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Introduction:Leshan City is located in the southwest of the Sichuan Basin. It covers a total area of 12,826 kilometers and has a population of about 3,465,000. It has 33 national minorities such as L..

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Leshan Introduction

Leshan City is located in the southwest of the Sichuan Basin. It covers a total area of 12,826 kilometers and has a population of about 3,465,000. It has 33 national minorities such as Li Nationality, Hui Nationality and Miao Nationality, etc, which have a population of more than 113,000, accounting for 3.2 % of the whole city. Of them the Li Nationality has the largest population, which  mainly live  in the two Li Autonomous Counties of Mabian and E'bian and Jinkouhe District of the city. Those inhabiting in Leshan City enjoy the same special treatment that their cousins in the autonomous regions have.
Leshan is a famous tourist city blessed with great many sights. The Buddhist Mr. Emei and the Giant Budda have been wowed for centuries for its Buddist art.  Some other less toured sights include "Minor West Lake", Wutong Bridge, Lingyun Temple,  Wuyou Temple, the peculiar boat-shaped ancient town of Luocheng, Thousand Buddhas in Jiajiang, Niuyan Temple in Qingshen, Three-su Ancestral Temple in Meishan and Black Dragon Beach in Renshou.
Leshan City is a renowned tourist resort as it boasts the 'No.1 Buddha under Heaven' - Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area (including the Giant Sleeping Buddha) and Mt. Emeishan scenic area which is renowned for four spectacles - Sunrise, Cloud Sea, Buddha Rays and Saint Lamps. There are many Buddhist temples in these scenic areas including Wuyou Temple, Lingyun Temple, Baoguo Temple, Hufu Temple, Wannian Temple to name but a few.
Because of its advantageous location in the southwest of the Sichuan Basin, the climate here is fairly good and the two mountains Wuyou Mountain and Lingyun Mountain around Leshan City are luxuriantly green. As well as a mountainous area, aspects of the terrain take the form of a plain and an area of hills. The southwest mountain area of the Sichuan Basin has three dimensions to its climate featuring a mild winter and a relatively cool summer, with rain in both early spring and the fall. This means that the mountain area of Leshan is highly suitable for the propagation of vegetation.

Leshan Traffic

By Water
Leshan Port is located to the east of Leshan City and can be reached by city bus Nos.4, 9, 12. There are regular ferries from Leshan Port to Leshan Giant Buddha and Wuyou Temple. Tourists can also take ships to Chongqing and other cities in Sichuan Province like Yibin, Luzhou, etc.
There are many ferry services from Leshan Port to Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area each day. The fare is CNY2 per person for a o­ne-way trip. If you want to see Leshan Giant Buddha scenic spot also by ship, the fare is CNY30 per person.
There is no railway station in Leshan City. The closest station is Emei Railway Station, about 29 kilometers (about 18 miles) from Leshan city center.
At present there is no airport in Leshan City. However, it is good news that the project of building Leshan Tourist Airport will be started at the end of 2007. After about two years, the airport will open with connections to many scenic spots Jiuzhaigou-huanglong, Zhangjiajie, Xishuangbanna, Lijiang, etc. This airport will be located near Guanying Town 9 kilometers (about 6 miles) south of Leshan downtown area and it will become a new hub in Sichuan Province for the convenience of tourists.
However the moment, travelers can fly in to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport which is 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) away from Leshan City. Take a long-distance bus from Leshan Central Bus Station to New South Gate Bus Station in Chengdu and the coach bus in this station will drive tourists to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.
Long-distance Bus
In Leshan there are three main long-distance bus stations: o­ne is Leshan Central Bus Station, the second is Leshan Port Sight-seeing Bus Station, and the third is Leshan Lianyun Bus Station. Of these the Central Bus Station is the busiest. Here are some details:
Leshan Central Bus Station
Address: No.165 Jiading Road (Middle), Shizhong District, Leshan City
Getting there: Take bus No.6, 9 to arrive.
Destination: Chongqing, Meishan, Zigong, Jiuzhaigou, Luzhou, Mianyang, Ya'an, etc.
Taxis are also convenient In Leshan City the taxi fare is CNY3 for the first 2 kilometers, and subsequent every kilometer costs CNY0.7. In Emeishan City the taxi fare differs by class: Santana and Fukang is CNY5 for the first 2 kilometers and CNY1.4 for each subsequent kilometer; Xiali is CNY3 for the first 2 kilometers, and CNY1.2 for each subsequent kilometer.

Leshan Festivals

Emei Mountain Pilgrims' Festival
As a natural and cultural heritage, Emei Mountain is o­ne of the four famous Buddhist Mountains in China, boasting a long and profound Buddhist culture. Every year, Emeishan City will hold festivals and celebrations o­n a large scale in the tourist season, o­ne of which is the Emei Mountain Pilgrims' Festival held in May. The festival, consisting of worshipping Buddha and sightseeing activities, usually lasts about 7 days. At the festival, the respected Buddhist dignitaries at home and abroad are invited to hold a series of Buddhist lectures, temple fairs and pilgrimage activities, praying blesses and happiness for the pilgrims.
International Emei Martial Festival
It is held in Leshan, Sichuan China around July. At that time, the martial masters of different schools from all over the world will  gather together in Emei and they will contest with the martial masters from Emei School. The lovers of Wushu and the tourists from different countries will have opportunities to learn attraction of Chinese martial art culture.

Leshan Service Telephones

Emergency Call 110
Fire Alarm 119
Emergency Service Centre 120
Traffic Accidents 122
Weather Forecast 121
Zip Enquiry 185
China Telecom Broadcast Service 117
China Telecom Reported Impairment Call 112
China Telecom number enquiry 114
China Telecom Customer Service Hotline 10000
Commerce and Industry Bureau Complaints Call 12315
Price reported Reception Center 12358
Environmental Protection Bureau complaints call 12369
Tourism Quality Supervision complaints call 96927
Deyang City Tourism Bureau 0838-2209116
Jingyang Quarter Tourism Bureau 0838-2409092
Guanghan City Tourism Bureau 0838-5222306
Shifang City Tourism Bureau 0838-8201477
Mianzhu City Tourism Bureau 0838-6906579
Zhongjiang County Tourism Bureau 0838-7212005
Luojiang County Tourism Bureau 0838-3123997
Three-star Pile Museum 13908106619
Inscription Office 0838-2273538
Confucius Temple 0838-2203214

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