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Introduction:Qionghai City locates in the east of Hainan Island, China. Eastern longitude is 110°27' and northern latitude 19°14'. In its eastern part, an expressway penetrates through the ..

Districts: Haikou Sanya Tongshi Wanning Lingshui Qionghai Baoting Danzhou Qiongshan Wenchang Wuzhishan

Attractions: Qionghai Wanquan River Muscovy Duck Ultima Thule Wenchang Chicken Qixianling hot spring Wuzhishan Xinglong Hot Springs Dongshan Goat Dongjiao Coconut Groove Lei Qiong Hai kou volcanic group World Geo parks

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Qionghai Introduction

Qionghai City locates in the east of Hainan Island, China. Eastern longitude is 110°27' and northern latitude 19°14'. In its eastern part, an expressway penetrates through the whole metropolis. It is 86 kilometers away from Haikou, the capital of Hainan province and 163 kilometers away from Sanya to the south. What's more, an international transshipment port --- Longwan Port, the largest part in Hainan province, is being constructed currently. Qionghai occupies approximately 1692 square kilometers in total. Jiaji where the capital of Qionghai rests covers 15 square meters. The Special Planed Area of Boao Watery Town is of coverage equal with 122 square meters. As for population, it reaches at 470000 with exception of overseas Chinese living in total 28 countries and area around the globe numbering up to 550000. Qionghai People's Government control aggregate 12 towns as administrative area including Jiaji, Zhongyuan, Boao, Tanmen, Changpo, Wanquan, Tayang, Dalu, Yangjiang, Longjiang, Huisan, Shibi. Moreover, inside Qionghai, there are total 203 village committees, 5 state-owned farm, 1 Overseas Chinese farm and 1 national forestry center. In regard to climate, Qionghai is obsessed with sub-tropical season wind and marine humid weather. All around the year, the average temperature measures around 24℃, 2072 mm as yearly mean rainfall, 2155 hours per year with sunlight and 118.99 therm as yearly average radiation. Additionally, fog and snow are destined to absent in the territory of Qionghai.

Qionghai Traffic

Haikou Meilan Airport is 86 km from Qionghai downtown. The flight area is constructed according to the International Standard 4E. It is designed to have a handling capacity of 6 million person-time and 150 thousand tons of goods.
The East-Line Expressway passes through Qionghai territory and has four passageways in the area, so the traffic is very convenient.
The ports are mainly Haikou Port (Xiuying Port), Haikou New Port, Tanmen Port, Boao Port, Longwan Port, etc.
Urban traffic
Taxi: various taxi cars travel around the city day and night, with the starting price of 3 RMB.
Bus: urban buses run fast and are expedient, with lower fares.

Qionghai Festivals

Hainana Island has a long history with many different nationalities immigrating to the island, which has resulted in a rich diverse island culture with many different nationalities represented. The mixing of different customs has come together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience for anyone spending time o­n the island. There are many special festivals in Hainan such as the Junpo Festival to pay respects to National Heroine, Madam Xian; the Fucheng Flower Exchange Festival and the Sanyuesan Festival for the young people to find their loved o­nes; the Festival of Song Contest in Danzhou for people to express their joy for life. Like the rest of Chinese, local Hainan people celebrate major traditional Chinese festivals such as Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival. Junpo for local Han People and Sanyuesan for local minority are the most important o­nes in Hainan Island.

Qionghai Service Telephones

Hainan Tourism Association Tel: 0898-653350106536333365358855
Hainan's tourism advisory services Centre: 0898-65379799
Fax: 0898-65306779
Qionghai Tourism advisory Tel: 62935042

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