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Introduction:Lianyungang is located at 118°4' – 119°9' east longitude and 34°11' – 35°15' north latitude, o­n the shore of the Huang Hai (Yellow Sea) in northeast Jiangsu p..

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Lianyungang Introduction

Lianyungang is located at 118°4' – 119°9' east longitude and 34°11' – 35°15' north latitude, o­n the shore of the Huang Hai (Yellow Sea) in northeast Jiangsu province.The neighboring areas of the city are Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong provinces and Shanghai Municipality.It has a population of 4.65 million and an area of 7444 square kilometres. The prefecture-level city of Lianyungang administers 7 county-level divisions, including 3 districts and 4 counties.
It is located in the southern part of temperate zone eith ocean monsoon climate; 4 distinct seasons with the average sun-light of 2,568 hours annually, frost-free period of 220 days, and southeasterly wind
With beautiful mountain and sea scenery, abundant historical sites and a pleasant climate, Lianyungang is o­ne of the country's 49 key tourist cities, and o­ne of the three biggest nature reserves in Jiangsu. The coastal scenery is very special, with mountains side by side with the sea, making the city an ideal summer resort.  Huaguo Mountain, from where the Monkey King comes, and different kinds of flowers and fruit grow all year round, is located in Liangyungang.   The road o­n  top of Huaguo Mountain leads to Yuwan, where there is a succession of  water falls over the cliffs (the highest over 40 meters). There are also the quiet Suchen Town; the strange sea of rocks in Donglei; the refreshing Donghai hot springs; the ancient Haizhou City which cost RMB 200 million in its reconstruction; the primitive totem cave murals 5000 years old; also the country's earliest Buddhist images 200 years older than the Dunhuang murals; and the site from where Xu Fu started his trip east to Japan in the Qin Dynasty. In short, Lianyungang features a variety of attractions:  seaside and  hotsprings, ancient and mythological sites, strange geological formations and oases of tranquility.

The famous scenic spot is Huangguoshan .The name of Huaguoshan means a place rich in flowers and fruits. It is a famous scenic spot vividly depicted in the story of Journey to the West, which is usually known as Monkey King to westerners. It is about seven kilometers (about four miles) away from urban Lianyunguang City. Having an altitude of 625 meters (about 0.4 miles), it is the highest mountain of the Yuntai Mountain Range. There are more than 100 scenic spots in the Huaguoshan Scenic Spot, most of which are connected with the story of Monkey King. Visitors will have the feeling of being in Heaven when they travel here.

Lianyungang Traffic

By water   
     Lianyungang port is o­ne of the 10 Chinese seaports. It has been opened to navigation traffic and built up relationships with about 1000 ports of more than 150 countries and regions in the world. It has become part of main hub of Chinese ports. It has deep-water fairway of 70,000t level and is preparing to build ore terminal of 100,000-150,000t. In 2002, the handling capacity is 33,160,000t, and the container transportation volume is 205,000TEU. The continent and the island are connected through the longest sea wall of China. In the enclosed harbor, it is able to be built about 100 berths with hundred millions of handling capacity.
 Railway Transportation   
     External: The new Eurasian Continental Bridge (the way from Lianyungang City in the east to Rotterdam of Netherlands) with length of 10,900km2 connects Lianyungang city with the west part of China and countries in middle-Asia and Europe. The special international container train has become a convenient way from Asia to Europe.
     Lianyungang City is o­ne of the 45 main transport hubs constructed in China. Expressways are ramified all over the city. Two national highways (Lianyungang to Huoerguos of SinKiang and Tongjiang of Heilongjiang Province to Sanya of Hainan Province.) The distance from Lianyungang to Nanjing, Shanghai, Qindao, Beijing and Xuzhou is 320km, 520km, 285km, 880km, and 200km respectively.
 By air
     Lianyungang Airport is up to the level of international 4D. It has more than 10 airlines to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Wenzhou etc. There are flights to Beijing and Shanghai daily, and 5 to Guangzhou weekly.
  The starting price of taxi is five Yuan.

Lianyungang Festivals

Crystal Festival in Lianyungang
All kinds of delicate crystal sculptures are showcased, attracting many visitors and business people. A super-sized "king of crystal" is unveiled in Lianyungang's Donghai crystal market to celebrate the 8th China Donghai Crystal Festival. The crystal was excavated in Niushan Town of Donghai County in 1995 after billions of years underground. It weighs 1.99 tons, next o­nly to the crystal emperor collected in the Geological
magnolia flower festival in Lianyungang

Lianyungang Service Telephones

Lianyungang City Tourism Bureau :0518-5810510
Airport Tel :0518-5521688, 5521685
Airport Cargo Tel:-5521688
Civil Aviation Station in Xinpu district Lianyungang Tel: 0518-5419917
Civil Aviation Station in Ganyu county ,Lianyungang Tel:-6229639
Civil Aviation Station in Guanyun county,Lianyungang Tel :0518-8819181
Donghai County in Lianyungang railway booking Centre Tel:-7066230,
New Bus station Tel: Pu-5632173
Su xin bus Station Tel:-5803853

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