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Introduction:Luzhou Prefecture, a city of Sichuan Province, is located o­n the southeastern part of Sichuan Province where Sichuan Province connects with Chongqing Prefecture, Guizhou Province and ..

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Luzhou Maps

Luzhou Introduction

Luzhou Prefecture, a city of Sichuan Province, is located o­n the southeastern part of Sichuan Province where Sichuan Province connects with Chongqing Prefecture, Guizhou Province and Yunnan Province. Luzhou enjoys important position as it guards the strategic point of Yangtze River and Tuojiang River, and it is also at the communication center of Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province, Sichuan Province and Chongqing Prefecture. Luzhou is a big modern city in Sichuan Province with seven counties and districts under its jurisdiction. Luzhou Prefecture covers an area of 12243 square kilometers with a population of more than 4,500,000 people.
Luzhou is a newly emerging city with advanced agriculture and rich resources. The pillar industries like chemical industry, machinery, wine-making industry and medical industry compose the main body of industries of this city.
Luzhou enjoys great reputation as the wine city in China for the famous Luzhou Laojiao Liquor and Gulin Lang Liquor which are produced here. Luzhou is the o­nly city in China that possesses two kinds of national famous liquor. The annual yield of liquor in Luzhou is about 86300 tons including 10805 tons of national famous liquor. Luzhou boasts of a history of 400 years of wine brewing.
Luzhou Prefecture is abundant in Chinese herbal medicine. There are about 1144 species of medical resources and 174 families of medicinal plants here. Luzhou has a long history of producing prepared Chinese medicine for over 200 years. The Rheumatism Liquid produced by Luzhou Baoguang Pharmaceutical Industry Company Limited wins the national golden reward. It is a national name brand and the supply always falls short of demand.
The agriculture develops quite well in Luzhou. It is the main producing region of famous fruits, such as litchi and longan in China. Here is also a provincial and national producing base of grain, pigs, cattle, sheep and bamboos. At present, the process of agricultural industrialization boost at unprecedented speed.
 Luzhou is a famous city for its long history and splendid culture. It is a national model city, which support the army and give preferential treatment to families of revolutionary army men and martyrs, and support the government and cherish the people. It is also the national sanitation city. The climate is mild and pleasant, the scenery is beautiful. Huangjing Scenic Spot of Gulin County and Fobao Scenic Spot of Hejiang County are the o­nly two virgin forests scenic areas at the same latitude o­n the earth. Numerous historic, cultural relics and special scenic spots attract more and more tourists from home and abroad now.

Luzhou Traffic

By Air:
Luzhou Airport is the second largest airport in Sichuan Province. Boeing 737 airplanes can take off and land o­n its airfield. At present, Luzhou airport has already have fights to big cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou, Kunming and Guiyang.
Hotline of information and complaint of civil aviation: 0830-3190131, 0830-3190322, 0830-3893522, 0830-3893520
By Road:
In the area of Luzhou Prefecture, there are No.321 national highway (East Chuanyun Road) and four provincial level highways like S207, S307, S308 and S309. To the south, Luzhou connects to Weixin and Zhenxiong of Yunnan Province and Bijie of Guizhou Province. To the north, it connects to Neijiang and Zigong. And Luzhou is adjacent to Chongqing to the east and Yibin to the west. Luzhou Highway extends to all directions and could get to Chengdu, Chongqing, Zigong and Yibin directly. Luzhou has become the distributing centre of materials and the hub of communication of southern part of Sichuan Province. It is also an important passageway of Sichuan Province.
By Water:
Luzhou Harbor is a key harbor o­n the upper reaches of Yangtze River and the biggest harbor of Sichuan Province o­n the Yangtze River. 1000-ton ships can pass freely here perennially. A multifunctional container terminal has been built here with a handling capacity of 50000 standard containers and 200,000-ton heavy goods.
Public bus
There are many bus lines in the city. You can reach most scenic spots in the city by bus.
The charging standard of the taxis in Luzhou is as follows: the starting rate of the taxi in Luzhou is 5Yuan for the first 2 kilometers and it's usually about 1.6 Yuan per kilometer afterwards.

Luzhou Festivals

Divided by regions, the Miao people celebrate their festivals at different times, but they all have many, like the Dragon Boat Festival, the Huashan Festival, the Pure Brightness and the New Rice Tasting Festival (Chixin Jie). Among these, the Miao Spring Festival is the most important o­ne that is held during the lunar ninth to the eleventh month.
Bullfight Festival of Miao - the most famous Bullfight Festival
Date: 25th day of the first lunar month
Place: Guizhou and Yunnan Provinces
Activities: The Miao ethnic minority people are primarily farmers and have come to regard cattle as an indispensable ally, assisting them in all aspects of their daily lives. When the traditional Bullfight Festival comes, hosts feed their cattle well, even giving them wine in the hope that they will perform well. The festival usually held o­n an even meadow with the Miao people being well dressed o­n this auspicious occasion.
There are several alternative bullfights: two bulls and up to several bulls fighting etc. When two fight with each other, the result is usually determined within three to five minutes' fierce combat. However, it is o­nly in the last round that decides which Bull is the winner; it may last more than half an hour. During the fight, audiences around the meadow shout loudly making the festival immersive in a fiery scene. Red silk sashes and flowers adorn the first prize bull with food being the Bulls reward. With bonfires being lit within the bullfighting ring whilst the young men play Lusheng (a homemade reed mouth organ with five or six pipes, played by various ethnic groups in southwest China) girls dance for the whole night. By holding the Bull Festival, Miao hope for a favorable harvest in the coming year and good health.

The New Rice Tasting Festival is worth mentioning. To express their gratitude for the harvest, they will stream the newly ripe rice, brew wine with new rice, cook dishes with newly-picked vegetables and freshly caught fish.
The Lusheng dance is a unique musical performance of the Miao ethnic minority during nearly every celebration. While playing the lusheng, a kind of wind instrument, they dance in demanding patterns, and sing to each other.

Luzhou Service Telephones

Taxi complaint: 2590585
Environmental complaints: 12,369
Trade and Industry Bureau complaints: 2570506
Zip enquiries: 185
Shanghai City Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Tourism Bureau 0830-3193075
Luding County Tourism Bureau 0830-8183989
He Jiang county Tourism Bureau 0830-5269876
Xuyong county Tourism Bureau 0830-6266675
Gulin county Tourism Bureau 0830-7205067
Jiang Yang district Tourism Bureau 0830-2296021
Longma District Tourism Bureau 0830-2522292
Naxi District Tourism Bureau 0830-4231483
Luzhou Guiyuan Lin 0830-3588356
Sweet Park 0830-3890683
JiuShishan Scenic Area 0830-2665245
Tianxiandong  scenic 0830-4706225
Phoenix Lake Scenic Area 0830-4699106
Yuchan Scenic Area 0830-8101318
Fobao Scenic Area 0830-5250378
Zihuai scenic areas 0830-5340002
Danshan Scenic Area 0830-6233401

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