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Introduction:Henan, also known as Yu for short, is located o­n the hin terland of the Central Plain, a long the middle and lower reaches of the Huanghe (Yellow) River in China. The majority of ..

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Henan Introduction

Henan, also known as Yu for short, is located o­n the hin terland of the Central Plain, a long the middle and lower reaches of the Huanghe (Yellow) River in China. The majority of the province is to the south of Huanghe, hence its name. Zhengzhou is the capital. Henan has 13 cities such as Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Anyang, and Kaifeng, two regions including Zhoukou and Zhumadian, 25 county-level cities, and 91 counties, with an area of 160, 000 square kilometers and a population of 90.27 million. Henan is surrounded by mountains in southwest and northwest. It has boundless plain in the east. The ancient Huanghe River runs eastward in northern Henan.
Henan has rich tourist resources with beautiful landscape and many places of interest, such as Mt. Agong at the juncture of Henan and Hubei, Mt. Songshan - o­ne of the five famous mountains in China between Zhengzhou and Luoyang; Mount Yuntai in Xiuwu,Mt.Shiren Natural Scenic Area in Lushan, the Waterfall Cave in Tongbai and Qixian, the Hundred Springs in Huixian, Nanwan Lake in Xinyang, and the Huanghe Scenic Area in Sanmenxia and Kaifeng, to the o­nly a few.
Henan is located at the juncture of the Jing-Guang and Long-Hai railways and national highways. Planes and trains shuttle between Zhengzhou and major cities, such as Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and the rest parts of Henan.
In recent years, Henan has seen a rapid development in tourism thanks to its advantageous tourist resources. It has improved its tourist service facilities for transportation, sightseeing, accommodation, food, shopping and recreation.
The people of Henan are always ready to welcome friends from all parts of the world!

Henan Traffic

By Air:
Although Luoyang also has an airport with several domestic flights, most of the flights linking Henan still use the airport of  Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan. Flights from Zhengzhou reach most important domestic cities. For more information o­n flights please refer to Zhengzhou Transportation.
By Train:
This is the most common way to travel to Henan. The province is o­n the intersection of several important links of the Chinese Railway System. These Rail links still meet in Zhengzhou, making the city the biggest railway hub in China, even in Asia. From Zhengzhou, numerous trains take travelers to Luoyang, Kaifeng and other provincial destinations. Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Luoyang are all located along the Shanghai-Lanzhou Railway, which makes trips between the three cities convenient.
By bus:
A high quality express highway has already been constructed between Luoyang and Kaifeng, via Zhengzhou, and trips between any two of these cities can be made within hours.  There are also express ways from Zhengzhou to Beijing and express ways to Sanmenxia and Ahangqiu are to be completed in the near future. Getting to Songshan, o­ne of China's five sacred mountains, is best done via either Luoyang or Zhengzhou. For details regarding provincial transportation, please refer to the transportation overview of each city respectively.
By taxi
The fare of taxi is 5 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres,and then 1.8 Yuan per km.

Henan Festivals

Sanmen Strait Yellow River International Tourism Festival
Activities characteristics: the theme of the festival is the extensive and profound Yellow River culture
Venue: Sanmenxia in Henan Province
Festival Dates: April 20 to 25

Luoyang Peony Fair
Activities characteristics: cultural activities include watch flower, and latern, tourism, economic and trade cooperation
Venue: Luoyang
Festivals: the annual April 15 to 25

Taihao Ling temple fair
Activities characteristics: the taihaoling culture is with the colour of original culture, it has many things to study, many questions to be answered.
Venue: Henan Huaiyang
Festival Dates:lunar Feb 2 to March 3, the duration of the fair is  o­ne month.

Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival
Activities characteristics: In order to enhance international exchanges and development of the martial arts
Venue: Zhengzhou, Henan Province
Festival Dates: o­nce a year,the  time is uncertain

China Tea Culture Festival in Xinyang
Activities characteristics: to expand the connotation of the Tea festival extension, promote tea culture in XinyangVenue: Xinyang, Henan
Festival Dates: April held annually

Henan Service Telephones

Mayor hotline :0371-7447146
Bus Station Inquiries :0371-6963361
Aviation Information :0731-8510055-168
Railway Station Inquiries :0731-8353222
Tourism Bureau Tel: 03715905110
Jinshui Road 16,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province
Zhengzhou Tourism Bureau :03717448357
West zhongyuan road 67,Zhengzhou City
Anyang Tourism Bureau 03725925859
people road 117,  Anyang City
Hebi Tourism Bureau: 03922622574
changfeng Road 48, Hebi
Jiaozuo Tourism Bureau 03913992599
 Dong Huanlu 39 ,Jiaozuo City,
Kaifeng in Kaifeng City Tourism Bureau :03785954370
Yingbin Road 14th ,kaifeng city
Luohe Tourism Bureau: 03953139819
Huaihe road 1, shahe, luohe city
Luoyang 03794313824:
West Jiudu road, Luoyang City
Nanyang Tourism Bureau :03725925859
people Avenue117 , Anyang City,
Pingdingshan Tourism Bureau :03752921716
the middle of jianshe road , Pingdingshan City,
  Puyang City Tourism Bureau :03934414893
middle of the people road, Puyang city
Sanmenxia Tourism Bureau: 03982822242
the middle of peace road, Sanmenxia City
Shangqiu Tourism Bureau: 03702213812
kaixuan Road 518, Shangqiu City
Xinxiang City Tourism Bureau :03732023658
 healthy road 28, Xinxiang
Xinyang City Tourism Bureau :03766222939
dongfanghong road No. 240, Xinyang
Xuchang City Tourism Bureau :03742335637
qiyi Road 38, Xuchang
Zhoukou City Tourism Bureau: 03948221411
the eastern section of qiyi road 4, zhoukou city

Henan Hotels

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