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Introduction:Hebi City is located at the east foot of Taihang Mountain and in the north part of Henan Province. Hebi got its name because of the legend spread through generations that there was a cra..

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Hebi Introduction

Hebi City is located at the east foot of Taihang Mountain and in the north part of Henan Province. Hebi got its name because of the legend spread through generations that there was a crane lying o­n the cliff of the South Mountain and it also has long history. In May 1957 it was approved by the state council to be a city and is o­ne of the cities directly under the administration of Henan province. It now administrates two counties (Xun County and Qi County), three districts (Qibin, Shancheng and Heshan Districts) and Qibin Economic and technological Development Zoon with the total area of 2,182 square kilometers and the total population of more than 1.4 million. Hebi has fertile land and is rich in grain, cotton and oil crops.
Hebi has two counties, Junxian and Qixian, which are respectively national and provincial historical and cultural city. Qi River, o­ne of the unpolluted rivers in Northern China, traverses the city and brings beautiful scenery along the bank.
The Scenic Spots of Hebi are as follows:
Mt. Yunmeng: Located southwest of Qixian, it is famous for beautiful mountain scenery and its ancient strategic culture.
Mt. Dapi and Mt. Fuqiu: Located in Junxian, the two mountains stand face-to-face, famous for their Taoist temples and ancient architecture.
Qi River Natural Taichi Diagram: Located northwest of the urban city, it is the biggest natural Taichi diagram in China. With many historical sites and beautiful river scenery, it has become o­ne of the most popular tourist resorts in Hebi.
Other Scenic Spots: Lingshan Temple, Wulongdong National Forest Park, Sanxing Kangle Village

Hebi Traffic

There is no airport in Hebi and the nearest airport is the Xinzhen International Airport which is 130 miles to Hebi
The Jing-Guang Railway (Beijing-Guangzhou), No.107 National Highway, Jing-Zhu Highway (Beijing-Zhuhai), the projects for diverting water from the south to the north and the Jinghanguang International Communication Optical Cable all pass though this area with Tanghe(Tangyin-Hebi), Xinhe , Tangpu ( Tangyin-Puyang) Railway lying o­n the its both sides, which also connect to the Jing-Guang Railway.
There are four bus stations in Hebi:
Hebi qibin bus station is located in hebi new district. It operates services to Beijing, Qingdao,Hangdan,Tianjin and the counties in hebi.
Hebi Changfeng bus station is located in hebi old district . it operates services to areas in province and Beijing, Qingdao,Jinan, Handang.
Jun County bus station is in Jun county, it opens lines to the cities in province and Shangxi, Shangdong province.
Qi County bus station is in Qi county, it operates services to Tianjin, Hangdan.
Public bus
Hebi city opens about 20 public buse lines covering the hole urban and nabour counties. Generally, you can reach each area in hebi, the price is 1 Yuan.
The fare of taxi is 5 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres ,and then 1.8 Yuan for per km.

Hebi Festivals

Hebi Qi river cultural tourism festival: in order to strengthen the awareness of protecting the Qi river, attract more people to participate in the activeties of protecting the mother river and demonstrate the history, culture and natural beauty of qi river, Hebi tourism bureau and education bureau and qi river protection and development office hold the Hebi cultural tourism festival.
During the festival, Qi county will hold Guling Mountain pear festival, climb festival in Chaoyang temple and  activities such as fly kites in Yumeng Mountain.

Hebi Service Telephones

Civil Aviation ticket scheduled TEL :0392-3376333

Hebi railway Station inquiry Tel :0392-6995114

Qibin bus station in Hebi City (Hebi Qibin new District) Tel :0392-3311079

Hebi ChangFeng bus station  Tel :0392-2622885

Jun county bus Station  Tel :0392-5523815

Qi county bus Station  Tel :0392-7222283

Hebi tourist complaints Tel :0392-3327708

Hebi Hotels

  • Heyuan Hotel

    Heyuan Hotel

    Three-star Hebi Price:-

    The Heyuan Hotel (Heyuan fandian) is a three star hotel located in the Qibin New District, near the Century Square. The hotel is about 2km to the railway station and 1km from the Jingzhu..

  • Reverse Hotel

    Reverse Hotel

    Two-star or Less Hebi Price:-


  • Hebi Jiuzhou Hotel

    Hebi Jiuzhou Hotel

    Two-star or Less Hebi Price:-

    We will provide your business and tourism to provide all the services guests each needs to be the most convenient.---

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