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Introduction:Putuo Mountain, or Putuo Shan, the lowest of China's sacred mountains, is located o­n a small island of o­nly twelve square kilometers, five kilometers east of Zhoushan isla..

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Putuoshan Introduction

Putuo Mountain, or Putuo Shan, the lowest of China's sacred mountains, is located o­n a small island of o­nly twelve square kilometers, five kilometers east of Zhoushan island in Zhejiang province. The peak of Putuo Shan, meaning 'beautiful white flower,' is 291 meters above sea level and is reached by a stone staircase with 1060 steps. A holy place before the arrival of Buddhism, the island is full of mystic caves, tranquil valleys, overhanging cliffs and golden beaches.
Putuo Shan and its temples are sacred to the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, a goddess of compassion. Legends tell that Avalokitesvara attained supreme enlightenment upon the island and that Sudhana, another Bodhisattva, came to Putuo Shan to pay homage to Avalokitesvara. Mount Putuo first became a Buddhist Sanctuary during the Tang Dynasty. Legends tell of an Indian Monk, arriving late in the 9th century, who had received instruction and a seven-hued precious stone from the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. In 916, the Japanese monk Huie was stranded at Mount Putuo while bringing a statue of Avalokitesvara from Mount Wutai to Japan. He prayed to the Goddess for help and his call was answered. In gratitude he built at temple upon Mount Putuo to enshrine the statue of the Goddess he had been carrying. This is the so-called Bukenqu (Reluctant to Go) temple in Mount Putuo. Hsuan Tsang, the celebrated monk of the Tang Dynasty is also known to have visited Putuo Shan o­n his pilgrimage to India.

Putuoshan Traffic

Visitors can easily get to the airport or to the Putuo Mountain from the Wugong Dock north of Zhujiajian. In the Putuo Dock, visitors can take ships not o­nly to Zhoushan Main Island or many other islands in Zhoushan, but also to Shanghai and Ningbo.
One can arrive directly at Zhujiajian, a neighboring island of Putuo Mountain, or neighboring cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, by air or train or bus, and then take a ship or motorboat to get o­n the island.

 Shanghai - Putuo Mountain:
Take a ship at Shiliupu, at 17:30 and 19:00 and arrive at Putuo Mountain the next morning. The prices are from 60 yuan to 300 yuan for a five-grade cabin to a top cabin. There are also motorboats at Shiliupu, but o­ne must take a two-hour bus ride before changing to a motorboat. Buses start at 8:00 each day. You will arrive at Putuo Mountain at 12:00. The price for this route is 160 yuan.

 Hangzhou/Ningbo - Putuo Mountain:
Take a bus at the East Bus Terminal of Hangzhou to Shenjiamen (about a o­ne-hour run beginning from 7:30). Arriving at Shenjiamen by express bus four hours later, changing to a motorboat to Putuo Mountain at Banshengdong Dock. Another choice is taking a bus from Hangzhou to Ningbo's Baifeng and then changing to a speedboat to Putuo Mountain. The price for it is 52 yuan/per person.

Zhujiajian - Putuo Mountain:
Take a shuttle bus from Zhujiajian Airport to Wugongzhi Dock, then to Putuo Mountain directly by speedboat. It is fast and convenient.

Putuoshan Airport InquiryTel: 0580-6260716
Wu Gong Shi Dock: 0580-6639345
Chen Jiamen Putuoshan bus station: 0580-3012011
Putuoshan Ferry: 0580-6091121
Chen Jiamen Banshengdong Ferry: 0580-3013775
Putuoshan Tickets Services Tel: 0580-6091431

Putuoshan Festivals

China Putuoshan Nanhai Kwan yin cultural festival is held every year in November
It is o­ne of the three major tourism festivals of Zhoushan. Base o­n the profound culture of Kwan yin, the aim is promoting the Gwan yin culture and creating the Buddhism tourism fair.

Putuoshan Service Telephones

Putuo District of Zhoushan City Tourism Bureau Tel: 0580-3011335 Fax: 0580-3022022 Putuoshan tourist complaints centre: 0580-6091080
Putuoshan tourist service centre: 0580-6094921
ZhuJiajian tourist service centre: 0580-6032989
ZhuJiajian tourist complaints Tel: 0580-6031933
ZhuJiajian Kwan yin culture Court (Baishan) Inquiry Tel: 0580-6031033
ZhuJiajian Nansha area tourism Tel: 0580-6631440
ZhuJiajian Wushili Beach Travel Phone: 0580-6031021
Zhu Jiajian, Lisha Ecological Garden Travel Phone: 0580-6634039
Zhu Jiajian crab breeding base: 0580-6634488
Ant Island Tourist Service Centre: 0580-6666957
Ant Island complaints Tel: 0580-6666957
ShenJiamen tourist complaints: 0580-96118, 12315, 3011332
Zhoushan City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel: 0580-96118

Putuoshan Hotels

  • JinJiang Inn (Yageer Dian)

    JinJiang Inn (Yageer Dian)

    Two-star or Less Ningbo Yinzhou Price:-

    The JinJiang Inn (Yageer Dian)(Jinjiangzhixing Ningbo Yageerdian) enjoys close proximity to Ningbo Lishe International Airport. All rooms are furnished with environmentally friendly fittings..

  • Kaijin Business Hotel

    Kaijin Business Hotel

    Two-star or Less Ningbo Jiangdong Price:-

    The Kaijin Business Hotel (Kaijin Shangwu Lvdian) offers guests easy access to Tianyi Square and the popular Qita Temple. This hotel is also about a 10-minute drive from the railway stati..

  • Jinxiu Hotel

    Jinxiu Hotel

    Two-star or Less Zhoushan Price:-


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