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Introduction:Rizhao, named for “at the beginning of the sunrise the light illuminates first” ,attendance east longitude 118 º 35´-119 º 39', north latitude 35 º 04´-36 º 02´ '.It is ..

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Rizhao Introduction

Rizhao, named for “at the beginning of the sunrise the light illuminates first” ,attendance east longitude 118 º 35´-119 º 39', north latitude 35 º 04´-36 º 02´ '.It is situated at the center –section coast in our country, the south wing of Shandong Peninsula, meets Linyi in the west , depends o­n Qingdao, Weifang in the north , is the neighbor of Jiangsu Province Lienyungang city in the south ,faces Japan, South Korea in the east across the sea. Recently , Rizhao city governs the east port area, Ju county, Wulian county, the mist mountainous area, the Rizhao economic development zone and Shan Haitian travels resort area, with a population of 2,780,000, in which urban population is 350,000.The coastline long amounts to 100 kilometers, including 64 kilometers high quality sand beaches

 The Rizhao's transportation is convenient and the local road, the railroad, the port facilities are perfect, extend in all directions. 204th, 206 federal highways, the highways such as Rizhao- Dongming, Tongjiang—Sanya, the railroads such as Heze - Rizhao, Jiaozhou--Xinyi extend north-south city boundary. The big transportation pattern has been formed as the symbol of taking the Rizhao--Zhuyuan  highway, Tongjiang-sanya of Rizhao section highway, Yanzhou--shijiu railroad multiple track, the lanxin railroad of Rizhao section construction .Every day ,passenger trains are sent out Beijing, Zhengzhou, Jinan, the sending-out province inside and outside passenger train reaches 300 school grade orders, the city public transportation has cleared 23 lines. The Rizhao port is the Chinese second big coal out port, also is the comprehensive big port. In March, 1995, it has been established for the new Asian-European land bridge East bridgehead, the Rizhao port becomes the hinge port. Lan Shan Gang is China at present the biggest liquid chemical industry wharf

 The Rizhao’s offshore shallow seas and tidelands is broad, the water quality is fertile, and it is many kinds of the fine waters which lives after the Jishui biology migration and the multiplication. Offshore is rich in the fish to have 3 outline 43 branch 86 kinds。

 The Rizhao’s handicraft is fine, the screen, hangs for the fan, the sunshine rug, straw and willow braid, the Rizhao’s carved stone, the Rizhao’s black pottery and so o­n has enjoyed a good reputation inside and outside.

Rizhao  suffers the mountain and closes right up against the sea tightly,  the scenery is beautiful, the main scenic area has the Rizhao seashore country forest park, the sea hall, the seashore lighthouse scenic spot, Wan Pingkou seashore tourist area, the bamboo dwelling place of Buddhist immortals scenic spot, the landscape  Rizhao great book, the Rizhao port, the Wulian, jiuxian mountains, Fulai mountain, the Ju county museum, mountain A ye , and there are four big sea water bathing places. The scenic spot and historic resort have mainly have two city ruins, the East China Sea valley ruins, Yao Wangcheng the ruins, the Dan earth ruins, the mausoleum positive river ruins, the uneven Great Wall ruins, ju the cultural heritage city, Liu the Xie former dwelling, decide the forest temple.

 The Rizhao’s traveling service infrastructure construction consummation forms a complete set. There are 87 travel agencies, each kind of hotels is 400, in which star class hotel is 17, the traveling fixed point receives hotel 50. In addition, there are 4 traveling fixed point shopping store.

 The Rizhao tourist resources are advantageous, the four big resources ---sea, mountain, ancient, forest, are superiority supplementary.Through carrying o­n the promotion propaganda organized by the traveling system personnel after every year to participate in the large-scale home, the international traveling trade fair, in recent years more and more sightseeing tourists come to travel in Rizhao, or to take vacation, specially after the open of the passenger trains from Rizhao to Beijing, and from Rizhao to Xinxiang, have facilitated the passenger, expanded the source of tourists market. This summer also specially has cleared the weekend traveling special train which the Zhengzhou solstice illuminates, causes the Rizhao’s traveling to leap, exuberantly, receives the quantity every year above 7,000,000 people.

Rizhao Traffic

It is situated at the Chinese coast center-section, south Shandong Peninsula the wing, east near Huanghai .The rizhao’s transportation is convenient, has two harbors which are a national kind of opening to the outside world--- Rizhao port and the mountain Lan port. With two port phase boundaries, has the railroad to head west through the Chinese interior center with the Europe and Asia railroad is connected, forms the world biggest Asian-European land bridge transportation trade skeleton line. Rizhao- Beijing express, passenger trains and so o­n Rizhao- Zhengzhou express train started a business. “Tongjiang- Sanya”, “Rizhao-zhuyuan” two highways, 204, 206 federal highways, 016, 048 provincial road north-south city boundaries. There are four passenger trains sending Beijing, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Linyi .

Tax: The start price is 6 RMB within 3 kilometer, 3 kilometers to 7 kilometers prices in are 1.2 Yuan each kilometer.7 kilometers by add-on receive return empty the expense, returns empty the price is 1.8 Yuan each kilometer

 Rental car surveillance complaint telephone: 0633-8221636-2216

Railroad inquiry office telephone: 0633-8346712

Aviation ticket office telephone: 0633-8335747

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Commercial aviation booking inquiry office telephone: 0633-8333688

Shandong international traveling aviation service main corporation sunshine company telephone: 0633-8227138

Sunshine central station inquiry office telephone: 0633-8221003

Sunshine automobile east station inquiry office telephone: 0633-8334880

Eastern high speed inquiry office telephone: 0633-8331728

Sunshine third car company passenger depot telephone: 0633-8331857

Rental car surveillance complaint telephone: 0633-8779199

Rizhao Festivals

A  lot of year, our ancestor embarks from the life desire, all creates many beautiful moving customs for each holiday, these poetic sentiment holiday custom, caused our generation of person's mind to obtain the happy comfort and tranquil. Pure Brightness is not exceptional, has goes for a walk in the countryside at the qingming festival, swings, inserts the willow tree, flies a kite and so o­n the customs, these custom load bearing people to happy life desire and blessing.

Chinese Cultural federation Vice-President Feng Jicai believed that, the holiday did not have a vacation dispelled the holiday culture inevitably directly, had a vacation is restores traditional the most important condition. But has a vacation was not equal to side goes far away the holiday can return immediately. The holiday and the holiday difference is because the holiday has the specific cultural content and the cultural form. Therefore, in Pure Brightness, reviewed with restores already becomes the strange traditional holiday custom to be imminent

 Feng Jicai said that, some Pure Brightness traditional custom looked like now already has been obsolete, but if we not o­nce knew these customs, might as well review the tradition. The reviews imitate, ancient’s form, but is experiences traditional attentively the spirit and the emotion. This tradition is to the happy life unremitting pursue, to nature feeling grateful with awe, to family reunion and in society harmonious eternal hope

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Rizhao traveling complaint telephone: 0633-8816276

Shandong Province travels the complaint telephone: 0531-82963423

National traveling complaint telephone: 010-65275315

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