famous historic and cultural cities in China. In the ancient times, Datong was a military stronghold, holding out the hordes that frequently pushed south from Mongolia. Nowadays, it is an important base of energy resources and heavy & chemical industry in China, well known as a “coal capital” for its abundance of coal.
      Datong, endowed with rich tourist resources, boasts unique natural landscape and historic sites, some of which are listed among the best of China:
      Yungang Grottoes-one of the four famous grottoes in China;Hengshan Mountain- o­ne of the five famous mountains in China;Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall— the biggest dragon screen wall in China (located at the entrance of the mansion of Prince Zhu Gui, the 13th son of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD));Hanging Temple (or the Temple in Midair)-an architectural miracle in China;Wooden-Structure Pagoda of Fogong Temple- currently the tallest and oldest wooden-structure pagoda in China; Shanhua Temple – its buildings and statues date back to the Liao and Jindynasties;Daxiong Palace of Huayan Temple--currently o­ne of the biggest ancient Buddhist palaces in China;Bojia Palace of Huayan Temple—its statues of the Liao Dynasty (916-1125) as well as Tiangong Pavilion are regarded as national treasures.

Datong Traffic

Datong Airport is located in the north of Beijiazao Township, Datong County, about 15 kilometers away from the center of Datong City. This airport was constructed in 2004 and now is at the stage of flight-testing. It plans to open six flight courses to such cities as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shenyang, and regular air navigation can be expected soon.
Since Datong Airport hasn’t been officially open, you need to go by plane at Huairen Airport in Shuozhou City or Wusu Airport in Taiyuan City. Huairen Airport opens scheduled flights to such cities as Beijing, Shanghai and Taiyuan. By the way, the long-distance bus to Huairen can be taken in Datong Xinnan Passenger Station and needs about 50 minutes’ drive, and to Taiyuan needs three hours’ drive.
Inquiry phone for scheduled flights: 0352-2043388, 0352-2044039

The domestic railways such as Beijing-Baotou, Datong-Fenglingdu, Datong-Qinhuangdao lines as well as the international railways to Erlianhaote and Moscow all join in Datong, which makes its railway transportation quite convenient.
Datong Railway Station, located o­n the North Xinjian Road, can be easily reached by No. 2, 4, 8, 14, 16, and 21 buses. Everyday there are many trains leaving for other domestic cities such as Taiyuan, Beijing, Hangzhou, Baotou and Shenyang.
Ticket booking phone: 0352-6082747(9:00—16:00),0352-2813240(14:30—17:00)
Inquiry phone: 0352-7122922

Datong, having more than ten main highways stretching to all parts of China, boasts a well-developed highway network. There are four long-distance passenger stations in the city: South Passenger Station, North Passenger Station, Xinpingwang Passenger Station, and Xinnan Passenger Station.
Phone for Complaints: 0352-2067600

South Passenger Station, at No.20 West Yantong Road, mainly runs the long-distance buses to the surrounding counties of Datong City. 
Inquiry phone: 0352-6020870

North Passenger Station, 200 meters west of Datong Railway Station, mainly runs the long-distance buses to Taiyuan City and Shuozhou City.
Inquiry phone: 0352-2814880

Xinpingwang Passenger Station, 100 meters south of Department Store of Mining Affairs Bureau, mainly runs the long-distance buses to other counties and townships in Shanxi Province as well as Beijing City.
Inquiry phone: 0352-4042099

Xinnan Passenger Station, at No.699 South Xinjian Road, mainly runs the long-distance buses to such cities as Taiyuan, Shuozhou and Beijing. The station can be reached by No. 11, 15, 28, 30, 16, and 201 public buses.
Inquiry phone: 0352-5025222, 0352-5032555
The bus network of Datong City is so fully-developed that it covers the whole city. The fare for the buses varies according to the distance.
Service phone: 0352-5037817

There are more than 5,000 taxies in Datong City. The basic charge for a taxi is 5 yuan, and 1.2 yuan or 1.4 yuan is charged for every o­ne more kilometer. Normally it costs 8~10 yuan from the city center to the railway station by taxi.

