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Introduction:Sanmenxia is a prefecture-level city in western Henan province. As the westernmost prefecture-level city in Henan, Sanmenxia borders Luoyang to the east , Nanyang to the southeast and the..

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Attractions: Baolun Temple pagoda Yangshao culture site Hangu Pass Guanlin Temple Baolun Temple pagoda White Garden Xiyuan Park Spring Chicken in Salt Cradle of Chinese Buddhism--White Horse Temple Yangshao culture site

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Sanmenxia Introduction

Sanmenxia is a prefecture-level city in western Henan province. As the westernmost prefecture-level city in Henan, Sanmenxia borders Luoyang to the east , Nanyang to the southeast and the province of Shanxi o­n all other sides. It administers hubin district , Linbao city, Yima city, Lushi county , shan county and Mianchi county. It has an area of 10496 squaue kilometres and a population of 2.2 million.
   Sanmenxia City is an emerging industrial city which was built with the construction of the first dam o­n Yellow River in the 1950s. However, the city has a much longer history. It is o­ne of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese culture. Human beings began to live in the area as early as 500,000 to 600,000 years ago. Some major clans appeared in the region 5 to 6 thousand years ago. In Xia (c.2100BC-c.1600BC) and Shang (c.1600BC-c.1100BC) dynasties, Sanmenxia was the center of the region.
There are many places of interest in Sanmenxia City. The site of Yangshao Culture is a proof that there was New Stone Age Culture in China (people used to think that there was no New Stone Age culture in China). The chariots and horses made of smelted metal have been found in the cemetery of Guo State, an enfeoffment of initial stage of the Western Zhou Dynasty (c.1100BC-c.771BC). Hangu Pass, an ancient natural barrier, was first built during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC). The pass was a strategic point o­n the way leading to the ancient capitals of Chang’an (the present Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province) in the west and Luoyang (capital of Henan Province) in the east. It was here that Laozi, the founder of Taoism wrote the immortal “the Classic of the Virtue of the Tao” over 2,000 years ago. The Baolun Temple Pagoda is o­ne of the four echo buildings in ancient China (the other three are the echo wall in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Yingying Pagoda in Pujiu Temple in Shanxi Province and the stone musical instrument in the Grand Buddha Temple in Sichuan Province).
Sanmenxia City also boasts a beautiful environment. Located south of Yellow River, the city looks like a peninsula, with three sides surrounded by water. The forest parks and nature reserves total more than 300 sq. km. Every year, hundreds of white swans fly from the distant Siberia to the swamp of Sanmenxia Reservoir for the winter.

Sanmenxia Traffic

Railway transport
Sanmenxia City enjoys a convenient railway transport, with Longhai (Lanzhou in Gansu Province---Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province) Railroad running from west to east. Trains from Zhengzhou, Luoyang to Xi’an pass Sanmenxia. Train K761 from Zhengzhou to Xi’an passes Sanmenxi at 14:42 and gets at Xi’an at 18:26. And Train K762 from Xi’an to Zhengzhou passes Sanmenxia at 15:28 and gets at Zhengzhou at 19:00. K118 from Panzhihua (in southwestern Sichuan) passes Sanmenxia at 17:24 and gets at Beijing at 5:50.
There are two railway stations in Sanmenxia City: Sanmenxia Railway Station and Western Sanmenxia Railway Station. Buses No. 1 and No. 2 run to Sanmenxia Railway Station and No.5 runs to the Western Railway Station.
Highway transport
Sanmenxia City also has a convenient highroad transport. Two National Highroads, G310 (Lianyungang-Tianshui in Gansu Province) from east to west and G209 (Huhehot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ---Beihai in Guangxi Province) from north to south run through the city. The Yellow River Highroad Bridge in Sanmenxia City connects Henan and Shanxi Province. What’s more, the Luoyang---Sanmenxia Highway is under construction now, which will make the transport in Sanmenxia City more convenient in the future.
Public bus
There are 9 public bus lines in Sanmenxia city. you can reach each areas in the city by public bus, the price is 1 yuan.
The fare  of taxi is 3 yuan for the first 2 kilometres and then 1 Yuan per km.

Sanmenxia Festivals

The International Yellow River Tourism Festival
An official with the city government said that the festival, hosted by Sanmenxia city government, will run from April 20 to 25, with Yellow River culture as its theme.
Since its debut in 1992, the festival has been successfully held 11 times. This year's festival will encompass a series of activities including tourism promotion, investment fairs, commodities, catering culture and business trips.
More than 500 businessmen are expected to participate in the festival, which will open 160 projects.

Sanmenxia Service Telephones

Sanmenxia West Railway Station ticket order TEL :0398-3841432, 3803035
Sanmenxia city railway station ticket sale Tel :0398-2821169 to 2020
Sanmenxia City Motor Transport Corporation, 0398-2862461
Sanmenxia Bus station 0398-2886061
Lingbao Bus station 0398-8667363
Lushi County Bus station 0398-7872288
Mianchi Xian Bus station 0398-4812755
Taxi monitoring phone :0398-2831597
Sanmenxia City People's Hospital Tel :0398-2851752
Sanmenxia Yellow River Hospital Tel :0398-2289190, 2289120,2289110
Sanmenxia City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel :0398-2935001

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