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Introduction:Fuqing is called "melts", elegantly called "the jade melts", for national famous overseas Chinese district. Is situated at southeast Fujian Province the coast, is located south the provin..

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Fuqing Introduction

Fuqing is called "melts", elegantly called "the jade melts", for national famous overseas Chinese district. Is situated at southeast Fujian Province the coast, is located south the provincial capital key city the wing, east near the Taiwan Straits, is the motherland mainland is apart from a Taiwan recent city, recent place and the Taiwan Hsinchu city o­nly are apart from 84 nautical miles, also is Fujian Province to, the foreign cooperation exchange important window. Fuqing administers 20 towns and 1 street. It has an area of 1519 kilometres and a population of 1.217 million. Natural resource is abundant in Fuqing city. The Fuqing region characteristic o­ne, is the mountain and sea resources are rich. The mountainous region area 1.02 million Chinese acres are rich in the loquat, the longan, the litchi chinensis and so o­n four your welfare at this time fruits. The epicontinental sea shallow seas and tidelands 920,000 Chinese acres, are breeding guai, the clam, li, delicacies from the sea valuable thing and so o­n shrimp. The Fuqing coastline long amounts to 348 kilometers, occupies Fujian Province 1/3, constructs the port condition to be superior, already completed 3 10 thousand-ton Yuan the Hong general wharf, the Jiangyin port area 1st berth 5 10 thousand-ton standard container berths and melts the foreign national 3,000 tons levels standard container berth, was a national kind of open port.Fuqing city has geographical advantage, for its location between Fuzhou and Xiamen, the two largest cities in Fujian Province. This city nowadays boost as industrial area, support by good infrastructure including Fuzhou-Quanzhou Highway and port that faces Taiwan StraitsLike other Fujian cities, Fuqing famous as an ancestral homeland of overseas Chinese.These oversea Chinese have made tremendous contribution to the economy development of Fuqing city. There are many famous scient spots in Fuqing city. Situated about ten kilometres from Fuqing, is a sacred mountain for Taoist. There are two alternatives for traveler if they want to go to the peak of Shizu Mountain. First choice is easy and relax, just sit and the cart will bring you to the peak. The second o­ne is more exiting since you need to climb 400 metres high, with tight stairs and sharp elevation. Wonderful Taoist Temple at the peak awaiting you, a worthwhile effort to do.

Fuqing Traffic

Fuqing has no airport ,the nearest airport is the Fuzhou changleInternational Airport. After arriving in Changle airport, visitors can change to the buses Fuqing.
It is convenient to get to Fuqing from Changle by bus. From ChangleStation, buses to Fuqingleave every 50minutes. The price is 20 Yuan per person.
The fare of taxi in Fuqing is 4 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres, and then 1 Yuan  per kilometre.Fuqing has 15 public bus routes covering most parts of the city. Ticket prices vary according to the length of the journeys, ranging from 1 yuan to 4 yuan. And the air-condition is opende in summer, the pricemay arise. Fuqing City Transportation Bureau Tel :0591-85222903
Fuqing ─ ─ Changle International Airport bus line ticket sale Hotline:-28396888 (Fuqing), 28013231 (Changle Airport)
Taxi complaints center Tel: 85222432

Fuqing Festivals

Lunar february 4 : woluo festivalWater-splashing Festival In the middle ten days of lunar september: huijie festival

Fuqing Service Telephones

Fuqing City Tourism Bureau Tel :0591-85224369

Fuqing City Tourism Quality Supervision institute Tel :0591-85224369

Fujian Tourism Co., Ltd. Fuqing Branch Tel :0591-85222333

Fuqing Hotels

  • Ruixin Hotel

    Ruixin Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star Fuqing Price:-

    The Fuqing Ruixin Hotel (Ruixin Dajiudian) can be distinguished by its exotic architectural style, prime location and superior guest conveniences, which include such perks as seated chec..

  • Yuxin Hotel

    Yuxin Hotel

    Two-star or Less Fuqing Price:-


  • Jinyan Hotel

    Jinyan Hotel

    Three-star Fuqing Price:-


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