Datong Festivals

1 Jin Merchant Shehuo Festival
Characteristics of the activity:Shehuo as a traditional performance art existent widely among the folks of the Central Jin has become a folk entertainment activity full of good wishes such as happy events, luck and blessing. Its main activity items include appreciating festive lanterns of ancient Pingyao city, hanging auspicious bells o­n marvelous Mianshan Mountain and holding Shehuo in the Wangs’ grand courtyard house.
Location of the activity:Jiexiu Mianshan Mountain, ancient Pingyao City and the Qiaos’ grand courtyard house
Date of the festival:December 28th to January 18th of the Chinese lunar calendar of every year(February 9th to March 1st of the Gregorian calendar)

2 Ancient Pingyao City Cultural and International Tourist Festival
Characteristics of the activity:During the festival, there are several traditional folk culture and arts performances such as Welcoming Guest Ceremony in the Ancient Style, Casting an Embroidered Ball downstairs from a Storied Building to seek a Spouse and Interrogation of the Magistrate in the Feudal Society.
Location of the activity:The main meeting place is not fixed every year.
Date of the festival:It starts from June 9th of every year.

3 Yongji International Lover’s Month
Characteristics of the activity:The love story in the classical opera called the Romance of West Chamber happened here. Hence, this ancient temple with a history of o­ne thousand years become a tourist attraction enjoying a great reputation at and abroad.    
Location of the activity:Pujiu Temple of Yongji City
Date of the festival:September 26th to October 25th of every year

4 Wutai Mountain Temple Fair in June
Characteristics of the activity:Farmers, who want to trade livestock, believers in God, who want to make a pilgrimage to the mountain and worship the     Buddha, tourists home and abroad, who want to take sightseeing, and merchants, who come from all directions to do business, all gather together here. During the busiest period, the people gathering in Taihuai County reaches 140 to 150 thousand. There are also some colorful culture and arts programs at intervals.
Location of the activity:Taihuai Town of Wutai County
Date of the festival:June of every year

5 Buzha Dance (Mask Dance)
Characteristics of the activity:It is a significant Buddhist ritual, which can drive out the evils and greet happiness and peace.  
Location of the activity:Huangjiao Temple of Wutai Mountain
Date of the festival:June 15th of the Chinese lunar calendar of every year

6 Wutai Mountain International Tourist Month
Characteristics of the activity:During the festival, large-scale Buddhist rituals, folk culture and arts activities and the mule & horse livestock trade fair are held.
Location of the activity:Taihuai Town of Wutai County
Date of the festival:July 25th to August 25th of every year

7 Shanxi Noodles Festival
Characteristics of the activity:During the Shanxi Noodles Culture Festival, several activities such as introduction to quality noodle, savoring noodles and performance of making noodles. 
Location of the activity:Taiyuan
Date of the festival:September 27th to October 10th of every year

8 Kitchen God Worship Festival
Characteristics of the activity:When worshipping the kitchen god, the god should first be set up and then sumptuous food and wine are offered as a sacrifice. Cooking vessels, chopping blocks, bamboo containers are also set. Moreover, there is a ceremony of welcoming corpses.
Location of the activity:Every household
Date of the festival:December 23rd of the Chinese lunar calendar of every year

9 Ancient Temple Fair of Jin Ancestral Temple
Characteristics of the activity:The ancient temple fair in the Jin Ancestral Temple has also become a day of worshipping the god.
Location of the activity:Trade companies in all the counties in the suburbs of Taiyuan City
Date of the festival:July 2nd of the Chinese lunar calendar of every year

Datong Service Telephones

Datong Tourism Complaints Tel: 0352-5107215
Shanxi Province Tourism Complaints Tel: 0351-7325012
National Tourism Complaints Tel: 010-65275315

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