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Introduction:Located in the northwest of Shanghai, Jiading (a District of Shanghai since 1992) is about 20 km away from downtown Shanghai, connected by the Hujia (Shanghai-Jiading) Expressway, which ..

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Located in the northwest of Shanghai, Jiading (a District of Shanghai since 1992) is about 20 km away from downtown Shanghai, connected by the Hujia (Shanghai-Jiading) Expressway, which was the first expressway in Shanghai. Jiading covers an area of 458.8km2 with a population of about 500,000. It was named "Jiading" in 1218 (the 10th year under reign of Jiading of the Southern Song Dynasty). A galaxy of outstanding personalities came out from this propitious place, well known as a Science Town, a Satellite Town, an Automobile Town and a Tourism Town. Visitors should be impressed with an interesting look at the district, where modern buildings stand side-by-side with ancient architecture. Two famous ancient towns - Nanxiang (with famed Guyi Garden) and Anting in the district, attract a lot of tourists for their historic relics as well as their modern amenities and services.

Few areas in Shanghai can beat Jiading for its rich heritage which remains evident today. You will discover well-preserved historic sights, old residential houses, elegant water views and strong local traditions that persist to this day. The star attractions include Fahua Pagoda, Confucius Temple and Huilongtan Park.

An interesting legend says that candidates in Jiading always failed the imperial examination at the time. The Fahua Pagoda was thus built. The name "Fahua" was derived from a Buddhist sutra meaning "Buddhism is radiating the light of wisdom to every person". From then o­n, the numbers of Juren (a successful candidate in the provincial examination) and Jinshi (a successful candidate in the national examination) increased by each passing year. The Confucius Temple is the largest in the south of the Yangtse River. Confucius' ideologies, such as the five virtues of human duty (kindness, uprightness, decorum, wisdom and faithfulness), have been passed down for generations. Huilongtan Park was completed in 1928 and still maintains the pretty scenes from that period. It used to be a stage for the performance of Chinese opera during the Qing Dynasty, and today it still recalls the bygone enjoyment of the plays that were put o­n there.

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Hongqiao International Airport in western Shanghai, about 15 kilometers from the city center, handles all international flights. By taxi, the trip from the airport will take you about 30 min. to an hour. A new Shanghai International Airport in Pudong opened o­n October 1, 1999, although is not yet fully operational.

The base fare for every taxi in Shanghai is 11RMB. For this amount, you will get virtually anywhere within o­ne or two districts in the city – if you never have to wait at in traffic, the fare will not increase for the first 3 Kilometers.  However, the stand-still time will affect the fare, so if you are stuck in traffic the fare will still increase faster than 3K.  The base fare rises to 14RMB after 11pm.

The cheap price of the taxis and their convenience makes them extremely popular.  This is especially the case in the winter and o­n rainy days, when a taxi is virtually impossible to come by.  If you are staying in a hotel and are desperate, I recommend calling your concierge and having a taxi ordered to your location.  This costs and extra 4RMB, and an additional 15RMB if you are traveling o­ne way from Puxi to Pudong (for the driver’s return) – but this would be completely worth it if you have no other choice! Also keep in mind that traffic can be horrible in Shanghai, so when you need to arrive o­n time, the subway could be more reliable. 

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Modern Festivals
Shanghai is a stage for the whole world. Chinese as well as the world-renowned actors, artists come here to perform. Therefore, in recent years, Shanghai organized some large-scale cultural art celebration holidays. For instance, in every two years, Shanghai holds an International Television Festival. In each session, dozens of countries and areas come to join view and emulate. The International Film Festival held in every summer in Shanghai is not o­nly collects the excellent works in the world, but also converges the global most dazzling movie stars. It belongs to the A-level film festivals in the world. Shanghai International Art Festival is also held o­nce every two years. It is generally arranged in October of golden autumn. The famous theatrical troupes overseas and in other Chinese provinces will come with the best and newest plays.
Shanghai also has many holidays with local characteristics and cultural breath, such as Shanghai Travel Festival, Xuhui Sweet-Scented Osmanthus Festival, Nanhui Peach Flower Festival, Fengxian Kite Festival, Zhabei Tea Culture Festival, and Putuo Flower Festival and so o­n.
Traditional Festivals
Besides nationally established “May First Festival” (International Labor Day), “October First Festival” (National Day), and New Year’s Day (New Year), there are some traditional holidays with characteristics. If you are interested to Chinese traditional culture, you may stay with your Chinese friends, and enjoy the unique traditional festivals in Shanghai.

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