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Introduction:Qidong City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Nantong, is situated in the north of Yangtze River, the opposite of Shanghai. Qidong is a land that has “the earliest dawn” i..

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Qidong Introduction

Qidong City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Nantong, is situated in the north of Yangtze River, the opposite of Shanghai. Qidong is a land that has “the earliest dawn” in Jiangsu, the most eastern city in China, and is dubbed “a pearl of river and sea”. Geographicaly, the land is a plain formed by sediment of sand particles brought by the Yangtze River in a history of more than a thousand of years.
Qidong is traditionally considered as an agricultural land in Jiangsu and its fishery income adds more economic strength to the city. The water resource is abundant and the underground water level is o­nly 1.2 to 1.6 m deep.  The fishery industry, relying o­n nearby the East China Sea and deep ocean, develops fast. The fishery port, the Lu Shi Port, is the fourth largest fishery port in China. The city has been ranked at 55th o­n the list of China’s Top 100 Counties (county-level cities) for its comprehensive economic strength.
It has established six industrial zones, including Qidong Economic Development Zone, Lushi Oceanic Economic Zone, Bingjiang Chemical Garden, Binghai Industrial Park, etc.
The economic expansion over the last decades has added numerous new sectors to the city’s industry, including texture, mechanic, pharmaceutical, chemical and civil constructional industries.
Qidong has well instituted 9-year compulsory education system for youths and its high schools including junior and senior high schools achieve a significant graduation rate.
Tourist attractions include relics left from a legendary figure in Chinese history, Lu Dongbin. The Lushi town, a legendary fishery town, has a history of more than thousand of years. It is a place to see either natural beauty or historical heritage.

Qidong Traffic

Qidong does not have its own airport and railway station. You can draw support from the nabour cities.
There are seven civil aviation airports throughout the whole province, namely, Nanjing Lukou International Airprot, Changzhou Benniu Airport, Wuxi Shuofang Airport, Nantong Xingdong Airport, Yancheng Nanyang Airport, Liangyungang Baitafu Airport, Xuzhou Guanyin Airport. Nanjing Lukou International Airport has flights to and from various cities in the world.
The main railways that extend through Jiangsu Province are Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai)
Railway, Longhai Railway, Ningtong Railway, Ningqi Railway and Xinchang Railway. Among the 13 provincial cities, the downtown areas of these cities all have railways except for Suqian. Nanjing and Xuzhou are the pivot of railway communication in the northern part of Jiangsu and the southern part of it respectively.
Located at the remote eastern end of Jiangsu, Qidong would not boast for its transportation convenience years ago. However, the historical imitation will soon be terminated upon the completion of four major transport projects, including Huchongqi (Shanghai-Chongming Island-Qidong) Yangtze River Bridge, Ningqi (Nanjing-Qidong) Expressway, Ningqi Railway and Jiangsu Coastline Expressway. At the time, there is o­nly o­ne hour driving distance between Shanghai and Qidong.
The fare of taxi in Qidong is 8 yuan for the first 3 kilometres,and then 1.8 yuan per km.
Urban transport management Tel :0513-82211200
City Road Management Center Tel :0513-82219925
City Channel Management Tel :0513-82212783
Shipping companies Tel :0513-82212676
Haimen Bus station Tel :0513-82213564
City traffic engineering quality monitoring stations Tel :0513-82216454
City traffic construction projects Corporation Tel :0513-82218308
City motor vehicle inspection center Tel :0513-82225900
Transport management inquiry Tel :0513-82211200

Qidong Festivals

March 28 : zhutian hui
This is a activity to memory the King zhuyoujian by the folk spotaneous organization.

Lunar July 7 : Qiqiao Festival
 It is also called Daughter Festival. There is a folk custom that people will hold a fete for the Zhinv, and beg for the wisdom and techenique, so the festival is called Qiqiao.
Lunar June 24: Eat Leizhaisu
There was a legend that the Lunar June 24 is the birthday of Mine God. Eating  leizhaisu is to respect the Mine God. And it is said that people can avoid the eviness and safe and peaceful.
Lunar June 6 : Pushufangjing
 On lunar june 6 each year, there is a custom of basking the books in Suzhou. Each temple will put their lection books they  have colected to bask. And the monks will take the opportunity to convene the rural women to hold a Fangjing meeting.
Lunar April 14 : Yashengxian
It is the birthday of Lvdongbing.

Qidong Service Telephones

Qidong Tourism Bureau complaints Tel: 05133346678

Jiangsu Provincial Tourism complaints Tel :025-83418185

National Tourism complaints Tel:010-65275315

Qidong Hotels

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