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Introduction:Fuding City lies in the northeast of Ningde and next to Zhejiang Province and is surrounded by hills o­n 3 sides and the sea o­n 1 side. The total land area is 1,526km2 and seaw..

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Fuding Introduction

Fuding City lies in the northeast of Ningde and next to Zhejiang Province and is surrounded by hills o­n 3 sides and the sea o­n 1 side. The total land area is 1,526km2 and seawaters 14957.7km2.Fuding County was set up in Qing Dynasty in 1739AD and in 1995 it was promoted to a city at county level. Now the city of Fuding has jurisdiction over 10 towns, 2 villages, 3 neighborhood offices and a population of 554,000.The transportation by land and water is fast and convenient, with No.104 State Road running through. Shacheng port is so broad and deep that ships of thousands of tons can come and go freely at any time. Fuding also has rich natural resources and famous specialties such as "Basalt-the Eastern Wonder"," Shaddock-the Marvelous Fruit in the World", "Fuding Areca Taro ---Chinese Famous Taro", "Bailin Arts o­n Making Tea", and "Mingdong Beer". "Hualong "carburetor enjoys the best quality among its trade in China and leather clothes are sold even to Hungary and some countries of the former Soviet Union. Aquatic products such as yellow croakers, groupers, prawns, crabs, jumping fish, blood clams are famous for their rich and taste. Taimu Mountain, which is o­ne of the national scenic spots, combines mountains, seas, rivers and humane sceneries. It is called "the Paradise at Sea" for its Steep Mountain, wonderful stones, secluded caves and foggy impression. Yushan Island, which has a rolling grassland and beautiful sceneries of hills and lakes, is called" the Heavenly Mountain in South China". Moreover, Fuding is o­ne of the advanced national cities o­n the achievements made in culture.
Fuding has a subtropical humid monsoon climate, with annual temperature averaging between 17-21C. The average temperatures in the coldest month (January) are 10-13C in the southeast coastal parts and 5-8C in the inland mountainous areas.
In the hottest month (July) the temperature averages 26-29C. The average annual precipitation is 1,000 mm and frost-free period lasts 240 to 330 days a year. Typhoons occur frequently from May to November.
This city, with its unique scenery and colorful folklore, is a magnet for tourists. The most famous scenic spot is Tailao Mountain. Tailao Mountain Scenic Area is 58 kilometers south of Fuding city proper. Surrounded o­n three sides by the sea and mountains o­n the other, strangely shaped rocks and caves, and precipitous peaks shrouded in dense mist are to be found in this scenic area. Some caves stretch right down to the seashore, providing ideal settings for watching the ocean waves, while others lead up to the mountain summit, a particularly suitable spot to sit and gaze at the sunrise. Some caves are small, with the capacity for just a few people, while others are large enough for o­ne thousand. Some of the large caves have smaller o­nes leading off them, forming a labyrinth.
In the late spring and early summer, the Tailao Mountains are often veiled in mist, particularly after a rainfall. When viewed from a distance, mountain peaks loom through a sea of clouds. In clear weather, the mountain summit is the perfect place to view sunrise over the sea.
During the Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279), these mountains were well known for their 36 temples, all o­n different scales, scattered throughout. Unfortunately, most of them have fallen into ruin, but there are 360 stone pillars still standing o­n the site of the Guoxing Temple. Visitors in the vicinity of the temple may also appreciate the ancient stone tables and stone carvings of figures, animals and flowers. Ruiyun Temple, first constructed in 936, and after undergoing several enlargements, maintains its magnificent aspect.
At the foot of the Tailao Mountains in the southwest gently flows the Lanxi stream. From its lower reaches runs the Jiuli (Nine Carps) stream, extending 26 kilometers. When rafting downstream, visitors are amazed at the stretching and undulating mountains, with their summits cloaked in clouds. They may also be pleasantly surprised at the boldness of fish busily searching for food. These fish are not disturbed by strangers o­n rafts, but are often swept away by swift currents from the upper reaches of the stream.
Fuding attracts visitors not o­nly with its unique scenery but also with its local culinary specialties -- Siji grapefruit, a fruit frequently featured at state banquets for its distinctive fragrance and exquisite taste, and Binlang sweet potatoes, which after being cooked and mashed make a delicious dessert. Local people usually greet their distinguished guests with this dish. Nowadays, pre-cooked Binlang sweet potato is a popular dish at state banquets, after having been slowly heated for a few minutes and its flavor enhanced with edible oil, sugar, sesame, peanuts and other condiments.

Fuding Traffic

The starting price of public bus in Fuding city is 1 Yuan per five stations, and it maintains the fare of the whole line unchanged.
Route 1, the starting station - Zhengbian, the terminal – Xinghuoyuanqu, the departure time is 6:30 - 22: 30,
Route 2, the starting station - yanqian, terminal - the martyrs cemetery, the departure time is unknown,
Route 3, the starting station - Market Station, terminal – Zi guo Temple, the departure time is 6:30 - 18: 30,
Route 5, the starting station - National School, terminal – Baixing, the departure time is 6:30 - 18: 30,
Route 6 ,the starting station - danshuiqiao, terminal - danshuiqiao, the departure time is 6:30 - 22: 30,
Route 7, the starting station - Dan Qi, the terminal - shanqianhuandao, the departure time is 6:30 - 18: 30,
Route 8, the starting station - sanmenli, the terminal - Tietangli, the departure time is 6:30 - 18: 30,
Route 9, the starting station - Aoli, the terminal - the new South Station, the departure time is 6:30 - 21: 30,
Route 10, the starting station - the new South Station, the terminus - Chengdong, the departure time is 6:30 - 21: 30.

Fuding is a tour city , but the taxis are not allowed to be operated in the urban areas, even can not stop in the urban areas for several reasons. The taxis are o­nly allowed to be drived in the rural areas in Fuding .
Fuding City Taxi Co., Ltd. Shunda branch
Address: Haiqian Road 96,Diantou Town, Fuding city
Tel :0086-7677166

Fuding Festivals

There are many traditional folk festivals in Fuding city. They are very attrative and interesting.
Lunar February 2 , is also called Huiqing Festival. It is second to the Spring Festival.
Lunar March 3 , is also known as the Wufan Festival . it is a festival to commenorate the national heroes struggle against thereactionaries.
Feng long Festival: it is in the lunar May. It is an entertainment festival o­n which people pray for the good weather and foison.
Zhaobin Festival: it is a religion festival for commenorating the ancestors. It is o­nly popular in the She nationality area .

Fuding Service Telephones

Fuding City Tourism Bureau Tel :0086-7852067
Lishui tourism sigh up hotline :86-2288666

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