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Introduction:Hubei Province partly belonged to the Prefecture of E during the Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279), hence, its abbreviation of E. It is located in the central riches of the Yangtze Riv..

Districts: Wuhan Enshi Jingmen Jingzhou Wuxuan Xiangfan Yichang Shiyan Shennongjia XianNing Chibi Daye Ezhou Huanggang Huangshi Shashi Suizhou Tianmen Xiantao Xianlin

Attractions: Lumen Mountain-Lumen Temple Gulongzhong Mt. Wudang---Picturesque and Solemn Enshi Tusi City Leather Eel Bao Tong Temple Chaibuxi National Forest Park Shennong Peak Scenic Area Swallow Cave Xiangyang Ancient Town

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Hubei Introduction

Hubei Province partly belonged to the Prefecture of E during the Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279), hence, its abbreviation of E. It is located in the central riches of the Yangtze River, to the north of the Dongting Lake. The region was under the administration of the State of Chu during the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods ( 7 720BC-221BC BC) , the Prefecture of Jing in the Han Dynasty ( 206BC 220), Hubeilu in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and Huguang Province in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Hubei Province was set in early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) with Wuhan as the capital city.

 It covers 180,000 sq. km with a population of 56.54 million. The physical feature of Hubei is higher in the west with the Daba Mountain and Shennongjia more than 3, 100 m above sea level and lower in the east with the Yangtz&Hanjiang Plain. There are countless lakes o­n the plain.

 Besides grain, cotton and oil, Hubei is teeming with fresh-water fish and shrimps, lotus roots, blunt-snout bream, tea, lung oil, edible fungus, raw lacquer and medicinal materials.

 Hubei has developed industries such as iron arid steel, machinery, power, chemical industry and light textile. Shiyan is an auto production base, while Wuhan is the hub of the Yangtze River and the BeijingGuangzhou Railway, enjoying convenient transportation.

 There are many places of interest in Hubei such as the East Lake, Yellow Crane Tower, ancient Longzhong, Mt. Wudang, Shennongjia, ancient Jiangling City, Chibi in Pup, Xiling Gorge and the Temple of Qu Yuan in Zigui.

Hubei Traffic

Transport Hubei China has always surface transport hub. The Yangtze, Hanjiang River and the Beijing-Guangzhou railway intersection in Wuhan City, the Beijing - Kowloon railway line and a contact connected to Wuhan, Wuhan City can truly become the "hub of nine provinces."
① river transport in the province occupies an important position in the Yangtze River and Hanjiang River for two water lines, more than half of the province's counties and cities at the shipping line, China's inland shipping is the most developed o­ne of the provinces. Yangtze River to the most important inland waterway, died unimpeded. With the opening of the in-depth, Wuhan, Huangshi, Shashi, and Yichang port has opened. Wuhan and Hong Kong have been built for middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River's largest port, o­ne opening to the outside world in 1980 as o­ne of the eight ports, and in 1981 opened a Wuhan-Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asian countries in Jianghai freight routes. E-communication is the Hanjiang River northwest and the Jianghan Plain channels, Xiangfan and old Han River estuary to the important ports.
② railway connections. China-Guangzhou line is the busiest railway lines, o­ne from north to south of the territory of the eastern province, transit goods transportation volume than the province materials handling capacity. Goods flow in coal, iron and steel products, lumber, grain, ores, mainly construction materials. 20 1970s to the new north-south railway trunk-line Coke sticks and sticks by Liu lines throughout the western provinces, and Han Dan Xiangyu line running through the province's central and northwest, in Wuhan, Xiangfan respectively with the two north-south rail lines intersect, and together they form the provincial land outside the main transport route. In 1990 the province's railway operational mileage of 1,673 km, of which accounted for a double / 4 above. Across the mountains of northwest Hubei Xiangfan - Chongqing line of Xiangfan-Counties is the first of three electrified railway.
③ Highway distribution imbalance has greatly improved. "Ninth Five-Year" period, the province's new traffic mileage of 9,122 kilometers, is a new 17,152-km highway rating, and a two-kilometer highway 3307. To the end of 2000, the province's total highway mileage to 57,800 km, achieving 100% of the township-roads, 91% of the villages car, grade highways reached 48,063 km. Major highways are Han Meng line (Hankow-Bangladesh floor), sand-line (Hankow - Shashi), the Han to line (Hankou - Yichang); Interchangeable with the neighboring provinces are Hubei Highway Route Jiangxi line (Wuhan - Nanchang), Hubei Province Line (Hankow-sector son Tun) and old (estuary) white (River) line. Most of the new highway by the rail line and the fairway o­n the important towns to transport more difficult mountain in western Hubei extending Highway imbalance in the distribution has changed. Across the territory of the eastern part of the province-wide closed-Expressway (Chinese) - Huang (Stone) is 70 km long. "15" period, the province will add 1,000 km expressway, o­ne, two 4,609-km highway, the Yangtze, Hanjiang River Bridge 10, the province's total highway mileage to 65,000 km, grade highways accounting for 91%, achieving the provincial capital of Wuhan cities around the highway, the city state to the county (city) all around the two highway. Highway construction "6 6 Bridge Road," which completed over 1,000 kilometers of expressway, completed six Yangtze River Bridge, completed o­ne, two 4,609-kilometer highway.
④ civilian aviation industry has developed rapidly. Wuhan is China's aviation transportation center. Hubei's aviation industry started in 1930, as of the end of 1997 statistics, a total of Hubei, the airport six, which combined military and civilian airport o­ne. Wuhan Tianhe Airport is the largest in central China; the most comprehensive modernization of the airport, designed to 4E-class national and international civilian o­ne backup airport, the airport is o­ne of the top ten. Air routes were 107. The province has routes to Gaza City, Yichang and Enshi, a route leading to the province, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places.

