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Introduction:On the north bank of the Liaodong Bay, Panjin is located in the south west part of Liaoning province.  The area under Panjin jurisdiction runs 87 kilometers from north to south, and..

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Panjin Introduction

On the north bank of the Liaodong Bay, Panjin is located in the south west part of Liaoning province.  The area under Panjin jurisdiction runs 87 kilometers from north to south, and 105 kilometers from east to west.  The Daliao River separates it from Yingkou to the south. Its land area is 3,959 square kilometers which is 2.68% of the land area of Liaoning province.
  Panjin has an advantageous geographical position and rich natural resources. It has four main agricultural resources. The first is its rich farmland favorable for rice production (74,900 hectares is rice fields). The second is the abundant reeds along the coast. The third is the aquatic resources, which provide advantageous conditions for the aquatic breeding industry.  The fourth is the vast area of grassland useful in the development of animal husbandry.
  Besides being abundant in land resources, there are many kinds of minerals as well. Oil, natural gas and salt have abundant reserves in the Panjin area. The third biggest oil field in China, Liaohe oil field was located in 1993. The salt is mainly in the southern areas of Hujia and Tianshui in Panshan County with a considerably large deposit there 60-100 meters in depth.

Panjin is rich in water resources. There are 118 kilometers of coastline along the bay making Panjin is rich in aquatic and marine products. Panjin is known for its clam exports. The reed field, which extends more than 100 kilometers in length and covers 80,000 hectares, is the largest in the world.  Every year 54,700 hectares of reeds are harvested for a yearly yield of 400,000 tons of this paper product base material.
 Panjin has 4000 hectares of top class grassland growing 40 kinds of grasses, which can feed 27,000 cattle. The main types of grasslands are sand grassland, saline grassland, low and humid grassland, and river bank grassland. There are 177 patches of grassland with a total area of 8,553 hectares available for use.

Panjin Traffic

Civilian Aviation

Although there is no airport in Panjin city, it is quite close to several big airports nearby. It is 100 kilometers far away from Jinzhou airport, 160 kilometers from Shenyang airport and 300 kilometers from Dalian airport.
Jinzhou airport inquiry call: 0416-5188757.
Shenyang airport inquiry call: 024-89392013.

Railway transportation
The Goubangzi-Shanhaiguan railway traverses the whole area of Panjin city.
Inquiry call of Panjin railway station: 0427-6607422.
Inquiry call of Panjin north railway station: 0427-6563168.

The total length of the county-level highways is 1419 kilometers. The road length of high rank tops No. 1 among those of in the whole province. The road consistency is 35.8 kilometers. The Shenyang-Shanhaiguan highway traverses Panjin, with the road length of 58.3 kilometers in Panjin. The road length of Shenyang-Dalian highway and Beijing-Shenyang highway connected in Panjin is 51.9 kilometers in total.

Address: No. 145 of Taishan road, Xinglongtai district, Panjin city.
Inquiry call: 0427-2812172, 0427-2823997, 0427-3202919.

There are total 54 wharves in Panjin city. Tianzhuangtai wharf and Shuyou wharf are the bigger o­nes among all. The Panjin port has already been prepared to be used.

Urban traffic:
Inquiry call: 0427-2812209.

The flag-fall price for taxis is 5 RMB.

Panjin Festivals

China Panjin Wetlands International Tourism Festival is hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Tourism Bureau, Panjin People's Government, and undertook by the Tourism Bureau of Panjin City. It is an international tourism festival. Every July to September, colorful activities attract thousands of tourists home and abroad

Panjin Service Telephones

Panjin railway station inquiry :0427-95105688
Panjin station booking telephone :0427-6606168
Panjin City Bus Terminal Tel :0427-2812172, 2823997
Panjin City Public Transport Tel :0427-2812209
Panjin City tourism complaints Tel :0427-2812499

Panjin Boai  Hospital Tel :0427-3585085
Panjin Xiehe Hospital Tel :0427-2688156
Panjin  Guangji Hospital Tel :0427-2816188

Panjin Hotels

Panjin Hotels Booking

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