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Introduction:Deyang City was founded in 1983 by the authority of the State Council. It dominates Jingyang District, Guanghan, Shifang, Mianzhu, Zhongjian County and Luojian County, with a total area o..

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Attractions: Shuzheng Gully Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Ganhaizi Mt.Gongga---White World Xichang Satellite Launch Centre Mt. Qingcheng Luoji Mountain Ertan Scenic Area Chonggu Temple Folai mountain

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Deyang Introduction

Deyang City was founded in 1983 by the authority of the State Council. It dominates Jingyang District, Guanghan, Shifang, Mianzhu, Zhongjian County and Luojian County, with a total area of 5954 square kilometers and a population of 3,800,000. The transportation here is very convenient. There are railroads such as Baoji-Chengdu Line, Chengdu-Da Line, and Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway and the National Highway 108. What's more, there are Shuanlui International Airport in the south and South Minyan Airport in the north.
Deyang enjoys very good natural conditions. It is the bases of rice, cotton, edible oil, pigs, and tobacco. Most areas of Deyang Prefecture take advantage of the natural irrigation system of Dujiang Weirs. Also, there are varied animals and plants, including plants of first-grade state protection: dove tree, metasequoia and fir, and animals of first-grade state protection: giant panda, Sichuan snub-nose monkey, yakin and leopard. So the Chinese often refer to Sichuan as the "Tianfuzhiguo"(meaning "Land of Abundance" or "Land of Plenty"), with the province being in abundance of natural recourses, cultural heritages and local products.
With a long history, Deyang boasts tourism resources. The human landscape and nature landscapes compete with each other for beauty. Such as the Sanxingdui relics, Pantong Ancestral Temple, White Horse Frontier Pass, Luofengpo, Zhugeshuangzhong Ancestral Temple. Relics of the Three Kingdoms(Wei, Shu Han and Wu -which divided China from A.D. 222―280 in the Chinese history) make visitors linger o­n and forget the time to return, with the fresh air and beautiful landscapes in Yinghua Mountain, Jiudin Mountains, Ziyian Mountains.

Deyang Traffic

There is no airport in Deyang City, but there are four air ticket agencies here to sell tickets of all the flights taking off from Chengdu Airport.
1.Schedule Air Service Company Ltd.: located at No.97, Changjian West Road(beyond the Post and Telecom Building)

Tel: 0838-2224000, 2224333, 2223311
2.Huayang Air Service Company
Tel: 0838-2201859,  2203322,  2225019,  8905615
All the trains starting from Chengdu generally stop at Deyang, and because all the ticket offices are connected through the Internet, it is convenient to buy train tickets to Chengdu, Guangyuan, Puji, Xi’an or Kunming in train ticket agency and airline ticket agency, the service charge is 5 yuan for hard seat, the service charge 15yuan for a hard berth and 20-25 for a hard sleeper.
1.There are nonstop buses from Chengdu to Deyang. It takes about 50 minutes and the ticket is about 19yuan (one yuan for life insurance included)
2.Buses from North Chengdu Bus Station pass Guanghan Town; The ticket is about RBM 12 yuan.
3.The Deyang Bus Station is in the city center just at the stop next to Deyang Building. There are buses to Chengdu, Mianyang, nonstop buses included.
Local Transport
Urban traffic
There are many public buses, and they start every ten minutes. The ticket is o­ne yuan or half a yuan. There are also many treadmills; the price is reasonable with the minimum charge o­ne yuan, but you can bargain according to distance you will cover. Meanwhile, the mini bus or the cross-country cars with eight seats charges RBM 700 yuan for a day. A medium bus may charge RBM 900 yuan for a day while a medium tourism bus with 30 seats RBM 1000 yuan for a day.

Deyang Festivals

The Birthday of the Buddha: o­n 8th of the forth lunar month, people there celebrate the birth of Buddha.
The Birthday of Eastern High Mountain Emperor: 29th of the third lunar month is the day commemorating the Emperor’s birthday.

Deyang Service Telephones

Emergency Call 110
Fire Alarm 119
Emergency Service Centre 120
Traffic Accidents 122
Weather Forecast 121
Zip Enquiry 185
China Telecom Broadcast Service 117
China Telecom Reported Impairment Call 112
China Telecom number enquiry 114
China Telecom Customer Service Hotline 10000
Commerce and Industry Bureau Complaints Call 12315
Price reported Reception Center 12358
Environmental Protection Bureau complaints call 12369
Tourism Quality Supervision complaints call 96927
Deyang City Tourism Bureau 0838-2209116
Jingyang Quarter Tourism Bureau 0838-2409092
Guanghan City Tourism Bureau 0838-5222306
Shifang City Tourism Bureau 0838-8201477
Mianzhu City Tourism Bureau 0838-6906579
Zhongjiang County Tourism Bureau 0838-7212005
Luojiang County Tourism Bureau 0838-3123997
Three-star Pile Museum 13908106619
Inscription Office 0838-2273538
Confucius Temple 0838-2203214

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