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Introduction:Jingdezhen city is sutiated o­n the eastern bank of the Yangtse River , it neighbors Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, and Anhui provinces. The city is  in the tropica..

Districts: Nanchang JingdeTown Jinggangshan Jiujiang Lushan Shangrao Wuyuan Pingxiang Dexing Fengcheng Fuzhou Ganzhou Gao'an Guixi Ji Ruijin Xinyu Yichun Yingtan Zhangshu

Attractions: Jingdezhen Badashanren Former Residence Flower Path (Huajing) Five Fingers Peak Dragon Head Cliff (Longshouya) Ciping Mingyue mountain The Brocade Valley Huangyangjie Meiling Mountain Scenic Area

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JingdeTown Introduction

Jingdezhen city is sutiated o­n the eastern bank of the Yangtse River , it neighbors Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, and Anhui provinces. The city is  in the tropical hill area; topography descending from the northeast to southwest, most area in northeast and northwest dominated by mountains, and southeast and southwest by hills with mere latitude of 200m. Chang River and Le'an River - part of the water system of Boyang Lake, crossing the region from north to south. Jingdezhen city administers 2 districts : Changjiang, Zhushan and Leping city, Fuliang county. It has an area of 5248 square kilometres and a population of 1.49 million.
Jingdezhen city is known as the "porcelain city" since the Song dynasty, with a history of 1700 years porcelain-making. It is located in subtropical zone; featured the damp monsoon climate with 4 distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight and rainfall, long frost-free period
The special local products of the city are tea, silkworm, paddy, soybean, wheat, peanut, cotton, rapeseed, gingili. And the local highlights of Jingdezhen city are black tea, porcelain crafts.

JingdeTown Traffic

By air
Built in 1959, and expanded from 1992 to 1996, Jingdezhen Ruojia Airport lies in Ruojia village, Hongyuan town, Fuliang County in the northern city. Now, it ranks o­ne of the 4C civil Airports, available for the landing of small passenger planes, having direct flights to Shang -hai Shenzhen and Beijing, as well as non-direct flights from Shenzhen Shifting in Jingdezhen to places such as Chengdu,Kunming, Xi’an, Haikou, Sanya, Beihai, Zhanjiang.
Telephone: 0798-8524313
By train
Wan-Gan Railway – the railway from Anhui to Jiangxi - runs through Jingdezhen from north to south. Jingdezhen train station which is located at the Zhanqian Road is along the railway. Jingdezhen itself is a start or terminal station for the trains going to many other places, such as trains from Jingdezhen to Nanchang to Xiamen  to Jixi, and to Yingtan and so o­n.
If you want to travel from train station to the downtown area, bus No.12 and 28 are your best choice, and taxi is also a good choice.
Telephone: 0978-7022482   0798-8225159
By long-distance bus
No.206 national highway and Wan-Gan Railway go through Jingdezhen from north to south, while the Jiujiang expressway in Jingdezhen goes from east to west. Thus, the No.206 state highway and Jiujiang expressway come into a T shape, which constitutes the main framework of the Road Transportation System.
There are express passenger transportation buses and most of them are trans-provincial from Jingdezhen to Nanchang to Jiujiang, to Wuhan, to Hangzhou to Ningbo, and so o­n. Most of the passengers who want to travel to inner or neighboring provinces can take buses in the Eastern Station, Western Station, and Southern Station.
All the local taxis are manufactured in Jingdezhen itself, which are called Dippers. The starting fee is 5RMB within 2 kilometers. After that, the price is counted at 1.2RMB per kilometer
Public bus
There are more than 20 publics buses to every corner of the city.

JingdeTown Festivals

International Pottery Festival
Every year o­n October 12th the International Pottery Festival is held in Jingdezhen. And at the same time, many programs of entertainment are also held. This becomes a feature of the pottery city. Since 1990, Jingdezhen has successfully held ten sessions of the International Pottery Festival and the festival is supported from both home and abroad. It has already become a festival that provides the opportunities of exchanging pottery culture, displaying potteries and talking investment and cooperation.

JingdeTown Service Telephones

Jingdezhen government official website: http://www.jdz.gov.cn
Jingdezhen City tourist complaints Tel :0798-8589112
Civil Aviation inquiry Telephone  :0798-8223907, 8223971
Jingdezhen airport Tel :0798-8524313
City high-speed passenger station Tel :0798-8580990
Gaoke company  Tel :0798-8582772
East bus station Tel :0798-8208156
South bus station Tel : 0798-7038666
Taxi complaints :0798-8526333
Bus complaints :0798-8492125

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