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Introduction:Jiujiang is located in northern Jiangxi Province, o­n the southern bank of the juncture of the lower and middle reaches of the Yangtze River.Jiujiang lies in the joint of Jiangxi, Hu..

Districts: Nanchang JingdeTown Jinggangshan Jiujiang Lushan Shangrao Wuyuan Pingxiang Dexing Fengcheng Fuzhou Ganzhou Gao'an Guixi Ji Ruijin Xinyu Yichun Yingtan Zhangshu

Attractions: The Five-Old-Man Peak Wuyuan Scenic Area Huangyangjie Xiufeng Peak Tengwang pavilion Hanpo Pass Revolutionary Site of Ruijin County Dragon Pool Waterfall Group Jinggangshan mountain Shangxia Xiaoqi

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Jiujiang Introduction

Jiujiang is located in northern Jiangxi Province, o­n the southern bank of the juncture of the lower and middle reaches of the Yangtze River.Jiujiang lies in the joint of Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui provinces; stretching out along the southern bank of the Yangtze River. It firstly appeared in the Qin dynasty as o­ne of those 36 counties established by emperor Qin Shi Huang , also called as "Chaisang" (in the Western Han), Jiangzhou (in the Tang dynasty)

Jiujiang is located at the juncture of mid-subtropical zone and subtropical zone with frost-free of 239-266 days.Jiujiang covers a transitional area between the central sub-tropical and northern subtropical regions. Its annual average temperature is 16-17; annual rainfall, 1300-1600mm; frost-free period, 239-266 days per year; and the average number of foggy days is never more than 16 per year. With a temperate climate, ample rainfall, ample sunshine and four distinctive seasons, Jiujiang is an ideal place for agricultural production.

There are 115 kinds of migratory birds, 11 kinds of amphibious animals and 20 kinds of mammals. The grass lands. marsh, swarms and wetlands along the shore of Poyang Lake between Wucheng Town, Yongxiu county and Xingzi County are ideal places for migratory birds to live and rest. 126 kinds of migratory birds spend the winter here, and there are more than 3000 valuable white cranes and more than 10000 swans under the country's protection, the greatest number of both in the world. Thus it is called the Second Great Wall of China. Beside white cranes and swans, there are giant bustards, red-crowned cranes black storks, white-headed cranes, white-pillowed cranes, wild water goose and wild ducks. About 150 spotted deer, a rare kind of wild animal in Southern China, live in Taohongling, Pengze County. There are 118 kinds of fish including some first-class national protected animals. for example, Chinese sturgeon, chinese paddlefish and white sturgeon. and some second-class national protected animals, such as black finless porpoise, giant salamander etc. There are some other special kinds, such as chinese claw crab, shrimp tiger fish, Yangtze hilsa herring, Pengze crucian carp etc.
Jiujiang has many scenic spots with distinctive characteristics due to its long civilized history and beautiful, special and perilous natural sites. A tourism system in northern Jiangxi consisting of a famous mountain(Lushan), a famous cave (Dragon Palace Cave), a famous river(Yangtze River), a famous lake(Poyang Lake) and famous temples (Donglin Temple, Zhenru Monastery) with Mountain Lushan as the center, has been preliminarily formed. As a world cultural site, Mountain Lushan was adopted to the World Cultural Heritage Name.

Jiujiang Traffic

By train:
 Since the Beijing-Kowloon railway has been opend , the railway transportation is more convenient than before. From the station , you can reach Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao, Xiamen, Xian, Dongguan, Chongqing, Lianyungang, Tongling, Hefei, Wuhan and so o­n.
By water:
Jiujaing port is o­ne of the biggest ports of Yangtze River valley, its passenger transportation and freight transportation is numbering the second and the fourth of all the ports along the Yangtze River.
By bus :
 There is a bus from nanchang long-distance bus station to Jiujiang . the initial time is 8:25am.
The fare of taxi in Jiujiang City is 5 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres .
Jiujiang City Roads Bureau complaints Tel :0792-8481639
Jiujiang City Transportation Bureau complaint phone :0792-8584388
Civil Aviation ticketing TEL :0792-8237010
Jiujiang Lushan Airport (Yuliang Road No. 144) Tel :0792-815868
Bus station inquiry TEL :0792-8589812
Public Bus inquiry Tel :0792-8553416, 8552425

Jiujiang Festivals

Fete of kiln god : o­n the festival , people will hold a memorial ceremony for the kiln god.
Jiujiang Food Festival:  the theme is "features a fish of the brand, Yang Jiujiang food culture”.
Admiring the immortal Fair
The Admiring the Immortal Fair is held to respect the immortal Xu Xun, the fortune king. It is said that an early august day 1500 years ago, i.e the second year of Ningkang period in Dongjin dynasty (374 A.D), the 136 years-old Xu Xun, together with his 42 family members and with his houses and his dogs and chickens, entered the paradise. After his entering the paradise, the people in Nanchang conventionalized the first day of august as the fortune king’s birthday. Later at that day, people in Nanchang went to the immortal palace in the West Mountain to show their respect. As time passes, more and more people went there to show their respect to the fortune king Xu Xun. Every year from august to October, people from the neighboring counties will go to the immortal palace in the West Mountain. Anyone who is the first to come to the immortal palace will be happier than when he wins the lottery. With the repair of the immortal palace recently, even more people went there to pray fortune. Even many foreigners went there to pray for good fortune.

Jiujiang Service Telephones

Jiujiang City Tourism Bureau Tel :0792-8225571
Address: xunyang road 338, Jiujiang city
Lushan Tourism Bureau Tel :0792-8282998, 8285760
Address:, Olive Road 849, Lushan city
Lushan administrative instute Complaints Tel :0792-8287906
Lushan tourist service centre Tel :0792-8296565
Foreign hotel complaints Tel :0792-8225571 complaints

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