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Introduction:Situated in the southwest part of Zhejiang province, Lishui prefecture covers an area of 17,300 square kilometers, with a total population of 2,500,000. Within its jurisdiction are two ci..

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Attractions: Ruoliao Primitive Forest Scenic Bai Shan Zu Nanming Mountain Stone Gate Cave Dongxiyan Longquan Porcelain glaze Daji Shisi Temple Yanqing Temple Xiandu Scenic Area

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Lishui Introduction

Situated in the southwest part of Zhejiang province, Lishui prefecture covers an area of 17,300 square kilometers, with a total population of 2,500,000. Within its jurisdiction are two cities (Lishui and Longquan) and seven counties (Jinyun, Qingtian, Jingning, Yunhe, Songyang, Suichang Qingyuan), among which, Jingning is China's o­nly Shezu autonomous county and Qingtian, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese.

Timber, waterpower, mineral deposit and wilderness are four major natural resources of Lishui prefecture that rank first in Zhejiang province. 69% of the prefecture is covered with forest, which gives it the name "Foliage Ocean of Zhejiang." The prefecture boasts potential waterpower of about 2 million kilowatt. So far, 57 mineral reserves are proved to scatter the prefecture and 460 mines are available for exploitation. Among its most important minerals, are gold, silver, lead, zinc, molybdenum, fluorite, pearlstone, pyrophylluite, dolianite, kaoline and mineral water, whose reserves claim an important place in Zhejiang, even in China. Among the 3100 species of plants and 505 species of vertebrate that are known to live in the prefecture, 64 are o­n the nation's preservation list, such as Baishanzu fir, Chinese tulip tree and Huanan tiger.

Lishui prefecture enjoys a convenient communication and transport. Optical cables and SPCETSS (stored program controlled electronic telephone switching system) have covered the whole prefecture and communication services such as wireless messenger call, fax, telegram and mobile phone are provided. Over 4000 kilometers of traffic roads link every sub-county of the prefecture, these, together with No.330 national highway and Jinhua-Wenzhou railway that transect the prefecture, and 11 other provincial highways, form the network of the public transport system of the prefecture.

Lishui Traffic

Air Transport
Wenzhou Airport is 150 kilometers away from Lishui City, 70 kilometers from Qingtina County.
Ticket office of civil liners in Wenzhou Airport has been set up in Lishui City.
Ticket office of Shanshui Tour Company: No.503, Yulei Road, Lishui City   Telephone: 0578---22922290
Ticket center of Transportation Company of Lishui Region: No.185, Dengta Street, Lishui C

JinWen Railway is through Lishui City and via trains stop at Jinyun Station, Lishui Station, Qingtian Station. It o­nly takes 2 hours to reach Wenzhou or Jinhua , 1 hours to reach Qingtian County, and half an hours to reach Jinyun by train from Lishui.(you can get the detail information from the train timetable of JinWen Railway)
Enquiry Tel: 2170699
The telephone of each ticket office:
Lishui City (Liandu District): 0578—2170699, 2131450
Jinyun County: 3133091 3123284
Qingtian County: 6833633

No.330 Highway, via Jinyun County, Lishui City and Qingtian County, is parallel with JinWen Raiway
Lishui Passenger Transport Station (old station) is situated at No.431, Liyang Street, where you can take buses to the outskirts of Liancheng District, Yunhe County, Jingning County, Songyang County, Suichang County, Longquan County, Qingyuan County.
Enquiry Tel: 2155090   
Booking telephone: 2155090

Lishui Passenger Transport Center, located at No.399, Liqing Road, northeast of city proper, neighbors with the train station, which is also the beginning station for interprovincial buses to Qingtina County, Wenzhou City, Jinyun County, Jinhua City, Yongkang City and so o­n.
Booking telephone: 2177001
Lishui East Passenger Transport Station Inquiry Tel: 86-2177303
Lishui Weat Passenger Transport Station Inquiry Tel: 86-2682000
Lishui Bus Company Complaints Tel: 86-2178576 complaints
Lishui Railway Station Booking Tel: 86-2170699
Lishui Taxi complaints Tel: 86-2273573
Lishui Central Hospital emergency call: 86-2129120

Lishui Festivals

The first solar term of every year is "Lichun", people usually cal it "beating the spring."
January 1, is the world's recognized New Year's Day.
"Shangyuan Festival", that is, o­n the 15thday of lunar New Year.
February 5: Desire Festival, also known as the Wishing Day
March 8: Women's Day
March 12: Arbor Day
Lunar March 8: Tomb-sweeping Day
May 1: May Day
Luanar May 5: "The Dragon Boat Festival"
June 1: International Children's Day
July 1: Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party
July 7: anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War
Lunar July 7: the Double-Seventh Day
August 1: Army Day
Lunar August 15: Mid-Autumn Festival
Lunar September 9: Chung Yeung Festival
September 10: Teacher's Day
October 1: National Day

Lishui Service Telephones

Lishui City Tourism Bureau Tel: 0578-2091377
Lishui City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel: 86-96118
Lishui Longquan scenery Tourism Bureau Tel: 0578-2883800
Lishui City tourism Center Tel: 86-2288666 Fax: 0578-2261001

Lishui Hotels

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