Hubei Festivals

Flavor dishes : steamed Wuchang restaurant WUCHANG FISH, the city's old-Soya, Tan Yan mind dumplings, fried eel Jingzhou's undergone skin flap, the first stone of Chicken meatball surimi and fish maw, public order brisket first dish, the Zhongxiang troops vegetables, Jiangling casual painted colors, Mianyang three steamed, are well-known local flavor.
Local art: 4 to 9, Chu popular drama province. 4 to 9 with 300 years of history, the role of complete, longer than lyrical. Chu plain language drama, a strong country flavor. Apricot tea-picking opera from the 17th century, singing rich, very broad impact. Rap art Hubei drums, Hubei Storytelling, Hantaan ditty, Hanchuan good, and so colorful. Wuhan Acrobatic reputation at home and abroad.

Hubei Service Telephones

Hubei Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and Management

Complaint Tel: (027) 84818760,84822512
Fax: (027) 84822513
Yellow Crane Tower Management Service 027-88877330

Tourism Bureau of Wuhan City 027-82831976

Huangshi City Tourism Bureau 0714-6230976

Suizhou City Tourism Bureau 0722-3222513
Laohekou City Tourism Bureau 0710-8223808
Xiangfan City Tourism Bureau 0710-3443243

Shennongjia Forest Tourism Bureau 0719-3335609

Badong County Tourism Bureau 0718-4223188

Xianning JIUGONGSHAN Scenic Area Authority 0715-2422001

Yichang City Tourism Bureau 0717-6454437

Shiyan City Tourism Bureau 0719-8675372
Yunyang Tourism Bureau 0719-8523811

Jingsha City Tourism Bureau 0716-8213025
Jiangling Jingsha City Tourism Bureau 0716-8468529

Honghu City Tourism Bureau 0728-8423831
Zhongxiang City Tourism Bureau 0716-4223083

Chi City Tourism Bureau land urbanization 0717-4822600 sticks City
Zigui County Tourism Bureau 0717-2821437

Jingmen City Tourism Bureau 0724-2333472

Ezhou City Tourism Bureau 0711-3223724

Xiaogan City Tourism Bureau 0712-2823502
Hubei Provincial Tourism complaints Tel :027-87124701
National Tourism complaints Tel:-65275315

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