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Introduction:Lies in the northeast of Fujian Province, Ningde neighbors Fuzhou in the south and shares boundary with Zhejiang Province in the north. It is separated by the East China Sea from Taiwan. ..

Districts: Fuzhou Fuding Jinjiang Liancheng Longyan Ningde Putian Quanzhou Sanming Shishi Wuyishan Xiamen Zhangzhou Fuqing Nanping AnXi ChangTing Fuan JianOu Longhai

Attractions: Sandu'ao Tailao Mountain Mandarin Duck Brook Chi'an villiage Jiulongji Waterfall Carp Stream Quanzhou Overseas-relations History Museum Mt. Qishan National Forest Park Zhonghua mountain Qingjiao Ciji Palace

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Ningde Introduction

Lies in the northeast of Fujian Province, Ningde neighbors Fuzhou in the south and shares boundary with Zhejiang Province in the north. It is separated by the East China Sea from Taiwan. The great Mount Wuyi is just adjacent to its west. It administers 1 district: jiaocheng and 6 counties: shouning, xiapu, zherong, pingan, gutian, zhouning and 2 county-level cities:fu’an, fuding. Ningde has an area of 13,452 square kilometres and a population of 3.258 million.
Precise records o­n the administrative history of Ningde began in the Jin Dynasty (265-420). During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it was brought into the territory of present Fuzhou.
The city belongs to the hilly area in eastern Fujian, and its terrain declined from the west and north to the east and south with the central area ridgy. Mountainous and hilly regions constitute the majority of the city's territory. There are some basins scattered among the mountains and hills. Furthermore, the plain is also distributed near the coastal area. It has a coastline of 878 kilometers (546 miles).
Bearing a subtropical monsoon climate, its weather is temperate and humid. The annual average temperature remains around 19 C (66 F). March to June is the plum rain period, and July to September is the season of typhoon and thunder storm. This period gathers about eighty percent of a year's rainfall. April to December is the best time to visit Ningde.
The special local products of ningde city are sweet potato, tea, oil tea, tremella (white fungus), sea product.
The scenic spots in Ningde mainly include "Fairy Land o­n the Sea" Taimu Mountain in Fuding, "World Wonder" Mandarin Duck Stream in Pingnan, Baishuiyang Water Square, "No.1 Waterfall in East China" Jiulongji Waterfalls in Zhouning, Carp Stream in Zhouning that has been famous for its harmony between fish and people in the last several centuries, Chi Bank where Master Kukai of Japan landed to seek the Buddha way from Tang Dynasty, Linshui Temple that shares high reputation with Mazu Temple in Southeast Asia, Cuiping Lake in Gutian that resembles Taihu Lake, and natural harbor of Sandu’ao etc. They are all fascinating tourist attractions. Ningde is also a living concentration area of She Nationality. Villages and stockades of She Nationality still keep the romantic feeling of archaic folk customs. 
District number: 0593
Zip code: 352100

Ningde Traffic

Ningde does not have its own civil aviation airport ,but the bus station offers six airport buses daily to Fuzhou Changle international airport .
The motor transport is very convient in ningde. It has 9 long-distance bus stations : Ningde station, Fuding station, Fu’an station, Xiapu station, Gutian station, Pingan station, Shouning station , Kuonong station,Zhouning station. Starting from these stations, you can reach all of the counties in Ningde and many big or media sized cities, such as Fuzhou, Xiamen, Putian, Nanping, Quanzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shantou, Haikou and so o­n.
Ningdeurban open 13 public bus lines for people. Some bus fare is o­ne Yuan per person, some are different according to distance between stations.

The starting price of taxi in Ningde is 4 Yuan.
Ningde City Tourism Bureau Address: Shuqian road 14,government compound Zip code: 352100 Tel :0086-2825260 complaints telephone :0086-2825260
Ningde City Motor Transport Corporation Address: Station Road45, Fu'an City,linkman: Ganzhen Wen Tel: 6382832
Ningde passenger company Address: Huangchen road 1, Jiaocheng district,Ningde City Linkman: Zhang Jinmin Tel: 2824235
Ningde Jinggan Automotive Transport Limited Corporation Address: Hangnei road 133, Jiaocheng district,Ningde City Linkman: Cui Zhong from Tel: 2829112
Ningde City Jiaocheng district public transport company Address: Lingfengroad 18, Jiaocheng district,Ningde City ,Linkman: Yang Li-yen Tel: 2822312
Ningde railway Station Tel:-81951766

Ningde Festivals

Spring festival: the first day of the first lunar month
Qinglong festival: the second day of the second lunar month
Hangshi festival: 105 days after Dongzhi festival
Qingming festival: 15 days after Chunfen
Dragon Boat Festival : the 5th day of the 5th lunar month
Zhongyuan festival: the 15thdayof the 7th lunar month
Mid Autumn Day: the 15th day of the 8th lunar month
Double nine festival: the 9th day of the 9th lunar month
Laba festival : the 8th day of the 12th lunar month

Ningde Service Telephones

The special line between Ningde to Changle international airport inquiry Tel0593-2873777
Fuzhou Changle international airport inquiry Tel
Ningde passenger station inquiry Tel0593-2828973 to 8008
Fuding passenger station inquiry Tel0593-7866907,7811907          Fu’an passenger station inquiry Tel0593-6383612
Xiapupassenger station inquiry Tel0593-8898419
Gutianpassenger station inquiry Tel0593-3882626
Pingnan passenger station inquiry Tel
Shouning passenger station isnquiry Tel0593-5522259
Kuonong passenger station inquiry Tel0593-8352088
Zhouning passenger station inquiry Tel0593-5622507

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