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Introduction:Jiyuan is a sub-prefecture-level city in nouthwestern Henan province. It is at the foot of the Taihang and Wangwu mountains o­n the north and borders Yangcheng and Jincheng counties o..

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Jiyuan Introduction

Jiyuan is a sub-prefecture-level city in nouthwestern Henan province. It is at the foot of the Taihang and Wangwu mountains o­n the north and borders Yangcheng and Jincheng counties of Shanxi Province to the west. Facing to the Yellow River to the south and neighboring Qinyang and Mengzhou city to the east. As a developed industral city, it has a long history, it is the legendary hometown of Yugong (literally old fool, an old man who removed two giant mountains in front of his house.)
Jiyuan City covers an area of 1,981 square kilometers, of which 28 square kilometers is downtown area and 88% mountainous area. A boom town as it is, Jiyuan has developed many new industries. Jiyuan, located within the warm continental temperate monsoon climate, differs conspicuously in sunlight and rainfall in the different seasons. Owing to its terrain and monsoons in this region, it is warm and windy in spring, hot and rainy in summer, clear in autumn and dry in winter. The annual average temperature stands at 14.4°C, and 13.2℃to 14.3℃ in hill areas and less than 10℃ in Taihang and Wangwu mountainous area in the west.
Jiyuan is very rich in natural resources . There are more than 40 kinds of minerals and more than 3000kinds of animals and plants . The underground water resources can be used about 50 bilion mper year .
The city is now in the list of "National Excellent Tourism City". It enjoys rich tourism resources. Its unique natural scenery and thousands of years of human civilization have created famous beautiful landscape. The Wangwu Mountain, known as a national key scenic spot and a national geological park, is said to be the place where the Yellow Emperor, whose surname is Xuanyuan, offered sacrifices to the Heaven, and the mountain that was removed by the legendary Foolish Old Man. The Xiaolangdi Reservoir o­n the Yellow River is a milestone in the Chinese history of harnessing the Yellow River and a masterpiece of water-control project in the world. Wulongkou Scenic Spot, o­nce praised by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty for its idyllic scenery and historical relics, is a National AAAA Grade Scenic Area and a National Nature Reserve for Macaques. Jidu Temple is widely known as the source of the Jishui River. The 16-hectare Basketball Town in Jiyuan can host international individual events, such as sport competitions of basketball, volleyball, and table tennis, etc. It can hold grand theatrical performances as well.

Jiyuan Traffic

The jiaozhi railway runs through the city, and the Houyue railway and Jiaozhi railway are connected in the city. There are more than 10 lines stop at the Jiyuan railway station. From Beijing west station , you can reach Jiyuan by train2101 or 1389; from Hangzhou, you can take the train 1593/1592/1593,from Chongqin, you can take train 1390; from Yichang ,you can take train 2544/2541, from Jinan, you can take train 2523; From luoyang, you can take train 7520/7517次、7502次、2524
It opens 96 passenger lines to six provinces , 32 cities and over 100 counties. From Jiyuan long-distance bus station,you can go to Jincheng, Zhengzhou,Luoyang,Kaifeng,Xingxiang,Jiaozuo and so o­n.
Public bus
Jiyuan city opens 47 public bus lines to each places of the urban and rural areas. And you can visit scenics spots include Wangwu Mountain,Jiuligou,Yangtaigong, Xiaolangdi ,Wulongkou by bus.
The starting fare of taxi in Jiyuan is 6 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres. And the journey charge : 1 yuan per km in 7 kilometres, and then 1.5 per km.

Jiyuan Festivals

There are three important festivals for Hui people of Jiyuan in a year:
The first o­ne is  the Kaizai festival, also known as Rouzi Festival. In order to celebrate the victory of Zaigong, the Islam must bath, have a good dinning, put o­n beautiful cloths, go to the mosque to participate celebration activities. The festival time is October 1 in Islam calendar.
The second festival is Guerban Festival, also called Zaisheng Festival. the time is December 10 in Islam calendar.
The third is the ShengJI. It is a festival to commeorate the birthday of Mohammed. The time is March 12 in Islam calendar

Jiyuan Service Telephones

Jiyuan Railway Station Tel :0391-2592299

Jiyuan Coach Station Tel :0391-6606080

Jiyuan City Bus Company Tel :0391-6613236

Jiyuan City People's Hospital Tel :0391-6652849, 120 (emergency telephone)

The Second People's Hospital of Jiyuan City, Tel :0391-6619120, 120 (emergency telephone)

Jiyuan City tourist complaints Tel :0391-6633180

Jiyuan city quality supervision complaints hotline :0391-6612601

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