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Introduction:Nanping, the largest city of Fujian, lies in the north of the province. It is bordered by Zhejiang and Jiangsu in its northeast and northwest.It has an area of 26300 square kilometres an..

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Nanping Introduction

Nanping, the largest city of Fujian, lies in the north of the province. It is bordered by Zhejiang and Jiangsu in its northeast and northwest.It has an area of 26300 square kilometres and a population of 2.8 million. The prefecture-level city of Nanping administers 1 district: yanping district and 4 county-level cities: nanping, shaowu, jianou and wuyishan and 5 counties: Jianyang, shunchang, guangze, pucheng, songxi, zhenghe. Being a frontier of economic development, Nanping is a vital pass of Fujian open to vast land of the country.
Nanping is o­ne of the important birthplaces of Fuijan's culture, and it is also o­ne of the places in Fujian that gained the earliest exploration thousands of years ago. As early as 1,800 years ago during the Eastern Han Dynasty, administrative system was established here. Even its younger counties, such as Jianyang, Shaowu and Wuyishan, have been existed for about a thousand years.
Lower mountains and hills construct the main landform of the city. Nanping is surrounded by mountains in the east, the west and the north. The whole terrain declines towards its central and southern part. Within the city, mountains and hills meander and rivers crisscross. Along the rivers, there are valleys dotted.
Nanping bears a subtropical oceanic monsoon climate, and the weather is humid and moderate all the year round. Autumn is warmer than spring. The average temperature of the hottest July lies between 28 and 29 degree centigrade (82.4 and 84.2 degree Fahrenheit), while that of January is 6-9 degree centigrade (42.8-48.2 degree Fahrenheit). April to June is Nanping's plum rain period. The special local products of Nanping are job’s tears rice, edible fungus ,tea ,lotus seed.
The natural tourist resources of Nanping City feature unique mountains, clear waters, forest landscape and diversified species. Its mountains mainly distribute in the north and waters mainly in the south. The major landscapes include four mountain ranges, namely Wuyi Mountain, Shan Ling, Xianxia Ling, Jiufeng Mountain. In addition, Ruins of Ancient Minyue Culture, Ruins of Ancient City in Han Dynasty, ruins of the houses of historical names, local customs, ancient houses, papermaking, block printing and Zhucius Philosophy, etc. which are human tourist resources unique to northern Fujian.
Apart from Wuyi Mountain (World Cultural and Natural Heritage), its tourist attractions also include Jufeng Mountain, Zhanlu Mountain, Mandang Mountain, Guizong Rock, Tiancheng Rock and other scenic spots and historical sites at provincial or municipal level.

Nanping Traffic

Nanping is a traffic junction connecting Fujian Province to the inland area. It has a three-dimensional transportation network featuring convenient transportation by sea, land and air. The inland waterway in Nanping runs as long as 200 kilometers. Concerning air transportation, there is an airport available, namely Wuyishan Airport. Concerning land transportation, there are two national high ways (No.205 and No.316), eight provincial highways, three railways (Yintan-Xiamen Line, Waifu Line and Hengfeng-Nanping Line) and Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway. Six roads connect Naning to other provinces. Starting from nanping station , you can reach beijing, shanghai, zhejiang, guangzhou,zhuhai, shenzhen,shangtou,xiamen,fuzhou,jiangxi and so o­n . All the villages in Nanping are connected with highways.
By taxi: Nanping city is not a big city, but you can easily find taxis with logos of yellow bug, or maxima o­n the streets. The fare of yellow bug taxi is 3 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres ,then 1.6 Yuan for each additional kilometres. The fare of maxima taxi is 5 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres ,then 2.1 Yuan for each additional kilometres.

Nanping bus lines inquiry telephones: 0599-6113366  6113367  6113368  6113369  6113370
Nanping taxi complaints Tel :0599-8823396
Nanping Transportation Bureau complaints Tel:0599-8731155
Nanping Railway Station complaint Tel:0599-8627751
Nanping bus stations Tel: :0599-5311446, 5302934

Nanping Festivals

Zhanghuban Snake Catching Festival of Nanping 
Zhanghuban Snake Catching Festival of Nanping is an activity held o­n lunar July 7th each year in Zhanghu Town. Local people hold the caught snake in hands or hang it around the neck or carry it over shoulders and dance while walking, which is a spectacular and interesting scene. After the tour is over, people set free the snakes in Min River in the hope of safety and harvest. In addition, during the Lantern Festival, Taiwan-Recovering Drum, Dragon Lantern Contest in Dongping Town of Zhenghe County, Yangge, Carry Streamers and Admiring Brides in Shanyang Town of Nanping are activities full of local flavor.
The summit forum of  Chinese traditionalfolk festivalson the morning of August 11.
The husbands and wives mountaineering competition starting from yunwo lawn to peak of houshan mountain. o­n the morning of August 11.

Nanping Service Telephones

Nanping City tourist complaints Tel :0599-8832075
Fujian Tourism complaints Tel :0591-87535640
National Tourism complaints Tel:-65275315
Nanping City Tourism Quality Supervision, complaints Tel :0599-8832075
Fujian Provincial Tourism Quality complaints Tel :0591-7535640

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