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Introduction:Hebei Province is referred to Ji. It is located to the north of the lower reaches of the Yellow River, and to the east of Bohai Sea. The area is 190,000 square kilometres, with populati..

Districts: Shijiazhuang Baoding Beidaihe Cangzhou Changli Chengde Fengning Handan Henshui Langfang Luanping Nandaihe Qinhuangdao Sanheshi Tangshan Xingtai Bazhou GaobeiDian QianAn Renqiu

Attractions: Tangshan Earthquake Monument Yuxian Eight Dishes Wahuang Palace Golden Hill Panjiakou Reservoir Tiangui Mountain Mengjiangnu Temple Xibaipo Ruyi Islet Yesanpo

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Hebei Introduction

Hebei Province is referred to Ji. It is located to the north of the lower reaches of the Yellow River, and to the east of Bohai Sea. The area is 190,000 square kilometres, with population of 63.34 million. The province's plateau and mountainous area is about the size of 3 / 5. And the Taihang Mountains in the west and the Yanshan Mountain in the north surround the southeastern part of Hebei Plain. The mineral mainly are coal, iron, salt, copper and so o­n.
The geographical position of Hebei Province is very important. with exceptional conditions, it is located in the political, economic and cultural center, around Beijing. Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kowloon, Beijing-Shenyang, Beijing package, the Beijing-Shanghai, Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan and Beijing-Tong railway lines pass through the province.

Hebei Traffic

There are 15 main railway routes through the province, and the railway cargo turnover is the first o­ne in the nation.
There are 17 national highways, and the road cargo turnover is the second o­ne in the nation mainland provinces. In 2004, length of the province’s highways is 70,198 km, 1,706 km of which is expressway.
Shijiazhuang civil aviation airport is approved the international airport by the country, and it has opened 44 routes, leading to the 32 large and medium-sized cities, and opened the Shijiazhuang to Hong Kong and Russia routes. Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan airport has opened 21 routes, leading to 17 cities nationwide. Beijing Capital Airport, Tianjin International Airport can also be used for Hebei.
Ocean conditions in Hebei is very convenient, from north to south, there are Qinhuangdao Port, Jingtang Port, Tianjin Port, and other large sea ports.
It is 2 yuan per km, and the base price is 3 km, with the starting fee seven yuan. Waiting for passengers, the cost will be added 1 yuan every five minutes.

Hebei Festivals

To promote the development of tourism and traditional culture, it will be  held annually many tourism activities or festivals in all types in Hebei Province. The major famous tourist festivals are: Wuqiao International Acrobatic Art Festival, the International Tai Chi Chuan Association in Yongnian, Zhuozhou carnivals, the Chengde International Tourism Festival and Baoding Fitness Festival. In addition, in every summer in Zhangjiakou in Hebei, it is held "Zhangjiakou cultural Grasslands" to show visitors the rich folk customs of the grassland.

Hebei Service Telephones

Shijiazhuang City Tourism Bureau 0311-86689195
Qinhuangdao City Tourism Bureau 0335-3076554
Zhangjiakou City Tourism Bureau 0313-2037793
Chengde City Tourism Bureau 0314-2050020
Baoding city Tourism Bureau0312-5038943
Tangshan City Tourism Bureau 0315-2802895
Handan City Tourism Bureau 0310-3023834
Langfang Tourism Bureau 0316-2190190
Cangzhou City Tourism Bureau 0317-2088786
Xingtai City Tourism Bureau : 0319-3288178
Hengshui City Tourism Bureau: 0318-2025041

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