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Introduction:Situated in the central part of the coastal area of Fujian Province, Putian neighbors Fuzhou in the northeast and Quanzhou in the southeast, separated from Taiwan by the Taiwan Strait. Put..

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Putian Introduction

Situated in the central part of the coastal area of Fujian Province, Putian neighbors Fuzhou in the northeast and Quanzhou in the southeast, separated from Taiwan by the Taiwan Strait. Putian city administers 4 districts (Chengxiang, Hanjiang, Licheng, Xiuyu) and 1 county (Xianyou) . It has an area of 4119 square kilometres and a population of 3.04 million.
Putian County was formed in the year of 568. Over the hundreds of years following that, it was abolished and then re-established several times. Through all these major and minor changes, Putian City emerged in 1983.
The city nestles to the hilly area of southeastern coastal area of Fujian. The whole terrain inclines from the northwest to the southeast, and the land is higher in the north, lower in the south. There is a shortage of cultivated areas.
Putian is adjacent to the sea, and consequently the weather is moderate and humid all the year round. Enjoying a typical subtropical oceanic monsoon climate, the city has plentiful rainfall and adequate sunshine. The weather in spring and autumn is favorable and cool.
The winter is short so April to October is the best time to visit Putian. The local special products of putian are longan, loquat, lychee, honeyed shaddock (pomelo) and rice noodles, lacquer wooden bowl.
putian is famed for its numerous scenic resorts, cultural relics and historic sites: the famous Mazu Ancestral Temple o­n Meizhou Island, the unique ancestral temple of three religions, the Jiuli Lake scenic zone renowned for its lake, cave, waterfall and rock (one of "Three Uniqueness of Fujian"), and the great ancient barrage of Mulanbei (one of the best preserved ancient large hydraulic projects found in China). Guanghua Temple is o­ne of four major Buddhist temples of Fujian, as well as o­ne of "top 10 tourist resorts". The Sanqing Hall of Xuanmiao Abbey is o­ne of the best preserved Taoist architectural complex built in Tang Dynasty. Furthermore, there are also a range of antique building relics as Southern Shaolin Temple, Guqiao Building of Song Dynasty, tomb of Cai Xiang, the relic of porcelain kiln and Puxi Town, the famous town for fighting against Japanese pirates in Ming Dynasty.
Putian has also been praised as the "City of Literature" in ancient times. During the 1,200 years beginning from Tang Dynasty, there have been numerous talents and cultural celebrities, including Lin Mo, Lin Zhaoen, Cai Xiang, Zheng Qiao, Liu Kezhuang and etc. The dialect of Puxian still remains the rhyme of Tang and Song Dynasty, while the Puxian Drama is also named as the "living fossil of southern drama".

Putian Traffic

The traffic conditions in Putian city are quite backward , it does not have its own Civilian airport and the railway station is also in the construction process. At prestent putian mainly relies o­n the motor transport. The tourists who want to leave or reach Putian can draw support from the airport and railway station of  Fuzhou or Quanzhou.

The starting price of taxi in putian is five Yuan.

Putian City lihang tickets sales: (opposite the old bus station, victory road No. 84) Tel :0594-2288026
Putian City special air ticketing centre (opposite the old bus station, victory road No. 32) Tel :0594-2391060
Putian City Meizhou International Traffic Ticket Centre (opposite the old bus station, in the middle OF victory road) Tel :0594-2396888
Putian City Public passenger station (on the puyang road,opposite the luhu hotel ) Tel :0594-2386206
Putian motor Station (victory South Street, 369) Tel :0594-2380210
Hanjiang motor Station (baowei Commercial City Hanjiang District Putian City) Tel :0594-3886019
Xianyou motor Station (Licheng South Road 169, Xianyou county) Tel :0594-8592426
Feng Ting bus station (Feng Ting town Xianyou County Putian City) Tel :0594-7692108
Putian City tourist complaints Tel :0594-2697690
Matzu temples in Meizhou Island Tourism complaint phone :0594-50953335091611
Putian City tourism quality supervision and management 2697690
Putian City Tourism Service Training Centre 2656768
Putian City foreign travel offices 2656768
Putian City tourist reception centre 2656768

Putian Festivals

In addition to China'straditional festival , for example, New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, Tomb Sweeping Festival, May 1th, Children's Day, National Day and so o­n , there are several unique folk festival in Putian city.

Lunar march 23 and September 9: Meizhou mazu festival
Lunar Februnary 2: zhonghe festival
Bading lantern festival

Putian Service Telephones

Fuzhou Changle International Airport Tel :0591-28013249, 28013246,28013247,28013248
Meizhou Island Matsu temples inquiry Tel :0594-50962675092643
Putian City Tourism Bureau Tel: 2656677
Xianyou County Tourism Bureau Tel :0594-8597898 Fax :0594-829759
Putian City licheng district tourism bureau Tel :0594-2297099
Putian City Chengxiang District Tourism Bureau Tel :135159361660594-2680079 Fax :0594-269780
Putian City Hanjiang District Tourism Bureau Tel :0594-3394300 Fax :0594-359759
Putian City Xiuyu District Tourism Bureau Tel :0594-5859866 Fax :0594-585796

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