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Introduction:Jinggangshan city, also known as Ciping, is located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province, near the border with Hunan. This remote region is famous in China as the area where a young Mao ..

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Jinggangshan Introduction

Jinggangshan city, also known as Ciping, is located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province, near the border with Hunan. This remote region is famous in China as the area where a young Mao Zedong and other communist leaders set up the rural Jiangxi Soviet, an outpost against Nationalist (Guomindang) suppression. It was from here, after the People's Liberation Army troops, led by Zhu De and Zhou Enlai, fled here from Nanchang, that the epic Long March (1934-1936) was to begin. This group were to advance, harried by Guomindang troops and bandits, o­n a circuitous route through some of China's harshest regions, finally arriving in the little town of Yan'an, northern Shaanxi. It administers 21 towns and Subdistrict offices. It has a population of 149700 and an area of 1308.58 square kilometres.
Jinggangshan is located in the Luoxian Mountains, in the remote border region between Jiangxi and Hunan provinces of China. It lies at the junction of four counties - Ninggang, Yongxin, Suichuan and Lingxian. The mountains cover some 670 km², with an average elevation of 381.5 m above sea level. The highest point is 1841 m above sea level.
The massif itself consists of a number of thickly forested parallel ridges. o­n the heights there is not much farmland and most settlements at the base of the mountains. The main settlement is at Ciping, which is surrounded by five villages - Big Well, Little Well, Middle Well, Lower Well and Upper Well - from which Jinggangshan (literally "Well Ridge Mountains") took its name.
Along with Mao Zedong's hometown Shaoshan, Jinggangshan became o­ne of the most important sites of the Communist Revolution. It was celebrated o­n posters, songs and operas. During the Cultural Revolution, Jinggangshan became a place of pilgrimage for young Red Guards, who took advantage of a nationwide "networking movement". They often made the journey o­n foot to relive the experiences of their revolutionary forebearers. At its peak, more than 30,000 Red Guards arrived a day, causing terrible problems of food, housing, sanitation. Peak numbers continued for more than two months until the government began to discourage the young people.
In recent years Jinggangshan has become an attraction for domestic tourists interested in revolutionary history. Sites promoted by the local authorities include the mint of the Red Army, the Revolution Museum and the Martyrs Cemetery. In 1981 an area of 16.6 km² was designated a Natural Protection Area. The next year Jinggang Mountain was listed as a National Priority Scenic Area. In May 2004 a domestic airport was opened to attract tourists

Jinggangshan Traffic

The transportation of Jinggang Mountain is convenient. The system is a 3-dimension network including air transport ,railway, and express way.

High way:
Jingganshan is merged into the national express way network as it is connected with Jingtai express and Ganyue express.
National highway 319 runs through most landmarks in the city. it forms the way out of the city in 4 directions—northeast,southeast ,northwest and the north. The arteries in the city are secondary roads. All the roads leeding to the scenic spots are in excellent condition.
Jingji line: ciping –JI’an, Ciping—Nanchang
Jingshui Line: Ciping—Shuicuang
Jingxin Line: Ciping--Yongxin
Railway :
Jijin railway has been opened to traffic. From the station,you can reach Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhengzhou directly by train.
Air transport:
The Taihe airport is 80km away from Jingangshan city. It has opend lines as follows: Guangzhou—Taihe,Fuzhou---Taihe,Nanchang—Taihe,Shanghai—Nanchang—Taihe.
And the Ganzhou airport is 180km away from Jingangshan.
You can take a bus there after deplane.

There are big, middle, small sized air-conditioning taxis to each scenic spot in Jingangshan, and public buses leading to Yongxin, Taihe, Shuicuang.

Jinggangshan Festivals

The honest people of Jinganshan have a special feeling o­n the azaleas. It is because that the red azaleas in Jinganshan is dyed  by the Jingganshan revolutionary martyr’s warm-blood. The azaleas respresent the long-cherished wish of the martyrs in Jingganshan. In April and May of each year, there are a Azaleas Festival and some related folk custom activities.

Jinggangshan Service Telephones

Jinggangshan City Tourism Bureau Tel: 6552626,6552504
Jinggangshan Guide Service Centre (tourist information centres): 6556777
Tourism complaints Tel: 6552626
Shopping complaints: 12,315
Coach Station :0796-6556698
Railway ticket sale: 6555558
Tickets administration: 6552293

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